385x5x4 for 3s pause reps

Friday lifts.. 6x2 with 415 on bench, 2x2 with 470 slingshot

Submax life... 5th set of 3 with 410, Larsen press

Feet up bench 445x1, followed by 455x3x1, then back off sets 425x4x2

Larsen press last set of 5x4 at 385, then adding the board 2x2 with 455.

Last set of Larsen press 4x2 with 425, followed by 2x2 using the slingshot with 455.

I use this variation of the bench press for my own training as well as for my @granitestatepowerlifting athletes for three main reasons:
1 - flat back on the bench increases ROM
2 - keeping feet in the air removes all leg drive, which puts a huge emphasis on creating upward force with the pecs
3 - having feet in the air also causes stability issues which the core has to compensate for
The net result is a raw press that carries over very well to competition.

Going to be competing at the Massachusetts and Rhode Island state championships on June 3. 11 weeks to get this bench to the next level.

Today training highlight last set of 5x2 with 405 on Larsen press.

3s pause bench - 435x2x5, 440x5
Larsen bench press - 400x3x5

Not bad for feeling like crap and no sleep... Squats - 495x2x8
Bench press - 460x4, 400x3x6
Slingshot press - 485x4

Another day of benching more than I squat 😂
1/2 pin press - 435x2x5, 445x5
4” board press - 480x2x4, 490x4

Training highlight for the day - 3s pause bench at 425x3x5

Squats - 475x2x10
Bench press - 455x4, 390x4x6
Weighed in at 229... need to eat more!!!

Podcast from last week with @kwcann and @bostonsstrongcast
We talked about a few things, mostly about various training methodologies for strength and how my experience in powerlifting has shaped my current training.
Check it out!
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Episode 24 of @bostonsstrongcast is live! @nguidice_powerlifting was an awesome guest and provided great insights on his career as both a strength coach and competitive powerlifter. Goooooo check it out now 🎧🎧 @kwcann #bostonsstrongcast

4th day benching in a row and I feel FABULOUS! Hamstring rehab coming along nicely too...
Bench press - 425x3x6
RDL - 405x2x10
Skullcrushers - 145x3x10

Another day at the office
Safety bar squats - 360x2x10
1/2 pin press - 425x3x6
4” board press on my handy dandy bench block -455x2x5, 470x5

Something like 22 weeks out from bench press nationals.. got a lot of time to put pounds on this lift!
Squats - 455x2x10
Bench - 425x4, 435x4 @8ish
Larsen bench press - 365x3x6 @8ish

I’m delighted and honored to be featured on the @bostonsstrongcast this Friday. Tune in if you want to hear my beautiful voice chatting with some cool people about powerlifting.
Training today - deficit deadlifts - 315x3x10, and seated barbell overhead press 155x3x10 y dees so hard? 💀

Last day of the good old unprogrammed period...
Larsen press - 405x3x3
Board press - 475x3x3
Beltless SSB squats - 380x3x6
Now on to the next exciting prep with my buddy @hani_tsa
Let’s get huge!

Best wraps by far! Min break in time comfortable and supportive. Had an awesome back/bi/shoulder day and was able to go a little heavier with all my curls with my new #beargrips that just came in just two days. Thanks guys! Can't wait to kill my next chest day! -
And of course they to great with my gym bag.. #1stphorm -
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