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Yay!! Got my Nexplanon redone easy peasy at Planned Parenthood today. Birth control that lasts for 4 years and sits in your arm so it can't come out or get lost, you don't have to worry about taking a medication every day, it's statistically the most effective form of BC, but also if you wake up one day and high five your partner in signal that you want to have a kiddo, you can take it out and get on that baby making train right away! It's been my favorite of anything I've tried, but all bodies are different so obviously it might not be as awesome of a choice for someone else. The insertion/reinsertion doesn't hurt at all, the only pinch you feel is the numbing shot. Thanks for giving me and my partner a choice, PP. 🌸🌸🌸 @plannedparenthood #nexplanon #birthcontrol #oregondoesitbetter

I'd like to thank nexplanon for the 35 pound weight losss 💯#IArmorUp u rock 🤙🏼 #nexplanon

Birth control is some serious business. #bruised #stitched #nexplanon #worthit

LOOK HOW GOOD MY BRUISE IS DOING. #nexplanon #birthcontrol

Finally free of birth control after 7 years! My tissue was growing around it too 😰 But I can finally go back to being my actual self, I can finally regain control of myself!, not feel depressed or having these shitty ass side effects/mood swings!!! 🙌🏽😪😓🤤 Ladies I do not recommend the nexplanon/implanon!
#fuckbirthcontrol #nexplanon #implanon

Nexplanon is fabulous but holy shit has it made me gain serious weight-- and go up like 3 cup sizes. Officially a "thick" girl smh. #thick #thickgirls
#birthcontrol #nexplanon #halp

#Nexplanon 😙😚😙2020 no new kids

Thanks, Dr. Stice! Got my #nexplanon implant- the numbing injection sucked for about 15 seconds and the implant took about 3 seconds to put in. That part was painless. Now I'm good for up to 4 years! Please don't comment with horror stories, every body is different.

Warning #birthcontrol story but if this help a girl and/or woman then it was worth posting. Last monday I started my #nexplanon journey. I made the decision as I felt it was the best fit for my lifestyle. I was HORRIBLE at remembering to take the pill, the patch would fall off, I gained a ton of weight #depoprovera, and the #nuvaring just wasn't for me. I was soooo nervous but ended up not feeling a thing (after they numbed it). I haven't experienced any weird symptoms. The site is also healing well with little bruising. So excited if this actually works out well. I'll try and post updates as it continue to heals.
top pic: day of #nexplanonimplant
bottom left: 2 days after
bottom right: today


Finally free of birth control after 7 years! My tissue was growing around it too 😰 But I can finally go back to being my actual self, I can finally regain control of myself!, not feel depressed or having these shitty ass side effects/mood swings!!! 🙌🏽😪😓🤤 Ladies I do not recommend the nexplanon/implanon!
#fuckbirthcontrol #nexplanon #implanon

I hated my implant. My last three menstrual cycles lasted 20+ days, which eventually led to me fainting. No idea why this hormone effected me so badly, but hopefully things go back to normal quickly. @nexplanon #nexplanon #nexplanonremoval

Today is absolutely the worst pain day I've had in years. I've spent the majority of the day so far, scrunched up on the floor in tears, unable to move because the contraction type waves of pain are back - yes, it's really THAT bad. So I've now got my TENs machine on my tum, a heatpad on my back and I've downed 3 different painkillers... And I can STILL feel the pain. So done with this. 💔💔💔

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Two weeks down of my natural detox and 🥂 to it being the FINAL week. It wasn’t easy but somehow it has flown by and I can’t believe the final stage is here! Luckily some of my favorite meals are in this phase too! I love what I have learned about myself and my poor nutrition habits through this more than anything. It also was a great way to just get a final detox from the effects of the birth control implant that was causing me so many issues this past year. Time to finish strong!

Fulfilling week/weekend!
Helping teach colleagues the convenience of today’s IUDs & implants. They are effective longer than originally thought. These options allow young women the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies that can have negative impacts on their relationships and ambitions. We need to make it easier for every woman to choose the method that’s right for her. Contraceptive use also lets women plan their pregnancies so they can make sure the baby is getting the best care before and after birth. Effectiveness: Mirena =7 years, Nexplanon =5 yrs (if BMI <30), Paragard =12 yrs. Keep it & then choose to have it removed when the time is right for you!
#health4teens #planyourpregnancy #birthcontrol #IUD #nexplanon #longactingreversiblecontraception #larc

A little while ago I did a long post about the issues I've had with my mental health recently and that I was going to have my Nexplanon implant removed. Well, it's officially been a month since I had it removed and my gosh what a difference. About a week after removal it was like my brain fog had all but disappeared and I was able to concentrate, follow a conversation, think and ask questions and generally be a useful human being. Mr Brum says it's like being with someone completely different (in a good way!) as I'm more level headed and less emotional. My joint pain has disappeared, my skin has cleared up, and my appetite has died down a lot. It's unbelievable how much that one little stick of hormones can change you as a person, but it's the best decision I've made in a while to have it removed! #nexplanon #nexplanonremoval #contraception #contraceptive #womenshealth #implant #implantremoval #hormones #mentalhealth

Looking to get this match stick removed from arm. Looking for an OB-GYN recommendations for Altamonte Orlando area.
#nexplanon #removal #birthcontrol #hormonebalance #obgyn #recommendations #numbingisnecessary

friendly reminder to never get the #nexplanonimplant :)) glued one incision shut and stitched the other :))) #nervedamage #imfineitsfineeverythingsfine #nexplanonsucks #nexplanon #ulnarnervetransposition

Today is a great day because I finally got my #nexplanon removed!!! I had this hormonal birth control placed in my arm about a year ago, and it was the best day ever. I really thought this was the most amazing product that could be created for young women - a totally hassle-free way to manage my cycle and family planning choices. But, the side effects of this were nothing short of tiring. I'd never tell another woman to decide against any birth control method because it's a liberating choice to make, but I wouldn't put nexplanon on the top of my list. Apart from weight gain and hormonal hell, I've had constant exhaustion and migraines for more than a full year. I wish I had done some more research on this before I got it, because there are so many alternatives. Just throwing my story out there for anyone considering this method. Even the clinician who managed to remove it admitted they see more clients coming in to have it prematurely removed than inserted. But whatever, on to bigger and better birth control I hope! EDIT/UPDATE: I just want to remind fellow women that it's important for us to share these stories with each other and with others because women's health issues are regularly ignored. There is no shame in having birth control OR hating your birth control. Nothing can be changed without our voices. #Birthcontrol is a phenomenal way to liberate ourselves from period-related discomfort or for sexual pleasure, but it's far from perfect and I wish I had known more people who spoke up about nexplanon before I spent a year suffering on it. #thatsall

Can you guess what's about to take place? 🤔 #dr #ob #gyn #surgeries #removal #nexplanon

💫Seriously💫 SO, here's your Tuesday update! Exactly 1 week since my #nexplanon was removed, 5 days since my ovarian cyst rupture from hell, still not on hormonal birth control, and #thankyoujesus I'm NOT pregnant. After my ultrasound took 'till today to get back to me as negative (and prob like 7 pregnancy tests later) I'm so grateful it was *just* an ovarian cyst...I'm so grateful for my health. I'm so grateful to be back in ketosis and feeling great after my emotional/pain induced binge. And I'm SO looking forward to my hormones balancing out so (🙃maybe) I can be a little less crazy 😂.
| 57 days till I graduate || 135 daysketo |
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