I observed Comet 46P/Wirtanen on the morning of November 8th (Nov 7 in UTC) with my telescope and was so impressed by the view of the large coma in the eyepiece with a hint of teal colour that I decided to insert my Sony A7S camera and took about 100 short 15-second exposures. The stacked image is attached (with and without text and scale marker at the bottom, the coma is nearly half Moon size). The comet's tail is visible in the stacked image but I could not detect it visually. Hopefully this comet continues to impress as it gets closer to the perihelion in December.

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There is definitely a desire to visit this park again and do some hd shooting next year. There is so much potential.
d850 20mm 1.8 20s iso-10,000 — at Big Bend National Park.

Fishing by cormorant on Li River has a history of hundreds of years. In the past, there are 4 ways of fishing by cormorant. ►In the daytime, fisherman encloses fishes by casting a net first, and then let the cormorants dive into the water to catch fishes. ►Just follow the cormorants downstream along Li River for fishing ► Stay at a pool of Li River, just let cormorant to fish for them. ► The 4th one is the most interesting and attractive one. As night is coming on, they went on their bamboo rafts in group with torches on the bow of the raft, shouting to attract the fish school into their encirclement. Then the trained cormorant jumped into the river to catch the fish. With the development, the torch is replaced by gas lamp.
See the Cormorant Fishing Show

Superbe vue sur le canal devant l’hôtel... aucune retouche. #hollywoodfl #nightpics

The beginning of wisdom is silence.💡 #soymaxph #nightpics #photography #pic

Cempasúchil. This flower is used as decoration and ritual on the day of the dead in Mexico. The petals are used to mark on the ground the path that the souls of the deceased must follow towards the altars.
Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.

Don’t sleep on the self timer.. 😫😂😂 #NightPics #BoredAF #AtleastTheseCameOutCute 🤷‍♀️

Jeremy David at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
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From Jeremy about this image:

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Again there isn't much of a story behind this image.. I drove out to the OBX in hopes of capturing the Milky Way one last time before winter hit. I was at this location for two nights and I had everything planned out. The first day was going to be the lighthouse and Milky Way, the second was supposed to be imaging with my new telescope.
As you can guess nothing worked out. The first night was a total flop, every image somehow ended up being useless. the second night with the telescope was a fail, I couldn't get anything going. So I packed up and drove back to the lighthouse and re-shot everything from the night before and had a great night, and brought home a few good images to share.
Location: Cape Hatteras lighthouse, North Carolina
Canon 6D Astro Modified by Spencer’s Camera
Canon 16-35 f/2.8 L III
Induro Tripod
Stacked with Start Landscape Stacker
Edited w/ Photoshop CC
16mm, f/2.8, ISO 6400, 30sec X8

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