Dans le word magazine, y a un article. C’est pas parce que ça parle de moi hein #bread #painbeni #nicolassupiot #legrandtout @milesfischler

Du pain sur IG? Oui car pas n'importe lequel...celui de Nicolas Supiot, paysan-boulanger qui fait tout de la graine au fourneau. Il cultive ses semences, pétrit et cuit la pate selon des procédés ancestraux. Il laisse la nature et le temps faire ce qu'ils ont à faire, et obtient des meilleurs rendements que ceux de l'agriculture conventionnelle. Certains disent que ses pains sont les meilleurs du monde... Celui-là est à la nigelle et son goût est puissant, aromatique. D'un autre temps. #nicolassupiot #pain #painbio #painbiologique #frenchbread #organic #organicbread

🔈Please turn the sound on 🔈 This is a field of organic ancient wheats in Bretagne, France. As you can hear it is full of life 🐝🦗🐦!! Next time you see a wheat field, try the same exercise and you’re likely to hear... nothing! ‘Modern’ agriculture create fields that are like deserts in terms of biodiversity🌵. This is what really motivates us: we want more fields like the one in this video!

Pain au blé (anciennes semences) et au sarrasin fabriqué de façon artisanale. J'ai eu le plaisir de voir la préparation du four à pain, de la cuisson et, mon étape favorite, la dégustation 😊
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One of our mentors is Nicolas Supiot, an incredible farmer and baker from Bretagne in France. Nicolas is working tirelessly to grow ancient local varieties of wheat and makes delicious big loaves of bread with them. His approach to agriculture is inspired by Fukuoaka - whose philosophy was to let nature do the job and intervene as little as possible. Exactly what we want to promote here in Catalonia. We’ll post more information about Nicolas soon! #ancientwheat #heirloomwheat #nicolassupiot #bretagne #artisanbread #bakery #barcelona #fukuoka

Nicolas Supiot est un héros.
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Se eu fosse você, não perderia esse curso!
Reação de maillard , nem queimado nem branquelo, todas as cores possíveis no pão devidamente assado, vem pra oficina !!!!#paohonesto #maillard #nicolassupiot #naturalbread #organic @mirella_farinhaorganica

Reação de maillard , nem queimado nem branquelo, todas as cores possíveis no pão devidamente assado, vem pra oficina !!!!#paohonesto #maillard #nicolassupiot #naturalbread #organic @mirella_farinhaorganica

Depois de muito testar receitas das mais variadas,por um bom tempo,meu processo não usa fermento comercial porque não produzo pão com hora certa pra ficar pronto, isso pode ser um problema pra quem pretende comercializar, porém o desenvolvimento da massa se faz no tempo dela, sem pressa, a cor e o sabor aparecem,sem dúvida o pão fica diferente, cada pão com sua personalidade, #pan #fermentacaolenta #100porcentonatural #macro #closeup #sourdough #bread #nicolassupiot

270c 💥💥💥 #stoneoven fermentação natural #nicolassupiot

Sapecou mas salvou #blackbread 110%natural 275c #nicolassupiot sem batedeira ,na mão. #levain #sourdough

I visited this amazing baker today, Nicolas. He has got his own unconventional way of growing, milling and baking his own wheat and bread. I saw his fields (all showed by amazing Linde) and was allowed to see him mixing by hand and baking in his own build woodfiredoven, somewhere in the middle of knowhere in Bretagne. He grows miscellaneous variaties of wheat on the same field, the get the best profit from all of them. On the fields all the plants have freedom to grow, even those who other farmers don't want. Every plant, animal or existence got it's right or function to be in that place.
About the bread: Nicolas doesn't just mix and bake, the whole proces is a sacrel behavior.
The wheat is milled with a Astrie mill. (in one turn the grain is milled with little damage of the germ, separate the big bran(outside) and small bran (inner bran) which is used for the sourdough. The remaining flour is nearby 80-85% of the whole grain. (@e5bakehouse has got a similar mill) The sourdough is made from the small bran, so all the unhealthy fytineacids are broken down (6-16 hours) The dough is only mixed by hand with purified water. Without any force. After 2 intervals the dough is gently shaped like you see here and proofed in banetons for about 2 hours. Meanwhile the oven is lit and the loaves are baked for 1 hour.
What's maybe the biggest difference with all our citybakers is the quietness and time there is been taken for the whole circle of grain to bread, there is no aim for a glossy shiny bread, it's all about nutricion. #boulangerpaysan #nicolassupiot #bretagne #levain

Learning from master baker Nicolas Supiot in Bretagne #nicolassupiot #sourdoughbread #artisanbread #ancientgrains

Just arrived here in Bretagne to spend a week learning from Nicolas Supiot, a baker / farmer passionate about ancient local wheat varieties. Just seeing this beautiful field of tall and golden wheat, full of life and diversity makes me very happy! 🌾 😍 #ancientgrains #artisanbread #nicolassupiot #bretagne #wheat

• Not in My Kitchen • Good Morning ☀️Always the best to make your Homemade Bread anywhere you Go 💛✨ As long as there is Flour, Water & Salt, Breads will always be Possible. This one was made of Fresh Yeast, just because I couldn't wait for the sourdough to get ready 🤗 So in the meantime, I have used the Yeast. When it comes to the Recipe and knowing that Breads can never come out of the Oven the Same (because of the type of Flour, the Water Quality, the Air Humidity, the Altitude, the Flour & Water Temperature & much more) I have learned (with #NicolasSupiot ) to do with what I have in my hands & what Nature can offer. Another important thing is that you have to feed the Water with the Flour (instead of putting water within the flour) while kneading & building Gluten Network then stop when you have reached Your own Dough. I'll be working now on Breads made of Sourdough & will try to share with you every recipe for every Bread. I wish you all a Good Day & Bisous from Port Grimaud.

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Voilà une miche qui incite à un réveil précoce et inhabituel, Un pain de Nicolas Supiot ... Merci @bebantuelle !! #nicolassupiot

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