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Found this band at the start of 2017. Saw them live in may.. then this masterpiece of an album came out... amazing!
Easily place them as my favourite band. #theblackdahliamurder #tbdm #blastfiends #nightbringers #metal #deathmetal

The Black Dahlia Murder have re-released some classic designs along with some "Nightbringers" logo shirts and hoodies! Pick up the sought after "Space Battle" along with some girls designs and more by heading to the link below!


The Black Dahlia Murder - Nightbringers (Ltd. Orange/Brown 063/300). Can't wait to see these guys live again in March!

#vinyl #metal #metalhead #melodicdeathmetal #nightbringers #theblackdahliamurder #vinylcollection

Been listening to these guys since I was 18. They never disappoint. #theblackdahliamurder #nightbringers

@theblackdahliamurder_official is by far the best workout band ever! Joined a #gym on #Saturday and started my new #keto #diet. I spent #2017 losing weight for a total of 100lbs but unfortunately I slacked off and gained about 30lbs back. That shit ain't happening again. I'm better than that and refuse to continue being an unhealthy fatfuck.

#theblackdahliamurder #nightbringers #workout #idontknowwhatimdoing #gonnafigureitout #igmilitia #readysuresecure #CAG #crisisapplicationgroup #weightlossjourney #fatboyoperator #badger #stayfilthy

I’ve been listening to this album a lot since it released in October, and I think I can say that this is definitely The Black Dahlia Murder’s best album since Nocturnal. While they have consistently put out solid releases every two years since forming, it is great to see that they still have the ability to release an album that can match their earlier, and in my opinion, best works. Also, to have Kristian Wåhlin create an amazing album cover for them again like with Nocturnal is very fitting
#theblackdahliamurder #nightbringers #tbdm #melodicdeathmetal #deathmetal #metalbladerecords #kristianwåhlin #necrolord

Today is the day I found out that my life has a new meaning.
I discovered The Black Dahlia Murder. And holy shit they're under appreciated.
If you're a fan of blistering guitar work, epic vocals, or just about anything metal, stop everything you're doing, and go check them out.
They dropped a new record called Nightbringers.
#Metal #DeathMetal #TheBlackDahliaMurder #Nightbringers #MelodicDeathMetal

Managed to get a tour shirt from the first time I saw The Black Dahlia Murder. So happy to find it in my size and got it for a steal.

Hey bud, let’s party! The Black Dahlia Murder have re-released some classic designs! Pick up the infamous “Skeleton Throne,” “Space Battle,” “Vulture 2009 Tour,” and more including some ladies tees and a “Nightbringers” logo shirt and pullover! The time is now to pick these up as they will sell out! Head to link below or link in bio to shop!


Hit up @indiemerchstore for some new old shirts / new Nightbringers logo shirt that was sold on tour and now in pull over flavour. GO. GET! Some pretty sweet @danmumforddraws designs making a comeback. Ayyye. #theblackdahliamurder #tbdm #nightbringers #indiemerchstore #fuckschool #nightbringingandshit

Just picked up #nightbringers by @theblackdahliamurder_official and once again they offer up a massively heavy, technically excellent, #brutal slab of #deathmetal. I’m missing physical ‭copies of a few records but I’ll pick them up eventually. #metal #cdlover #metalhead

top: me when someone says my music taste is trash and metalcore is the superior metal genre because it makes people aware of their feelings and my music just talks about bull crap like messy bloody stuff and sword fighting till you die. bUT HAVE THEY LISTENED TO HELLOWEEN??? tHEY’RE PRETTY FEELY HERE AND THERE. I LISTEN TO TOUCHY FEELY STUFF, TOO!! bottom: when we talk about sacrament by lamb of god, nightbringers from the black dahlia murder, or (this is almost never) how st. anger shouldn’t get so much hate and you’re hurting her feelings. despite the fact that we may have two different, but yet some what similar opinions on the first two albums, we are dealing with it in a civil manner. i’m not screaming in my head anymore!!! this is great!!!

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