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I swear I saw something
-Estoy seguro que vi algo

Poslední dobou nestíhám, atak cvičím doma alespoň rychlý 15ti minutový tréninky 🤦🏼‍♀️💪🏼 Spoustu je jich v aplikaci Nike+ Training Club, kterou stáhneš na nike.com/ntc ✨ Aplikaci si propojíš i s hudbou v telefonu, můžeš tak cvičit se svým playlistem 🙏🏼#justdoit #nikewomen #ad

Sporingen 🙆🏼🙅🏼🙋🏼
İyi bir pazar kahvaltısını hak etmek için önce çalışmak gerek... Sonra da o kadar çalıştım şimdi yemiyim dersen bugünlük yırttın demektir😂😂

💥6 Moves, 4 Rounds, 30 Sec Each Move, 10 Sec Rest in Between💥 Let's goooo💦
Here's a mini, explosive pool workout! Targeting your core🔥🔥No equipment needed besides a towel. These moves are clean, effective and can be done by ALL levels at ones' own pace! Your entire body will thank you later 😅👍🏾💪🏾
1. Sharp Punch Crunches
2. Push-Ups (Out to Shoulder Taps)
3. Oblique Kick - Extended Kicks
4. Oblique Twists
5. Crossed Crunches
6. Alt. Leg Sit Ups
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AIRMAXDAY 🎉🎉🎈🎈🎂 #nikewomen #airmaxday

¿Ya les conté de esa vez que el tío @nike nos llevó a @1milliondance y que casi muero de emoción? 😍 Mañana les comparto más fotos por mi FB y en unas semanas un video del viaje a Seúl. #ZazilAbraham #BraveStrongWorthy #NikeWomen #1MillionDanceStudio


#sundaybumday 🍑A nice little downward facing dog 🐶 to stretch your hamstrings & shoulders and strengthen your arms 💪🏻 This is a great stretch you can do anywhere, anytime of day! I like to do it in the beginning of my Pilates classes as part of the warmup with different variations ☺
If you find it difficult to stretch your legs all the way, keep your knees a bit bent, so long as you're trying to stretch them out and trying to bring your heels to the floor as much as you can! 👠
As for the upper body- try to bring your chest inwards towards your thighs, spread your shoulder blades apart, and keep your shoulders far from your ears 👂
And- most importantly- Don't forget to breath 😗 Have a lovely week guys!! 😘👍🏻

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✨Loaded Carries are in my opinion one of the most underrated and under-utilised exercises out there. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from them!
There are tons of reasons to carry heavy stuff:
-Increased core strength (specifically anti-lateral flexion 🤓 - in basic terms you have to work hard to avoid leaning to one side, especially when loaded Single arm) -Increased hip stability
-Great for building muscle especially in upper back & torso.
-Improved grip strength (not just beneficial for men - many women are limited by their grip on deadlifts and chin ups)
-Great for those with shoulder issues as when you grip something really hard the rotator cuffs switch on. (This is good for shoulder health)
-Great conditioning tool/workout finisher. ------------------------------
Give these challenging variations a try. Use small steady steps and focus on maintaining upright.
1/Dumbbell Farmers carry Uneven load using two different weight dumbells. - Set 2 cones 4M apart and complete 2 figure 8's before switching arms and completing another 2 lengths.
2/Barbell Suitcase carry - Make sure you grip exactly in the middle of the barbell. Set two cones 8 meters apart and aim for 2 full lengths. For an easier variation hold a heavy dumbbell.
3/Overhead Single Arm KB Carry - This also challenges shoulder stability in addition to core. I recommend you start light with this one, here I am using a 16kg. Set two cones 4m apart and complete 2 figure 8's before switching arms.
4/360 Landmine carries - This is a particular challenge to grip strength - Try two full rotations one way before turning anti clockwise and repeating.
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This one. My hero. Always making me laugh.
And her yoga poses 👌🏻
Happy Mother's Day - today and everyday, I love you 💕💕💕💕

HAPpY air max Day!!!! 30 anos e eu estou aqui para comemorar 🎉 .
Thanks @nike ❤❤❤
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Sunnin w Sister

One thing I always dreamt of doing was being able to spontaneously go on little trips with my kids, whenever, with out having to ask anyone! A few years ago, we couldn't do this. But now any day can be a weekend for us, if we want 🙌🏼💜 Bentley has been really wanting to go to "bentlingham" (yes he thinks Bellingham starts with his name 😂 ) & I love getting away 🌲

So- Off to Bellingham we go for the night to visit our favorites lauren and zach! 👩‍👧‍👦Being able to support these two financially is freeing (although has been stressful at times), but I believe Time freedom is PRICELESS and just as important! ❤️ These are the moments I live for & they will remeber! #sundayfunday

#PiraNoMeuAir 🖤

Dia muito especial aqui na Casa Air Max! .
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The Air Max 90 is my favorite pair of @nike. Next to the classic Cortez and Internationalist, the Air Max is at the top of my list.
On my 30th birthday, my parents helped me throw a big house party at our house and to my surprise my best friends gifted me my favorite pair to date, the Air Max 90, "Sweet Schemes" City Pack, TOKYO edition (2015). I'm not sure how they knew to get me this specific pair in the pack, but it was the EXACT one I wanted and opening the box literally felt like a Nintendo 64 Christmas!!!!! I mean, just look at my face!!!! I get excited over a lot of things, it's my nature, but it was the fact that my friends saw this shoe and then THOUGHT OF ME. Now that's special!!!!! I keep these shoes in perfect condition (shout out @jasonmarkk) and I only wear them out when it is a guaranteed beautiful day with no chance of showers, because LOOK AT THEM! PURE, PERFECT CREAMY WHITE LEATHER! 🤤😍😆 UGGGGHHH!!! The complete and utter joy of putting them on with a new pair of socks, instantly makes me feel like I'm stuntin'. HAPPY 30 YEARS AIR MAX! YOU STAY FINE AS HELL. #KISSMYAIRS 💋💋💋💋
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Booch and beach 🌴 seriously this is the best kombucha ever! @healthade is not messing around and the ginger is so real in this flavor! So so Yum!! Currently soaking up all the sun and SoCal vibes and feeling all kinds da of refreshed. Also, salty hair don't care 🙋🏼 #sunday

Nike не может не радовать👐😊
Спасибо девочкам и ребятам продавцам за помощь и приветливость #nike #nikeminsk #ntcminsk #nikewomen #nikefit

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