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Someone's a homeowner. 🏡

Hey 💐 #nikons 🌸💐🛍

Ich habe ein paar Bilder gelöscht. Aus dem Grund weil ich mit meinem Feed nicht mehr so zu frieden war jetzt aber schon 👍🏼👽🎀🌸🛍💕

Ich weiss das dieses Bild nicht mehr in der selben Grösse ist wie die anderen 🍀💘🌺💖💕 ab jetzt sind alle in der Grösse 💐👍🏼

Ich hab Morgen schulfrei whoop whoop 🎀🍀🌸💐 da #sächsilüte ist 💘💘 die Schweiz bzw. Zürcher wissen was ich meine ☔️🌷🛍💗👽

#qotd Pizza oder Burger ? 🍕
#aotd Pizzaburger is bæ 🎀💕

Bye Leute eure Dani 🌺💕

Soooo many #nikons you can give an "f" a day

#traveldiaries 🚐📷!!! Ufff heck of week it was 😵 #back_to_back shoots! #canons and #nikons 📷
Bangalore! Love for photography! ❤ cameras!!! #Our type of GUNS

#closeup #nikons

Me and @jacquidaniels playing with our #nikons at #camelrock

Exploring has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I've always loved and seeked adventure. Traveling is in my blood. For the past two years or so I've learned to stop trying to be a photographer all the time. Stop traveling to take pictures. I've started to travel for my self. Sometimes it's important to just set your camera down and enjoy the moment and enjoy the scenery and the company you have with you. I've gone from taking 200 photos on a trip to just taking 5-30 and you know, I value those images more than I've ever valued my work. Because it isn't about the perfect photo. It was about documenting the moment. // Nikon S Rangefinder & Portra 160+1 //



Someone's a homeowner. 🏡


#nikon #nikons #nikon1



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