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What a rusty bugger this old door is . In need of an effing paint job that is !!!

This guy decided he was going to help me with my habitat assessments today 😄 #horses #southflorida #pasturesfordays #iwanthishair #nicelocks 🐴

My mates 🐴 #nicelocks #mylittlepone


What a rusty bugger this old door is . In need of an effing paint job that is !!!

Walkin back to my van when i saw this house and since i started sharing pics of pretty houses i’ve got a real eye for em you know.

OMG my dream house!! Looool just kiddin i was being a girl

Number 54 is looking much better after a quicky lock change gotta say i love my job

Right so i thought this was a good pic but then i realised those are xmas wreaths and it’s not xmas. But the house i went to this morning had a fucking shit door n i got nothing else to post #soz

Personally i feel like this is a bit ott for me . very pink and leafy . but i know the missus would love it cos she made me post this.

Who lives here eh? This is quite a flashy house, proper chic you know. Glossy black door n fence. Super clean. They’ve got cleaners I’m telling you. The sorta people that sweep up the leaves outside their house

Cor i could see this house from a mile off!! Makes me eyes hurt just lookin at it . But you know whatever floats ur boat

Haven't straightened my hair in sooo long. It's done it some good. Looks so much better. Been using my old fav shampoo and conditioner that I used to use ages ago (before having 3 kids to support) but thought I need to start looking after my hair again. So heat and protect and leave in conditioner spray got put in the basket too 😝 #aussiehaircare #aussie #haircare #straighthairday #treatyourself #selfie #mirrormirror #weekendvibes #thisgirl #like4like #mumlife #filter #weekend #hair #nicelocks

Average london door yano . Come to london you’ll see bout 100 of these old things

My missus would love that bloody writing . How long til she starts asking me for this . Already installed a fcking smart lock i’m not putting bloody text on our front door.

All the greenery . thats nice that is. Not too flashy, with a classic euro cylinder lock. I like this door me

This door is so effing bright i feel like i’m in bloody ibiza or something !! Woman that lived there was proper tanned tho???

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