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#Repost @eastvillagewalls #NYCstreetart
Final touches.
@aitokitazaki for @eastvillagewalls
At @juliesvintage in the East Village, NYC

I like that in Chelsea, they make sure the rodent poison warnings match the color scheme.

The two legendary twins @osgemeos finished a few days ago a great new mural with @mr_aryz in Munich, Germany. If you are local go to Hofmannstrasse 63 in Munich and see it yourself. .
Os Gemeos (also known as Os Gêmeos, Portuguese for The Twins), born 1974 in São Paulo, Brazil, are graffiti and street artists who are identical twin brothers Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo. The twins started painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became a main influence in the local scene, helping to define Brazil’s style. Their work often features yellow-skinned characters - taken from the yellow tinge both of the twins have in their dreams - but is otherwise diverse and ranges from tags to complicated murals. Subjects range from family portraits to commentary on São Paulo’s social and political circumstances, as well as Brazilian folklore. Their graffiti style was influenced by both traditional hip hop style and the Brazilian culture.[via Tristan Manco; Caleb Neelon; Lost Art (October 2005). Graffiti Brasil. Thames & Hudson. ISBN 0-500-28574-8.]

Alexandria VA, USA
"There's some real dark days where you just feel like the story is falling apart in every one. Just keep moving forward, even when you are bluffing, even when you don't quite know what is going to happen next."
Dan Scanlon


I like that in Chelsea, they make sure the rodent poison warnings match the color scheme.

On 20th Street, Chelsea.

🔉Bring on the weekend...loudly enough to silence your thoughts 🎶🎵📢😎

In View: "BLOWN-AWAY man" (Hitachi Maxell/Steven Steigman). Artist Unknown.

🤓📖In the 1980s, Maxell became an icon of pop culture when it produced advertisements popularly known as "Blown Away Man"😎 for its line of audio cassettes📻. The original campaign conceived by Art Director Lars Anderson began as a two page spread in Rolling Stone Magazine ad in 1980, and was made into television spots in 1981 which ran throughout the 1980s.📺

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Beloved Houston Street, which is being destroyed as we speak. Each time I walk along it, some other favorite building is being demolished so that it can be replaced by some featureless, hostile, characterless monstrosity with a 40 year life span.

A gate to cheer you on your way by @vballentine

@frank_ape waits for Father Christmas. You can visit him to buy goodies at The Living Gallery Outpost tonight or tomorrow (3-10pm).

Frank pops up for Christmas. You guys must go! It’s at ‘The Living Gallery Outpost’ 246 East 4th. All sorts of @frank_ape marvelousness, gifts and stocking stuffers. Go on! What are you waiting for? Tonight(Tues) and tomorrow (3-10pm).

NOT MINE! Repost, because I thought it was so beautiful everyone should see it. This is by @falko1graffiti from South Africa, and this is in KwaZulu-Natal.

Uta Brauser ‘s van (@fishwithbraids) on 14th Street.

Philly Street Art

Philly Street Art

Midnight on Delancey Street

Nighttime at Essex Market

@turtlecaps and @outersource collab at night: Essex Street.

I confess that I simply must stare
At all work by the great Adam Dare
He paints cross-eyed rabbits
With very bad habits
On gates and on walls everywhere.

Night shots in NOHO

Night shots in NOHO

@bauvez for Underhill Walls

Underhill Walls is definitely worth a visit!

Mystical piece by @myztico_campo for Underhill Walls

Beautiful piece by @fluidtoons for Underhill Walls.

Beautiful, atmospheric piece by @davidhollierart for Underhill Walls

@shei_p and #pandanation for Underhill Walls

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