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commission done for @cometiers! had a lot of fun with it! #nimnamart

opinion on him? #nimnamart #nimnamoc

felt like drawing miku in 90’s anime style because both are really fun to draw! anyways, i hate cell shading and i’m not doing it again for a long time #nimnamart #hatsunemiku #vocaloid

art trade with @jethrall of their oc darlene! #nimnamart

i’m in mourning because i didn’t get teru in the event. #nimnamart #sidem #terutendo

super quickly painted over a lil 3d head i made in sculptris. i am baby and don’t know how to translate my drawing style into 3d yet so sowwy this looks pretty different compared to my other art #nimnamart

anime christopher columbus but instead of being a murderous, awful human being he sings and dances and doesn’t ever shut up about the ocean #nimnamart #idolmastersidem #chriskoron

starting on that oc meme thing, here’s 1 and 2! oldest oc and newest oc. my oldest oc is named dee and i made her about 7 years ago, and the little doodle on the side is how i used to draw her! my newest oc is still a wip.. i made her a few days ago and she still doesn’t even have a color palette aha #nimnamart #nimnamoc

wow i love cat alien izuku midoriya, ramen noodle gijinka, and kuro. #nimnamart #idolmastersidem

uhhh just dropping in to say that i love these dudes with all of my heart and that i’m planning on drawing the rest of the units in sidem. eventually.
also i included one of the songs they sing because why not #nimnamart #idolmastersidem #ryukimura #hideoakuno #seijishingen

doodle that won’t be finished of one of my danganronpa ocs in dr style because i wanted to practice it. it’s a lot of fun to do dr style tbh! #nimnamart #nimnamoc

i haven’t done pixel art in a million years but it was fun to do again. it took A REALLY LONG TIME because i put in a lot of detail in the coloring but i think it was worth it #nimnamart #nimnamoc

character for @nouhide based on her fave characters! #nimnamart

kouta age timeline thing!
to explain, kouta moved from japan to america in the 3rd grade due to his parents work! he had already known quite a bit of english before moving so transitioning wasn’t crazy difficult, it did take him awhile to get used to cultural differences though.
when he was about halfway through 6th grade he discovered emo music and by the time he was in 7th he had gone Full Emo™. his favorite band was mcr and he had a crush on gerard way, y’know, typical emo phase stuff. during this time he also had a bf who was in the grade above him but it only lasted a few months.
he moved back to japan halfway through 8th grade and he picked up chuunibyou not too long after. he was a chuuni all through 9th grade and made a big scene out of pretty much everything. he was constantly in trouble and was pretty much an outcast since everyone tried to avoid him.
once he got to high school, he got over his chuunibyou and completely changed his look. he’s still pretty edgy but no where near as bad as he was. he also likes to mess with people. A LOT. he’s a real dick in 10th and 11th grade tbh. also if you mention anything about middle school he will literally die of embarrassment. he also starts dating his childhood friend eiko.
he changes up his look once again in 12th grade, and he also stopped picking on people, although he still likes to tease sometimes. he’s just all around a better person and he minds people’s feelings now. after he graduates he ends up marrying eiko and they wuv each other very much #nimnamart #nimnamoc

kouta and d3. his owen wilson impression is mediocre at best. #nimnamart #nimnamoc

i never posted this but i redesigned circuit, her new design (the first pic) fits better with her role in the comic #nimnamart #nimnamoc

comic preview.. i’ll hopefully have the first page up in a few days! #nimnamart #nimnamoc

marcellin but about 10 years older #nimnamart #nimnamoc

julien and marcellin. both of them are awful people tbh #nimnamart #nimnamoc

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