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@nickalaws 👅

vidcon 2016 was amazing and I can't express my happiness when seeing nick again 💫 #nickalaws

#MatthewLush & #NickALaws signing my sister's convention tee shirt at #VidCon2014 #LushLaws

#ryannminajj #nyan #otp #nickalaws @ryannminajj @nickalaws

Happy new year #loveislove #LoveWins #ryanminaj #nickalaws 👬🌈❤🎉🎊

This picture is too cute💕


Okay but damn😍😍😍 Ryan is one lucky man #nicklaws #nickalaws #nyanisfuckingreal #nyanisreal #nyan

• these two give me life!😍🌸💗•
#love #loveislove #cuties #cutestcouple #youtuber #queens #nickalaws #ryanminaj

She had blue skin,
and so did he.
He kept it hid,
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by—
And never knew.

you are not a waste of space.

you are worth it.
you always have been, and always will be worth more than a billion galaxies.

hi make sure you've eaten and drank some water today! you are beautiful, you are loved, you are worth it 🐬💙

am i posting too much? lol

does anyone have any plans this weekend? i'm probably going to hang out with a friend and i'm going to wisconsin with my mom

they're so cute like !!1!1!11!!!!1!1!!1!!1!1!!!!1!!11!!

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i think this will be the last post for this theme..,, the next theme will be black and white nyan ( @nickalaws @ryannminajj )

my next theme will most likely be black and white;)

*has no idea when to end theme*

make sure to eat and stay hydrated! even if it's not so hot, please just drink some water. and have a sandwich or 2. or just whatever you like! just please eat and drink something today! 💙

im not a professional but i promise you: I will listen.
because i care. even when you think no one does. you are way stronger than you think.
reminder that suicide is never the answer. it doesn't end pain, but it passes on. remember that okay? listen to me, please just listen. just this one time.

i wish i could hold you. and tell everything is gonna be okay.
face to face.
but for now i use my words to try and help.
and hope that's enough.

HEY HEY! So I've been writing this for a while and I wanted to show you guys! I hope you go read it, it only has 8 parts and I'm updating slowly.. but I'm trying to get better :) anyways go read it pls
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thanks for 100 followers:)💗

i wish i could sit with you.
hold your hands and look you in the eyes.
and tell you everything will be okay.

i accidentally got bleach on one of my troye shirts so my mom said she would replace it yay☺️

i think i'm going for a red troye theme first.. i think i'll do a nyan theme next;-;

it's always hard starting a new account.. i feel like i have to start over again:( other accounts: @doublesided.joshler @madeinthehoran @its.lizzy.m8 [personal]

yay first post:) i'm lizzy, and i love troye and nyanisreal @ryannminajj @nickalaws @troyesivan

i want everyone to know that no matter how good your life is that it is okay to not be okay sometimes. emotions are apart of our lives the moment we are born. so if you ever need someone; my dms are always open. and sometimes i will answer late, but i'll try. i will really try. i love you so much 🐬

in case you haven't heard it today: you're beautiful, you're amazing, and i love you 🐳

reminder that you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are worth it. don't let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself. my dms are always open, and if there's something wrong i will try my hardest to help. anyways have a good day today! eat and stay hydrated! i love you all so much 🦋

This is really late but I love them and meeting them at Vidcon was iconic❤️❤️

yesterday was the end of the blurryface era. this album helped me so much, it gave me happiness and hope again. we thank you for everything. thank you for all the memories, the memories that will always stick with us. goodbye old friend

This picture is too cute💕

I went on a rant on my other account😂

make sure to eat something today and stay hydrated! you're worth it, you're beautiful, and you're amazing okay don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i love you all so much im always here to talk 🌊

i hope you all have a good day. make sure to eat and stay hydrated! i love you so much 💙

Ik I have not posted in forever but Im going to post more 🌈 《I hate too many fan accounts😂》
#ryannminajj #nickalaws #ratnamedryan #pride

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