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Good Night

I was starving and down to the last gig on my current SD card. With only $15 to my name, I knew I'd be broke again tomorrow. Unable to resist the temptation, and led on by my unruly stomach, I went inside the Salem St. market and tried to swipe a protein bar. I guess my reflexes, slowed down by the demands of a famished body, betrayed me and the store clerk caught me in the act.
The next thing I hear is the scream of two names "Wally!" "Pout!" I run to the door then clerk screams "thief!!" I get outside and I suddenly feel a sharp blow to the back of my knee, which sends me face first into the cool night pavement, followed by a stinging bite around the waist. I then feel a hand searching my pockets and in an instant I lose my first meal in 2 days.
Still dazed I hear someone yell "get the fuck out of here, I don't want to see you again" followed by an angry bark. I get up and look back and see the old man and his dog back in their spot like nothing ever happened. I then walked away real fast real hungry not knowing what tomorrow would bring. I just knew not to mess with the night watch at the Salem Street Market.

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pink candy. 🍭

DATE NIGHT!!! Once in a blue moon my husband and I are able to coordinate a night out sans kiddos.💏 I have been planning tonight's date for the past two weeks. The hubs didn't know anything about it until he got home from work.👞 #surprise
We went to our favorite restaurant and we ate way too much. Their complimentary bread and their cowboy cookie are amazing!😍 It was nice getting out without the kids and being able to have uninterrupted conversation. Like most sitcoms poke fun at, we talked mostly about the kids while we were out. They are a big part of our lives.💙💜💙💙😁 We also had some much needed relationship talks.😘
We're back home now.🏠 The kids have been put down for bed. We're hanging out with our babysitter, my brother's girlfriend, and we're helping the cast of The First 48 solve some murders. In just a short while I'll head out to go to work. It's going to be a long night!🌒

When you're feeling goooood, from your neighborhood's bon fire..... & choose "extreme survivor mode" on your game. This should be interesting 😂
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•|| Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I sketch ||•
This one's from a while back 🖊 #artsoothesthesoul #nightowl .
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When it's nearly the end of May and you still want to wrap yourself in your warm and fuzzy house coat :) Shuttin' my work down for the night... sweet dreams! Xo

Miss Charlotte keeping me up way past my bed time ❤❤❤ watching a person you've know x1000 change instantly because of one little person.. Pretty freakin' cool!!! Oh Charlie the stories I'll tell you one day 🤗 #mybestfriendisamom #2chicksNcharlie #nightowl #likehermoms

Late night thoughts #nightowl #wisewords #fridayvibes

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