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Hey babes!

Tell me Damon Salvatore isn't selfless one more time 😴

Who do you think is the most selfless TVD character?

My edit give credit

— "I used to" NO, NINA! YOU ARE, YOU ARE 😔💔

Emma VS Kristen

Thank you so much for 40k!!
Omg I'm so happy rn :)) ily all❤

Damon looks kinda sad here 😔
#qotd : Damon or Caroline ??

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Kristen at the Tonight show through the Years ... WHICH YEAR IS YOUR FAV ??


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Hey folks! Yes I am changing to a TVD account, i'm pleased to kick off this new develoment with an edit of one of the best actresses of all time. Please tag Nina❣
March, 24th 2017
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Nina and Ian manip✨ #ninadobrev #iansomerhalder

Who watched The Originals tonight? 🖤

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