mmm i haven't drawn this dude in so long,,, painting him was a journey but i think it was good practice!! ill try to do more atmospheric drawings like this in the future as well <':

I love Hurricane so much it's like not even funny but i think I've improved on drawing Niiraxi's👌💖 [ erujayy 's closed species!]
#hurricanetheniirax #niirax

Ahhhhh, this turned out so well!! Payment 1/3 for @erujayy the character is a Niirax (a closed species that belongs to them) named Aaron. Drawn on Medibang and Procreate using only the watercolor tool.
#lightning #storm #art #drawing #niirax #digitalart

Finally drew my torn bab novix and I loved dreaming her it was interesting bc all of my ocs are simple designs ps she is a #niirax#1331artexamples

Name: Hurricane
Nickname(s): Sugarcane, Doomface.
Age: 10 (in Human years)
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10/31/08
Species: Niiraxi/Niirax [CLOSED SPECIES OWNED BY @erujayy]
Sexuality: Straight
Siblings: None that she knows of.
Status: Single
Occupations: Assassin and Partner of Test subject(s) 1996/1129 & 517.
Habitat: Earth/Oncora
Abilitys: Can summon Almost anything sharp, she Is dangerously fast and her blade like tail can heat up mainly for decapitating... But her usual 'Attack' is summoning Blade like thorns from the ground she can control and large sharp bone like objects.
Appearance: How do I explain that
Injuries: None
Personality: Hurricane is Pretty serious but Calm like a Bomb. She has no problem with taking out who and what she's missioned to kill but she will NOT harm innocent creatures. She's more of a justice-justifier and will take out anybody and anything causing wrong harm and injustice actions. She's kinda a motherly type of character and will gladly throw herself in the fire for someone she cares about.
//Art by erujayy/__mystisk__/_waterwave_ //
#hurricanetheniirax #22loverefs #22love126ocs #22loveocs #niirax

❗️What is an MYO slot?❗️
It basically means you can Make Your Own custom Niirax. Exciting!
❗️Does that mean the species is open?❗️
No. The species remains closed until further notice. That means you are not allowed to make your own UNLESS you get a slot.
❗️Cool, how do I get a slot?❗️
Simple! MYO tickets are current for sale only. I only take paypal for the moment but there will be future events where tickets will be given away.
❗️Can I trade them?❗️
You can but it must be ran through me as well. I will need to update info about the owner.
- You may purchase as many MYO tickets as you wish. And if you're buying one for another person I need agreement from both parties directly contacted to me.
- The design MUST BE RAN THROUGH ME FIRST before the finalisation. That means that any necessary changes will have to be fixed before he final design is accepted.
- Only slight changes are allowed after the final design (ei: eye colour, gender, slight colour design change is up for review) If you wish to bring big changes to a design then additional fees may be involved.
- You must keep to the rarity of the Niirax that you purchased. No exceptions. --------
⭐️Common Niirax: €8
⭐️Uncommon Niirax: €10
⭐️Rare Niirax: Unavailable
⭐️Legendary Niirax: Unavailable
You will receive a PSD file with premade traits. You may choose any of them according to the rarity of the Niirax. The colour guides are also included in the file.
⭐️Common Traits: different hair styles and some fur length. Anything that is on the file in the Common folder. A single gem.
⭐️Uncommon Traits: big fur changes, horns, spikes, different ears, claws, colour variants on limbs. A single gem.
⭐️Rare Traits: most features redrawn, colour mutations, extra/less limbs, tail length, face shapes, additional body features. Multiple gems.
⭐️Mask shape: unlimited but it can only cover the head.
If you have any questions please comment below or DM me if I don't reply. -----

Feelin the spirit of holidays yet? Stuff yer faces with candy yall, its that time of the year again.
With that Ill take the opportunity to say that i won't be doing the christmas baubles this year unu im too stressed out for that. But to celebrate i an going to throw at you a design!
Peppermint UNCOMMON fem Niirax.
All for just €15. You get an unwatermarked version.
- Read the official ref of the species in #niirax - You may change the gender
- You may slightly alter the design
- You may resell but not for more than what you bought it for
- You may choose their ability
- Paypal only
- No refunds
Comment to claim and then DM me. -----
Happy holidays people!

Some Niirax doodles! It's been a while since I've drawn these guys :0

Getting back into the swing of things means a whole new lots of Niiraxi are returning to or doorstep.
🚫Niiraxi are a CLOSED species belonging to me, you may not make your own 🚫
This is a COMMON Coral themed niirax who is adapted to inhibit water areas.
- Please read the species info under #niirax before adopting
- Please have the money ready
- Holds for only 24hr, if fail to pay within the time of me sending an invoice, the niirax will go to the next interested person.
- Paypal through invoice only
- Once you receive the niirax you can alter the design SLIGHTLY, change the gender, and assign their ability.
Custom Niirax designs are available for purchase too.

