“Alright granny. Are you sure you and dad’ll be alright with Ellie for a few hours?” Luke asked nervously, stroking his daughter’s forehead with his thumb. “We and I will be just fine.” His mom promised, booping Ellie on the nose. “Okay.” He started with a deep sigh, kissing the top of her head. “Bye little duck. Be good for granny.” He whispered, starting to stand up. “Be good to my little girl. She’s my entire world right there.” He said warningly, picking up Evan in his baby carrier and waving goodbye to his mother. -
“Alright, Ellie. Let’s go find grandpa Niall and see what he’s doing.” Her grandmother said in a fake excited tone, standing up and starting to wander around their house. “Grandpa Niall? Someone cute wants to come visit her favorite Irish grandpa.” She called out, bouncing the sweet baby in her arms lovingly. “Thank god. I could definitely use a baby break.” Niall said with a relieved sigh, setting down his guitar from songwriting and taking his tiny granddaughter. Ellie looked around the room with her small eyes, whimpering once she realized her father was nowhere to be seen. -
*a few hours later*
“Hey. I hope she wasn’t too much trouble.” Luke said upon entering his parents house to his mom, kicking off his shoes. “She’s been crying the entire time. We don’t know why.” She said breathlessly, touching her forehead as if she had a headache from the screaming. “Where is she now?” Luke asked worriedly, looking around. “Music room with your father. He’s trying to play her to sleep.” She replied as Luke rushed to the practice room, wanting to make sure his baby girl was okay. From the other side of the door, he could hear Ellie’s scared, desperate wails despite her grandfather trying to play her to sleep with sweet music. “Hey dad. I’m here now. I can take her.” He said as he walked into the room, leaning down in front of Ellie’s face. Within seconds, her cries died down, tears still streaming down her rosy cheeks. “What the heck?” Niall asked with a laugh, surprised that was all she wanted. “Yep. That’s my girl.” He smiled, taking her out of her sleeper. -
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I’m trying not to scream in class

Harry won the hunger games @harrystyles

you’re welcome, here’s ultralight beam for your friday

Look at the hair😂damn it’s been so many years since wmyb 🙁❤️and I‘m still waiting for them to return, and I’ll never give up on them even if it takes more than two years!!
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