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Posing this AM before fasted cardio. No pump and no food or water taken in yet here.
Then, got on the elliptical and bumped to some Zhu 🔊😎
How do you start your morning!? 😜💪

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Pigma Micron pens, Grumbacher watercolor paint on 9"x12& #34; Canson 140lb cold press watercolor art board.
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This one comes a bit late but @lololovesfilms is back with their weekly DVD Stash. This one is dedicated to our boy Jake Gyllenhaal who had @lifemovieofficial open over the weekend. Check out what they're showing this week and give them a follow:
Jake Gyllenhaal is one of our favorite actors. Not only is he versatile, but he is incredible in everything he does. He doesn't get enough recognition, so this week, in honor of his new film "Life ," we thought we'd put a well deserved spotlight on some of Gyllenhaal's best work. First up, we have "Jarhead ." This underrated action drama delves into one man's experience with the more monotonous side of war, showing the highs and lows of battle, fatigue, and death. Next up is "Nightcrawler ." The fact that Gyllenhaal didn't get nominated for an Oscar for his work here is unforgivable. This movie has an incredible amount to say about our "if it bleeds, it leads"-obsessed society as Gyllenhaal's Louis Bloom, a man desperate for work as a news journalist, regularly blurs the lines between what is acceptable and what is not all in the name of showing violent, graphic footage for his corporate news overlords. Completely transformed and psychotic at times, this is one of his best performances. Finally, we have "Brokeback Mountain," a tender but sad drama about a deep connection between two workmates-turned-friends-turned-lovers over a short period of time. Both married, they have to resolve their feelings for one another or risk losing each other permanently. This intense romance showcases two career-defining performances from both Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, who were real life best friends until Ledger's untimely passing. What are some of your favorite films from the amazing Jake Gyllenhaal?



look at these soft puppies omfg
[ life interview ]

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