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Life is a tragedy for some, a labyrinth of pain and fear for others.
A senseless pursuit of nothing or a test to prove oneself.
A stroll on a bed of thorns or a silly jest.

Life isn't an easy task.
I relentlessy work through each day to make my way in it's mortal chaos.
In times like these, where lives including a small segment of mine is put on display on social media, it becomes relatively easier for people to judge.
Judge how people are living their life and I often receive remarks on how blessed I am.
I cannot agree more. I feel blessed that I can breathe each day.
I feel blessed I have a heart and a mind to think.
I feel blessed to gain so much genuine support from the people in my life. The solid boulders of my life.

Yet, life isn't easy.
Not for me.
Not for you.
Not for anyone.
All of us have battles to fight and we spend each day of our lives clinging on to the last hope.
If not for the darkness, we wouldn't value the sun.

There are two ways of facing troubles in life.
Either put your head between your knees and go weep in a corner or like Will (Stranger Things reference) rightfully taught us, tell it to "GO AWAY"( okay, horrible reference, that didn't work for him). Robert Frost faced the dilemma of choosing a road and most of us don't even step out of houses to find one.
I used to be that person and one little, tiny step out of the doorway has made all the difference.
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If it is grief so be it, come to break my heart again, Do come, if only for the act of leaving me again, Our relationship may not be the same now, but even if seldom Come to fulfill the rituals and traditions of the world.To whom all must I explain the reason of separation, Come, despite your displeasure, at least for the sake of the world...Till now my hopeful heart is keeping some expectations from you, But at least come back to put off these last candles of hope... Too long have I been deprived of the pathos of longing... Come my love, if only to make me weep again, Respect a little the depth of my love for you... Come someday to placate me as well, It has been a long time I haven't had the luxury of grieving, My peace-of-mind please do come back if only to make me cry...
PS: These lines are dedicated to all the broken hearts 💔

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"Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most." - Buddha

A young Tigress in morning light contemplates her next move. Soon she will be forced to leave her mothers side. When she does, she'll have to carve out a place for herself in a jungle where only the strong survive. .


Hit the trail at any time of the day, and you are sure to come across a mixed flock. One of the constituent of the mixed flocks that form in the Wildlife Institute of India is the Speckled Piculet, the smallest woodpecker in the Indian Subcontinent. Here, you can see this tiny thing in action, as it diligently pecks the thinnest branch for any signs of food.

..as the say progresses, the campus resonates with the call of the Oriental Pied Hornbills. Over the course of the day, you can often hear the maniacal laughter like call of these beautiful Hornbills.

When you wake up and the first thing you chase is a Gray-headed Woodpecker foraging amidst slits of the first sun rays.

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