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NFL Week 14 Predictions #nfl #nflpredictions #nflpicks

My official Superbowl prediction. 10-0 this postseason make it 11-0 the Falcons will put up a good game but they're no Super Bowl team...how did you team do this season? Comment the grade you would give your team this season...for my Seahawks they got a D it was a shit year 😂 #maddenmobile #nfl #madden17 #nflpredictions

I think it is pretty obvious who is going to come up on top in this division! The Patriots (#1 seed) are just too good to fuck with. They made some nice moves in free agency in acquiring Brandon Cooks and Gilmore and keeping Hightower and Malcolm Butler was huge for the D;) Bills: This team has speed everywhere!! Sammy and Tyrod need to click for the Bills to have an average season lol. Dolphins: This team is too busy enjoying the beaches of Miami rather than playing football, shit I would too... Ryan Tannehill is average at best and Jay Ajayi is a one hit wonder and will be unproductive this season! Jets: 0-16 Yup! I'm calling this shit, just watch;) This team is full of aids on the offensive side of the ball! No Eric Decker and no Brandon Marshall and who TF is the quarterback?!?!? #GG #mutnutpredictions #afceast #nflpredictions

These are my 2017 Predictions.
DoubleTap and Comment your predictions!

Who's going to go further? #nflpredictions

Postseason Predictions.
AFC Championship:
17-14 PIT

NFC Championship:
38-27 GB

Super Bowl 51:
34-28 PIT
#NFLPredictions 👉link in bio to make your own predictions👈

All NFL predictions going INTO week 5. Standings are also posted. #nfl #nfl2017 #nflpredictions

Divisional Playoff Predictions:
Once again, I'm not going to do scores, just how I think the games will go.
This rematch from earlier in the season should be interesting as Atlanta walked away with a bitter taste in their mouths after what seemed to be blatant pass interference on Julio Jones went uncalled. They'll come into this game looking for revenge, but I don't believe they'll find it. Thomas Rawls had an outstanding game last week, giving the Seahawks a much needed running game, which allows them to mix up the play calls and keep the defence on edge which can lead to mismatches. Russell Wilson also carries a degree of playoff experience that sets him apart from the opposition. I think the Seahawks simply have what it takes to win. To stay in this one, the Falcons need to shut down the run game and pressure Wilson, while offensively exploiting the hole in the secondary normally filled by Earl Thomas.
I'm excited to see what kind of defensive scheme Bill Belichick puts together to get in the head of Brock Osweiler. His inexperience and inconsistency will simply be no match for the Patriots defence. I think the Patriots will run away with this one, but the Texans could have a chance if they make some huge defensive plays and control the ball on offence.
This is the hardest game to pick in my opinion, but my gut tells me to go with the Steelers. Kansas City is no easy place to go in and steal a win, but if anyone can its Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers. The Chiefs have a great pass defence, but I believe the Steelers have the most balanced offence in the NFL. Kansas City has also been fairly inconsistent, losing to both the Buccaneers and the Titans at home. To win, the Chiefs would have to shut down Antonio Brown while simultaneously loading the box to prevent Le'Veon Bell from going off.
I tried picking against the Packers last week and I learned my lesson. I think they'll take this win. They're a much different team than they were the last time they met Dallas and have since established a run game as well as a win streak. Continued ⬇️⬇️

NFL Predictions Today
WAS at CIN - 30-27 CIN
AZ @ CAR - 34-28 CAR
DET @ HOU - 31-27 DET
SEA @ NO - 28-21 SEA
KC @ IND - 31-24 KC
NYJ @ CLE - 38-17 NYJ
NE @ BUF - 34-20 NE
OAK @ TB - 24-17 OAK
SD @ DEN - 27-21 DEN
GB @ ATL - 31-28 GB
PHI @ DAL - 28-21 PHI #nfl #nflnews #nflscores #nflpredictions


My first #nfl 2017-2018 predictions. (Note these are somewhat bad, but like I said this is my first. Will be more to come.) And yes, I think the #packers will have a hard time this year. #raiders #titans #texans #cheifs #texans #gaints #steelers #falcons #lions #seahawks #buccaneers #patriots #nfl #nflpredictions #nflpredictions20172018 And side note I got these teams in the playoffs by predicting all the regular season games this year.

Is this another year the #Patriots win the #AFC #East again? Who you got?! #Comment below!

Here are my Seahawks predictions, they are my 9th spot for this season! I feel they will have a rocky season. I feel Lacy will be a big bust of a RB, as last season he was injured the majority of the season then has been having weight issues as most people know by now. I don't think he will be very good, but be sure to watch out for him. Baldwin I feel will have a great season, only if Russell has a better season. Last season Russell wasn't near as good of a QB as expected. Any thoughts? ⬇️⬇️

Stay tuned! Getting a lot of requests to finally do the Pack, they'll be coming soon. #nflpredictions

