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Regrann from @chalkyt - 'Living in the love of the common people' #ukulele #ukulelecover #paulyoung #nickythomas #littlegettogether #fun @_susarella_b @hallamcrafer you were finally there 😊 and so was the red wine 🀣🀣😎🍷 - #regrann

'Living in the love of the common people' #ukulele #ukulelecover #paulyoung #nickythomas #littlegettogether #fun @_susarella_b @hallamcrafer you were finally there 😊 and so was the red wine 🀣🀣😎🍷

What’s a good pair of underwear and a smile got in common?
They both lift ya cheeks πŸ˜πŸ‘

First 7inch of the forthcoming album, new version of Have a little Faith, by the legendary Ken Boothe πŸ’£ big up @guillaume_metenier (keyz) Thomas Naim bass ans guitar, and @blackjoy.2000 mix and savage Dub. #slowdance #Blundetto #7inch #kenboothe #nickythomas #rocksteady #historydance

This Syl Johnson original is being sung here by Nicky Thomas in Edinburg, Scotland in 1973 with support by the Cimarons. Sylvester Johnson was a Mississippi born blues/soul singer & songwriter who moved to Chicago in 1950 and began working with Junior Wells and Howlin' Wolf. Although never garnering the fame of such peers as Al Green, he is responsible for penning and singing multiple soul classics. The Cimarons (still currently active) are Jamaican natives once known for backing Jimmy Cliff who in 1967 migrated to Britain forming the UK's first self-contained indigenous reggae band. They enjoyed moderate success but were notably happiest backing larger singer/songwriters. Nicky Thomas was a successful Jamaican born reggae singer/songwriter who enjoyed tremendous success at home. He received mixed success in the UK thanks in partly to Joe Gibbs. Resentment towards the changing sound of reggae between the 60's-70's led Thomas to loathe radio djs and after comparing their use of his music on-air to a whore, found support from mainstream music sales outlets had dropped. Gibbs stuck with him and pushed his records through smaller speciality, yet largely statically uncounted shops. Unfortunately this left Thomas off the charts but ensured his legacy. Thomas struggled with immigration acceptance in the UK and his music was a direct reflection of his struggle as an out of place black man in a mostly white industry. In 1990, although an autopsy was not performed, Nicky Thomas allegedly committed suicide at age 40. "Is It Because I'm Black" is a soul classic that has been covered and sampled by many musicians. However, this live cover by Thomas is so strong, so alive with pain that the emotion welling up feels so deeply founded within him, you begin to feel as if he himself wrote this. #RIP #stillrelevant #blacklivesmatter #nickythomas #isitbecauseimblack #syljohnson #cimarons #reggae #jamaica #jamaican #suicide

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