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“Moms: They are strength, wisdom, and love personified.
Where — who —
Would we be without our mothers?”
I use to fear my mother.
She was mentally ill.
That fear turned into a story to save me from feeling crazy.
From reading about Cain & Able as well as seeing other things happening on TV, my story quickly turned into my fear of being harmed by others.
But now, I don’t fear my mother at all.
I embrace her.
I’ve thought through every negative situation and realize the joy she left through me.
I’m not use to celebrating mother’s day either, but as the holiday approaches, I’m so thankful for all the women out there who choose to be a mom. Every day.
Now that I understand myself.
I can understand my mother.
And I can see being one isn’t easy. ✊💪🏼🔥❤️😍
Blessed to have a fiancé 😘 @alxedg, whose mother has welcomed me with open arms.

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