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That's that 🙌 love to everyone who been down for me, of course I had to end it by almost hittin someone in the head w my cap🤷‍♂️ ITS LEET! #nextchapter

true to this 🎓....#nextchapter 🐅🐪

Through my whole college career I have had support to get finished and these are my supports! Congrats to everyone else who graduated as well! Now my next chapter begins! #nextchapter #family #bros #graduation #universityofdelaware #offtovcu

Man can't believe this day has finally come. Can officially say I'm a college graduate!! What a journey. Can't wait to see what the future holds 🏀😊👨🏼‍🎓 #nextchapter #collegegraduation #stanstategrad #classof2017

Last spring show at southwood was one to remember... I love every single one of you guys and I can't believe we are graduating and going to high school next year .... I might never see you guys ever again but you guys have a good place in my heart and our memories will forever be on these walls and minds #love #8grade #friendsforlife #nextchapter 💛💙💛💙

My very last Boeing 737 rear galley push up. No friends at sign off! #byefelicia #nextchapter

"We left our mark"class of 2017#weout#nextchapter

Nothing quite like buying your first house on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. We are officially homeowners! #america #nextchapter #theregoestheneighborhood


Work hard..dream big ..enjoy life..be happy with your little slice of the pie!!
#blessed #campagnatrex #nextchapter #workhardplayhard #etuneautosports #sickasfuck #success #itsbeenfun

I didn't really think this whole packing thing and packed the kitchen first... but I still get to have all my favorite things 💓 plus...I'm finally #drinking that #special #champagne ...#allbymyself 😋🥂 #quesadilla out of #tupperware, #seatosummit #spork and #champagneoutofamug 🙌 #nextchapter #whatwillbewillbe #fortheloveofpastry 👩🏻‍🍳#pastrychef #cheflife #pdx #pdxchef #pnw #idontwannapackanymore #howdoihavesomuchstuff

Look, I can't even remember the last time I said "Yes" to a glass of wine BEFORE 1pm but today I made an exception because:

It's our hood's annual food and wine festival

My youngest was telling me how my grays were popping so it was kind of a "What the hell, let's day drink to THAT" moment!

We've been going to this festival for the last 13 or so years that we've lived here in Manly Beach, Australia. It's literally steps from where we live and there are bands all around, different wines (I'm drinking a sparkling semillon sauvignon blanc) and all kinds of foods from local restaurants. The weather is amazing today and the vibe is great. Usually we go during the final hours but today we wandered out earlier than normal and while I easily could've clinged to my usually disciplined ways (and usually this is what I'd do) something in me today just feels like not taking for granted any opportunity to celebrate living in a beautiful place and having a "when in Rome" attitude.

And besides-

my adult kid told me she digs my hair- so why shouldn't I break my own rules every now and then and toast to that.

#elevatewithgratitude #day107 #manlyfoodandwinefestival #motherdaughter #daydrink

The two pics on the left are from when I just started working out again and was probably in the lower 250s; no pics of me at my heaviest which was just shy of 260 exist. Top right is after my workout last night weighing 231lbs and bottom right (phone was dying so only got one take...) was after today's workout where I tipped the scales at 229.6lbs. This is the lightest I have been in probably a year. Due to many other commitments that I took on since Fall 2016, training the way I traditionally did when "trying to get in/stay in shape" was no longer an option. Without being able to commit to regular crossfit programming and having to save money anywhere I could, I went back to old school bro lifting and cardio on my own. On top of that I cut my amount of drinking down immensely and cleaned up my diet. Of course I indulge and it's no where near perfect, but it's better than it was and I believe I have picked up some better habits than I had in the past. My goal was to hit 230 for MDW and despite having a beer at midnight last night to celebrate the kickoff of the holiday I still hit my target weight. Now to keep it off and maybe take a little more off in the weeks ahead. As always thanks to all who follow along, like my posts, comment, offer encouragement throughout the countdown. Before we kick off the festivities and celebrate the heck out of America, here's one final quote.
MDW 2017: “Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-
at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real, it is possible, it’s yours.” – Ayn Rand

#mdw17 #mdw2017 #merica #merica🇺🇸 #mongosmash #mongostrong #results #transformation #keepgoing #keepworking #keepgrinding #itsyours #believe #youcandoit #yougottawantit #motivation #gymmotivation #selfie #gymselfie #flex #flexfriday #finishstrong #thereisnotomorrow #wemadeit #nextchapter #clanginandbangin #howbaddoyouwantit #thefinalcountdown #everythingyougot

