A man taking the dip in water of holy river Yamuna. But now a days conditions are worse if talk about the water. Each and every plastic which we use is flowing through the river. Despite of every wonderful picture which we click to share and experience the beauty of this place, somewhere we are responsible for ruining it. Every year birds come here but day by day the number of birds decreasing why coz we are responsible for it. And how can we change this, by not doing these things... So I am going to this place regularly from last month and what I observed,
1. People throw statues of God in the river which are made up of POP.
2. I saw one person throwing dead body of a monkey covering it in a big plastic bag.
3. Daily rituals in name of religion people throw flowers, plastic bags which they use to keep those flowers. What else they are not throwing, you simply name it. And you will find it there.
4. I don't know how many times I saw people throwing 1or 1/2 ltr of milk just for their faith while dogs watch this infront of them.
Are we becoming more unkind that we can waste the milk in water but we can not feed the dogs. Is that how God full fill our wishes.
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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better...
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