NGNS check-in episode 3 is here! This week we talk about our thoughts on the upcoming NFL season/new anthem rule, review the movie “Sorry to bother you,” and discuss which era had better music between the 90’s/early 2000’s and now. Link in my bio, check it out and let us know what u think! All feedback welcome #NGNSMusic #talkshow #checkin

RockBFoolin™️ #tbt #NGNSMusic

NGNS we go harder than concrete, man that there is cemented #NGNSMusic

Crazy thing is, we ain’t even applying full pressure yet lol. Go crazy @pooneymccord !! Make sure u check this out and leave a comment if u rocking #NGNSMusic

New Playlist on Spotify! Lift, run, work, and play to this. #ngnsmusic

My whole fam know how they supposed to walk in the spot...blood run skrong! “Stupid” video otw #NGNSMusic

If y’all haven’t checked out episode 1 of #NGNSCheckin w/ @rockbfoolin & @pooneymccord make sure y’all do ASAP, link in bio! Episode 2 coming soon! #NGNSMusic #RIPNiaWilson

I’m from the flexin’ capital...you know that ima stunt #NGNSMusic 📸: @hapa.films | @themogli

Debut project from @djvanceatl “New oriGiNalS” available everywhere! What’s your favorite track from the album? #NGNSMusic

Big vibes and family...can’t wait for y’all to see this video #NGNSMusic 📸: @themogli | @hapa.films | @steadfastermedia

Boyyy we bouta go up...if you in the bay, make sure ya pull up on us at the lake this Sunday. Food on deck, drank on deck, vibes on deck, and I need ya ready to get groovy for my visual for “Stupid” shot by the man himself @themogli #NGNSMusic

Just wrapped up Ep. 1 of our @ngnsmusic check-in talkshow/podcast, coming weekly from here on out! Shoutout to @mildsaucela for the love, make sure y’all pull up if y’all want some real Chicago chicken/mild sauce! #NGNSMusic

Crazy my cuzos grown now...Last time I was home, Lil cuz was 3 inches shorter than me lol. Headed to 10th grade next year, it’s bouta be ugly for y’all on that court! #NGNSMusic

Album available everywhere! Link in bio. #ngnsmusic

NEW ORIGINALS available everywhere tomorrow 7/6 #NGNSMusic

Make sure y’all check out the debut visual from Next Round @napete100 feat. @rockbfoolin “Reminisce” link in both of their bios! #NGNSMusic

Back to it™️ “New oriGiNalS” the album dropping at midnight! #NGNSMusic

...New Music Video... 👆Full link in bio
Check us out!! @rockbfoolin 🎥: @themogli ..... #NGNSmusic #millennialmindset #reminisce

New visual on the way from @napete100 and @rockbfoolin 🔥 Come “Reminisce” with @ngnsmusic #ngnsmusic

The 4th is always a good time to Reminisce, ain’t it? Full link in bio @napete100 🎥: @themogli #NGNSMusic

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