Yes! I have finally graduated. Idk how but I did. I am so happy! Now my life's next chapter begins. I'm scared of what lies ahead of me, but I'm also excited. I never thought I'd make it this far, but I have, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Even through all the obstacles that came my way I worked hard and I graduated!
#graduation #grad #grad2k17 #grad2k17🎓🎉 #sohappy #excited #scared #nextchapter

Fear is a liar! Fear told me i was useless, had no hope in achieving my goals and passing the tests..... Fear is a liar because I JUST DID IT! I did everything that fear said I couldn't do, I made it through #ididit #yougotthis #nextchapter #imadeitthrough #soexcited #theladyhasgoals #goals #setyourgoals #chaseyourgoals #gavemyall #sohappy #fearisaliar #newlife #newme #believeinyou #breathe #believe #achieve

Hace 9 meses y 8 días que me subí al avión a vivir la mejor experiencia de mi vida, estaba emocionada, nerviosa, con ganas de saber cuál era el significado a ese sí que le había dado a Dios; sabía a dónde iba y con quién iba, pero no estaba muy segura a que iba, pero con el tiempo comprendí a lo que iba.
Han sido unos meses en el que hemos compartido, risas, lágrimas, miedos, enojos, alegrías pero más que eso, hemos compartido el amor de Dios que nos ha unido en una sola misión y en una sola familia.
Hace estos nueve meses llegue a Colombia con una amiga, compañera, colaboradora, pero me doy cuenta que termine con una hermana para toda la vida; sostenida en el amor de Cristo.
Silvs, gracias por todo lo que hemos compartido hermana, gracias por formar parte del mejor año que he vivido, realmente Dios me puso a la hermana perfecta en el lugar perfecto en el tiempo perfecto.
Gracias por ese apoyo incondicional de cada día, y por ayudarme a perseverar cuando me preguntaba ¿qué hago aquí?, porque nada de lo que he vivido sería igual sin ti!
Hay tantos recuerdos que no puedo mencionarlos todos, desde ese día después de misiones, la llegada en el cursillo, el día de los destinos, nuestra llegada a Colombia, Navidad, año nuevo, E.E.; hasta el día de hoy, tu regreso a casa.
Todos y cada uno de ellos son apenas el comienzo de nuestra historia, fin de La primer temporada.
Gracias por todo hermana, no tengo palabras para agradecerte, pero sabes lo especial que eres para mí!
Nada de este año hubiera sido igual sin la mejor comunidad a la que pudimos llegar! Gracias por todo ese amor que nos han brindado, esa acogida y todas esas enseñanzas de amor y perseverancia que nos han dejado; Margarita Martinez Oralia Ruiz Pérez Edurne Fuente Cobo Lourdes Ibarra Tere Ruiz Mercedes Madrigal Montemayor Verónica Alvarez de la Cadena
#colablife #thanksforall #sistersinchrist #colombia #isnttheendjustthebeginning #nextchapter #universitylife #comingsoon

MAKE THAT 3 OCHOA BRO GRADUATES!🎓 I had to jump in the lei of money, cause I didn't get one of those! 🙄😂 I guess I'm starting to see some favoritism going on, but I won't make it a big deal cause this is ALLLLLLL about my bro @robertochoa125! (Whining Voice) COME ONNNNNN!!! WHY DID HE GET A LEI OF MONEY BUT I DIDN'T WHEN I GRADUATED?!!! 😂😂 It's totally cool though, I took 2 dollars off it already but Bobby doesn't know. 😏 Rebel. 😂😂 Hahaha okay....
It was a memorable night for both of us actually. My bro graduated and got that much earned diploma that he has worked so hard for and I got to witness another brother achieve a major accomplishment in his life. I might have shed a tear, but it was ONLY cause the view was so beautiful! 😂😜 Okay it was a tear of joy! Just 1 tear. 😂
Bro, I'm so ridiculously proud of you and everything you have accomplished so far. You are such a hard worker, focused, talented, and you continue to amaze and inspire me every day! I love you bro and good luck in everything you do next. I will be right here supporting you every step! Time to celebrate the first step of your future doing what we do BEST! INVADING THE STAGE! 🎉🎉 Garden Grove is about to party with our new graduate tomorrow! 😂😂🎓
Hopefully in 2 years I will be able to say 4 Ochoa graduates, so @raymondochoa12 pleeeease don't let us down! 🙏🏼😜😏😂🎓

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