And in other #quilting related news, back from @kappeskreations long arm day spa. Totally loving the textures. #ngaqb now the trim and bind.

On my #designwall today is this glorious number for the #NGAQB2! This is @bluenickelstudios original centre square followed up by @crimsontavid and @j_q_adams, with some love from @giucy_giuce and @the_tattooed_quilter. I’ve started playing around with some #logcabin blocks that I think I might cut in half! (The drama!) It’s gonna be a bold stunner that @quiltsfromtheattic will have to wrap all up when I send to him next. ✨✨✨✨

Not sure if this what you were hoping for @giucy_giuce but these are going onto two sides of your #ngaqb2 #medallion #roundrobinquilt this week... with a bit of another twist I haven't added yet!
#ngaqb #menwhoquilt #modernmalequilters #menwhosew #improvquilting #wonkylogcabin

Side by side.... two #ngaqb2 #medallion quilts together. I am done with my round on the right side one started by @the_tattooed_quilter and getting ready to start on my portion of the one one the left side started by @giucy_giuce ... #modernmalequilters #menwhoquilt #ngaqb #roundrobin #roundrobinquilt work on these also done by @j_q_adams @quiltsfromtheattic @crimsontavid @molli_sparkles

Finally got back to my round on @the_tattooed_quilter 's #ngaqb2 #medallion quilt. .... been too long. .. having fun making squares in the very #1980s colors Christopher picked out (the red and black chickens on the right are NOT part if this... they're just hanging out there.) #modernmalequilters #menwhoquilt #ngaqb #roundrobin

Since it is #toocoldtobealive today I dug way back into the projects and FINALLY put together my blocks from the #ngaqb. Only a year and a half later 👿😖. I went with a quilter vignette/sampler layout as I couldn't break some of these lovelies up from their group context. @molli_sparkles @quiltsfromtheattic @ryanwalshquilt @curly_boy1 @bluenickelstudios @slabels @andrewjoslyn @testostersewn @kailichi @giucy_giuce @j_q_adams 👍🏼🎉🎉🎉😘 happiness!

Finally bound over a year since it was first crafted. The lads in the first round of the #ngaqb really out did themselves. They are @quiltsfromtheattic @molli_sparkles @bluenickelstudios @j_q_adams @ryanwalshquilt @evildemondevildog @andrewjoslyn @kailichi @slabels @giucy_giuce Quilting was done by the lovely @trudi_wood and @flossyblossy bound it for me. I'll try and get some nice pics if we get some sun between now and summer.

Added by border to @crimsontavid's #ngaqb2 medallion. I kept looking at the Instagram photo he posted as inspiration trying to figure out what to add to it. Then I slapped myself in the head and said, "Duh, you moron. It's a picture. Add a frame." So here is my improv picture frame border. It's my first time trying curved improv sewing (@fromblankpages, I used your tutorial and it was so, so helpful). I'm really happy with how this turned out. I love being in this group because so many of the guys in it are amazing improv sewers and that is just not how I operate. My OCD won't allow it. But this group challenges me to push past that hang up. Hope you like it, David. Because I really do. @j_q_adams, you're up!

The two styles of additions to @j_q_adams centre so far...#menwhoquilt #modernmalequilters #ngaqb

I'll soon be sending this on to @bluenickelstudios so I wanted to share my additions with you before I do. I had the honour of being the first to add to @molli_sparkles' centre block for the second round of the #NGAQB. I went inprov and kinda made a fantasy forest for the unicorn to frolic in! Can't wait to see how the guys add to this! #menwhoquilt #modernmalequilters #NGAQB2

Even the dog's thinking oh my gosh that is huge! Thank you all I am speechless (rare for me 😈). You are all as always fantabulous 😘😘 #ngaqb maybe I can play in round 3. @j_q_adams @quiltsfromtheattic @slabels @molli_sparkles @andrewjoslyn @the_tattooed_quilter @kailichi @testostersewn @giucy_giuce

We came home from #midatlanticmod to an incredible surprise - the boys of the #NGAQB made this awesome quilt for @habitualaddict and me to celebrate our marriage. Thank you so much @giucy_giuce @molli_sparkles @j_q_adams @kailichi and @evildemondevildog !! It's beautiful (but it's hard to take a selfie wrapped in a quilt, lol).

Last night my mother texted me and told me I got a package from the UK. I couldn't wait to open it to see what it was. Literally. I couldn't wait. I had my mother open the package and send me a photo of what was inside. There was a lovely note from my #NGAQB friend Nick along with this magnificent hand carved Viking beard comb (made my Nick's crazy talented friend @mightyev). There were even some orange scraps of fabric to match my ginger beard! @quiltsfromtheattic, I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of generosity but I am so grateful. This gift was so unexpected, such an amazing surprise. You're gonna get such a hug when we meet someday. I'm already dreaming up thank you gifts! Kris, thanks so much for taking the time to carve this baby up. I absolutely love it. I love our little quilty corner of Instagram. I just love it. Much love to you all.

Next up on my rampage to finish these #NGAQB blocks is Mr. October. @quiltsfromtheattic asked for improv blocks based on Dali's Persistence of Memory. I'm not much of an improv quilter, but I can definitely see myself playing a little more with this style. Used @andoverfabrics beautiful chambrays with everything from @annamariahorner to @lottajansdotter to @carolynfriedlander. Hope you like them, Nick! PS Look! Grass! Soon I'll be able to garden!

@giucy_giuce and @kailichi had me all nostalgic about the #ngaqb so I made this out of leftovers from the leftovers. Now to figure out what to do with it.

Some more #ngaqb progress. This is one of Mr. August's blocks. @slabels, I hope you like it! Three months to go! #fractalquiltblock pattern by @pattysloniger.

We've all got that fabrics that we love so much that we buy it as soon as we see it then bundle it up and never touch it because we are too afraid to cut into it. For me that's anything by @carolynfriedlander. I have always adored her fabric but am always so scared to cut into my precious bundles. But this #timberquilt by @jamie_naughton will just be so amazing in CF's fabrics. I'm waiting for my Doe fabric to arrive in the mail, but I just finished my coloring sheet for the #timberqal and wanted to share it. The center portion will be all the deep saturated colors with the diagonal stripes being a variety of colored prints on white backgrounds. I can't wait to start this quilt! But first up.... It's time to finish my #ngaqb blocks once and for all! #carolynfriedlander #robertkaufman

All right #ngaqb friends. I have pulled all the fabric for the remaining 6 months (eek 😳) that I owe. I feel terribly that I have fallen this far behind. Hopefully they'll be worth the wait. Going to bang out these blocks over the course of the week. Here we go...

#ngaqb progress. @ryanwalshquilt : ✔️ [Knee Socks Quilt Block pattern by @elizabethagh] Next up: @kailichi's block.

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