Football.Talks_ BOLD Prediction; the Cleveland Browns will have a top 5 AFC defense--
That's right. You heard it HERE first. The Cleveland Browns will have a top 5 AFC defense this season. Let's take a look, shall we? (NOTE: I'm putting the notable players, some are NOT pictured):
•Myles Garrett
•Danny Shelton
•Emmanuel Ogbah
•REVIEW: Nuff' said, right? These three, along with the solid depth, will be a destructive force this season. I have this group getting well over 12 sacks this season, 3 forced fumbles, 20+ tackles for loss.
•Christian Kirksey
•Jamie Collins
•James Burgess
•Joe Schobert
•Nate Orchard
•Kenneth Olugbode
•Jamal Marcus
•Dominique Alexander
•Emmanuel Ogbah
•Jabrill Peppers •REVIEW: Speed and power pretty much covers this group. It's led by super stars, such as Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey, and Joe Schobert. This LB group has mesmerizing depth, and will rotations from Peppers and Ogbah. 200+ tackles, 5 INTs, 5 sacks, and 8+ tackles for loss.
•Joe Haden
•Calvin Pryor
•Jabrill Peppers •Jason McCourty
•REVIEW: *inhale* *exhale in fear* Wide receivers better be ready for this group. All four of these guys are elite level DBs that are just plain out SCARY. The fact that all 4 of them could very well be on the field at once..oh man. 240+ tackles and 12+ INTs. I also expect them to be in the top 10 of the NFL in least amount of passes completed.
#nfl #nflpredictions #nflnetwork #cleveland #browns #clevelandbrowns @nfl @cbssports @nfl @clevelandbrowns #footballtalks

Give me ideas for NFL top ten, it can be players or teams 👍 #nflpredictions #nfl #newaccount #follow #nfltopten #football

Week 1-10 predictions

Week 11-17 predictions

Here are my Texans predictions! I think the Texans will be a very similar team to the Cardinals this season, however I think the Texans will make the playoffs instead. Watson at QB should help a ton, and hopefully give Hopkins a better season than the last season, where he was no near as good as expected. Miller is expected to be a great RB, so if he is then Houston will be a team to watch for. Any thoughts? ⬇️

Here are my Cardinals predictions! I have no clue how the Cards will do. They didn't have a great last season, but with Johnson coming off of a great season he'll definitely help but that won't be enough. It'll be interesting to see if Fitzgerald will be able to keep up the pace despite being older than most players. Honestly, the Cardinals will be a good team this season, but I don't think it'll be excellent. Really nothing much else to say. Any thoughts? ⬇️

Atlanta is fucking loaded!! (#1 SEED) Getting Dontari Poe on a one year deal was steal! Im not the biggest fan of Matt Ryan and I do not believe that this team will be as hot as they were last season in the playoffs. Panthers(5TH SEED): I don't know what the fuck happened to this team last season...but I believe they will bounce back into being a contender again. Cam Newton has a lot of new toys to play with and Julius Peppers is back 🔥🔥🔥Buccaneers: OJ Howard was a steal in the draft and acquiring Desean Jackson in free agency was nice as well but this division is just too talented right now for the young/inexperienced Buccaneers to keep up with!! Solid future team! Saints: This team just continues to become talentless as there Hall of Fame quarterback continues to get older. It's going to be a rough year for who dat fans... #nfcsouth #mutnutpredictions #nflpredictions #mutcommunity #riseup #keeppounding #itsabucslife #whodat

Week 5 Predictions! DoubleTap🏈
Packers beat the cowboys
Lions win against the Panthers
Vikings over the Bears

How about those fucking 2 SEEDED Cowboys;)) This team puts fear into their opponents defense! I don't think last year was a one hit wonder I still believe Dak, Dez, Zeke, and that O line will light up the league. Giants: (6th Seed) This team is loaded with weapons but the one person who will slow up that receiving core is old ass inconsistent Eli Manning! It might be best for the team if the nigga gets hurt...lol Redskins: To replace Desean Jackson with Terrell Pryor was just beautiful in my opinion! Zach Brown was also a nice free agent pickup and I thought they got a steal drafting Jonathan Allen at number 17!! The only thing is this team usually ends up blowing it just like last season week 17 vs the Giants, TY NYG🌚 that Week 17 redskins lost allowed my lions to take that sixth playoff spot🌚 Also I am not a big fan of Jay Gruden. Eagles: Lol LeGarrette Blount will not fit in that offense and you'll be lucky to get six games out of Alshon Jeffery's injury prone ass.. Also Chris Long is old as shit. Philly y'all can hold this free agency signing L for me🌚The one good thing about this team is that they have a quarterback who has amazing leadership and fight!!! #nfceast #ggbum #nflpredictions #mutnutpredictions #cowboysnation #gmen #redskins #flyeaglesfly

This division is slowly dying besides the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bell, Brown, Bryant, and Ben how could you fuck that up?? The signing of TJ Watt was a nice move as well. Ravens: This could be an elite defense but they aren't strong enough on the offensive side of the ball! It doesn't help that Steve Smith retired and Aiken signed with the Colts. Bengals: They didn't do shit in free agency besides resign the same shit players they originally had #SMH I thought drafting John Ross was a surprise and a risk since he has a spotty injury history! Browns: They nailed the fucking draft! I loved that they didn't get sucker into drafting a quarterback in the first round because in my opinion they were all garbage. Good luck Browns🌚 #mutnutpredictions #ggbum #nflpredictions #afcnorth

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