As most of you know, we found a kitty in the park a few days ago and it’s already been such a hilarious adventure 🤣 especially having a pup and bunny in our apartment already 🐶🐰 swipe through to see some funny moments #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy

I recently got a ton of beautiful pieces from @primark’s bridal line and decided to share the love with a ✨GIVEAWAY✨ for you guys! So if you’re engaged, married, newlywed, or just want in on some pretty bridal goodies for a friend: here’s how to enter! 🥂 Must be following me and tag 3 friends below to enter! Good luck! #Primark #iworkwithprimark #primarkusa #NFTatHome

I’m so excited to finally share our guest room reveal over on the blog with @raymourflanigan! 🌲 Our cozy little cabin perfect for when our friends and family visit! Swipe left to see the before and let me know your thoughts! #RaymourFlanigan #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy #decor #sodomino

Happy Memorial Day everyone! ❤️🇺🇸 #NFTatHome #americanstyle

Hi, who wants to join my bagel party?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ hands up! #NFTatHome #americanstyle

Happy Mother's Day to all of you ❤️ to those who have lost their mom like me, to those of you who maybe never knew your mom, to those of you who were your own mom, to those of you who are amazing mothers, to those of you who can't wait to be mothers, to those of you who chose not to be mothers, to those of you struggling to be a mother, to those of you who didn't get to be a mother for long enough, and even to those of you who are just a fur baby mom like me: you make the world the most amazing place ❤️ being a mom to someone or something is the best love story ❤️ I love you all #happymothersday #NFTatHome

Many of you know I am nottt a morning person so when I heard about @GElighting Sleep bulbs, I had to give it a try! ❤️C-Sleep helps reinforce the body's natural rhythm and melatonin production-for example for waking up it's blue tone and for night it's an amber tone that helps to increase melatonin before bed! The coolest part is you can use the app to change the settings, preprogram them, OR use your voice! So cool- I love it! #ad #NFTatHome

So you wanna be a blogger? 10 tips for beginner bloggers over on NoellesFavoriteThings.com that are honestly all tips I wish I had known when I first got started! #NFTatHome #blogger #UO

I want to talk to ya'll about something not many people here on Insta talk about, and that is periods! Feminine hygiene can be a shy subject and shouldn't be, as it happens to all of us gals! 💗💪🏻I recently learned about an amazing tampon subscription service called @AthenaClub and it's freakin amazing! I would much rather have my tampons show up in the mail (and custom order exactly what I want!) so that I never have to run out and get them ever again! For me, that means more time to read, sleep in, and get loads of work done at home! I did a full blog post on it today that I hope ya'll enjoy! #AthenaClub #sponsored #NFTatHome

It's laundry day over here and thank goodness I have my @persilproclean Power-Caps to wash it all! 👚👖👕I love these because there's no measuring since it's a pre-measured, concentrated formula! Being an entrepreneur and working from home can be a rough balance! So I can get laundry day over with as QUICK AS POSSIBLE and move on to the important things on my to do list! Anyone else feel me?! #PersilProClean #PersilPartner #NFTatHome

✌🏻out NYC! I'm headed to my home state Louisiana for the weekend! This next month is going to be a busy one- Louisiana, Paris, and California! I can't wait ❤️ #NFTTravel #americanstyle #NFTatHome

⭐️ GIVEAWAY!!!⭐️ I am teaming up with some of my blogger buddies who share their adorable homes with us to give one of you a $500 visa gift card so you can refresh a space in your home! 🏡✨Designing a new space is something we're all passionate about & we are SO excited to be able to share that with you! ✈️
Here's how to ENTER:
1️⃣ Like this photo!
2️⃣ Follow my friends @noelledowning @steffy @newdarlings @timmelideo @thejoshuatreehouse
3️⃣ Tag an Instagram account whose home aesthetic you love! And tag as many personal friends as you want, all in a new comment!
For an extra entry, tag us in your story and let us know your design plans!
Giveaway ends May 6th at midnight CT. Giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram, and you must be 18 or older to enter. Good luck! #giveaway #NFTatHome #mywestelm

Here's our upstairs hallway ❤️ it's hard to tell the layout of our apartment from photos, but it's actually two stories- on the first is the living room, our bedroom and bathroom, the laundry room, and kitchen. On the second floor is where this hallway is with our guest room and bath, my closet, and our office! I love our space so much! Now, exciting news! My April playlist is live on the blog, click the link in my bio! #nftathome #apartmenttherapy #sodomino

Want a croissant anyone?! 🥐🙋🏻 I'll share with you! #bodypositive #loveyourself #nftathome

I splurged and bought my first pair of Chanel shoes this weekend ❤️😍 #americanstyle #NFTatHome

Currently in the office checking off all of my to-do lists before the weekend! Of the rooms I've shared in our apartment so far, which one is your fav?! I'm curious! #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy #mywestelm

I have this wonderful obsession with spaces, especially nooks. @noelledowning nails the ultimate nook design in her Brooklyn space. What’s your obsession?

Tea and croissants anyone? 🥐☕️ Then we can cozy up and watch the second installment of my apartment tour: the kitchen! It's now live on my YouTube channel (link is in my bio) #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy

Currently listening to music in bed 💗I've been thinking about switching it up and doing something new for spring! Hint: 🌷💐🌻🌼🥀🌹🌷🌺 #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy #UOatHome

I'm back home and I couldn't be happier to be back to all of this coziness ❤️ #NFTatHome #apartmenttherapy

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