#第100回全国高等学校野球選手権記念大会 #100回目の夏 #本気の夏100回目 #甲子園 #鹿児島実業 #金足農業

tell me i'm pretty. before you go away. go hang out with your friends. let your body divert the mind, divert the thoughts, divert the attention. i am about to do mine too. but i prefer to be alone. drugs work better with soft music and self loveliness. it's not cold outside anymore. and i do not wanna to control. we are going to wait tonight. for each other 'til is time. to intertwine our souls again. and forevermore.

Went to see Tumalo Waterfall at Bend, without any prior research on how to get to its base. Unsure, we proceeded to find it anyway! The trail narrows and gets a little steeper at some point but was not hard at all. Definitely had a fun weekend hike! @herneyhernandez @suyennedenise

Stressed and confused

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