[Emerald Thunder]

Artfight revenge for @chipmunchart! Hope you enjoy 👌

#dragon #drawing #artfight2017 #artfight #green #niirax #art #artist

🌓 A new wave on Niiraxi have arrived on Earth. Their presence has shook everyone in sight as 9 new Niiraxi been discovered. They hold the vibe of celestials, incarnations of our solar system planets. Who are they? What can they do? They seem to hold great power.... The first one has emerged from darkness and stands tall on the rock of awakening, as tribes fight over to get them in their ranks. This is where you come in.... 🌓
Celestial Niiraxi are ultra rare, which hold unimaginable power that is related to their home planet.
🔹Jupiter Niirax Adopt🔹
SB: $20
MI: $1
AB: $45 + an extended ref (headshot with mouth, power, eyes and gem)
This is the first in the new Celestial Niirax series and there will be only chance to get it. Once you receive the Niirax you have the power to change its gender, choose its power and change the design SLIGHTLY if you wish. -----
AUCTION ENDS 24HR AFTER THE LAST BIDDER. Tag the last bidder if youre bidding. You must have the money ready if you win. Auction ends instantly if the Niirax is Auto Bought and paid for. Please read the species ref before adopting.
Good luck!
Niraxii are a closed species belonging to me. Custom adopts are available. #niirax

For a moment i forgot I finished this lol.
Commission for @alexa.romano98 of their Niirax, Tyde! This was really cute and fun to work with c: I have the process recorded and will have the speedpaint up by Sunday!
Niiraxi are a closed species.
Commissions are open!

New oc means I need to add to my Pop Army
62/63 Arela the Winter Niirax
Made a few errors with this..... like the horn curve that should be under her eyes not over.... but apart from that I love this girl!
#oc #ArelaNiirax #niirax #wolflasspop #wolflasspops

Well im finally back into the swing of things with my pencils! So glad *^* ----
Im opening these as a commission now! :3 All prices for these are under #/djartprices just please keep in mind i have no way of lamination right now and the shipping costs more! If youre interested then please DM me and Ill give you a quote! :3

Common Air Elemental Niirax custom for @stellarwoof ! It was really fun c: ---
Custom Nirraxi are open for sale! #niirax

[Design, Art and Species by the wonderful @erujayy ]
Name: Arela ('An Oath' in Celtic)
Gender: Female
Species: #niirax
Powers: Ice and Snow Manipulation
Personality: Reclusive and shy but kind and caring.
Likes: Snow Storms, Winter, Arctic Foxes, Dnow Leopards, Lynx. Sleeping in her den
Dislikes: Fire, Hunters.
Backstory: [In Progress]
#wolflassocs #ArelaNiirax #lionessandSWL #twisteddrawmedude

Managed to finish two Niirax designs today!
First uncommon 80s Retro/Tron/Battlestar Galactics Niirax for @chipmunchart
Second uncommon Winter Niirax for @scottishwolflass !
Custom Niirax adopta are open. #niirax

oK so since so many of ye are interested in custom designs then here's the info!
🔹COMMON: Premade features on the base only.🔹
🔹UNCOMMON: Different hair styles, more/less fur, limbs connection fur can be removed, spikes/horns🔹
🔹RARE: Redraw of most features, extra/less limbs, better features of your choice.🔹
When you want to get a custom you must know what gender you want, what theme the niirax will have (eg: forest, snake, ocean, candy, etc) and preferable you should have a colour scheme or a hue range picked too (i dont want to choose colours you dont like.) I will be awnding you updates on the design as I continue and you have a right to have anything changed. Payment is up front.
🔸Common: €12
🔸Uncommom: €15
🔸Rare: €20
🔸Full design sheet: Price of rarity + €15
DM me if youre interested!
#niirax #djartprices

Full character design commission of a common Niirax for @alexa.romano98 !
It was really fun designing Tyde! :3 #niirax -----
Full design sheet commissions like these are $25

EEEEEE IM SOOO HAPPPPPYY I WON @/erujayy DTA I kinda trance some part from your ref a bit, to be sure I did her anatomy and marking correct, I also added a few extra stuff hope u don't mind lol
Name: Haruka
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Species: #Niirax ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
🌐Organization: Joined #TheRooksMafia on June 23, 2017
🎉Birthday: June 12, 2017

Like✅: Blades, Knife, Sharp stuff, weapons, Tofu, soft pillow, her bf
Dislike❌: Targetz, Blackout Demon Order,
Statue: Active

Personal quotes: "Teaching them to kill; then to die"

She is a confident female Niirax. She pride herself as being both strong, skillful, and a capable doctor, which is why she does not take too kindly to those who belittle her in both respects. She almost always depicted as calm and composed, but when angered, she is quite the force to contend with. Due to her behavior, most of the Mafia members try to avoid her when she's angry...Targetz is pretty much the only one who have a guts to tease her while other just walked away. She is known to slice the head of the victim without hesitant. However, she can also be kind and soft when treating her patient... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
She is known as "Hot Knife" in the Mafia due to her ability to heat up her spike, claws, teeth, and even her own helmet when she wear them. She is capable of avoiding any burns from flames and are able to survive in a very cold place by heating up her body temperature. She is also very skilled in close combat. Her tail move very fast and are capable to cut through tough thing
Haruka joined the Mafia because a organization known as "The Blackout Demon Order" wanted her to join the group but she refuse...her bf died while fighting with the Group, he died protecting her...she was hungry for revenge....as soon as that happened she meet with the leader of the Mafia and decided to join the group. Stain who was in charge of her entrance exam was amazed by her skill, she passes the exam and was the first female Executive member to join the organization.
#FelixSpiritDragonOC #Haruka_OC

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