But a wanderer I am on the heaths of night
On this shore now ends my prolonged path
I am home at last

"I'm bilingual, I speak French fluently. I've learned since I was 5; I've been studying French. My mom wanted me to be different really, and she pushed me into a French immersion school. So from 5 years old I've been learning French and I even got a second degree in linguistics. I studied abroad in southern France for a little while in college and I'm actually going to Paris in a couple of weeks for fashion week."

👟: @alexanderwangny

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What does FREEDOM mean to you?
... you name it!
FREEDOM for me means be boss free, location free so I can go, travel and do whatever I feel for in the morning!
FREEDOM for me means visit and stay with my family (they live in Europe) as long as I wish ❤️
FREEDOM for me means travel to most exotic places in the world 🌎 learn the local culture and try their culinary delicacies!
FREEDOM for me means dining at best Michelin Star Restaurants here in New York City and in the world.
FREEDOM for me means shopping without looking at the price tag.

Lil pus

All the Fall caffeine vibes this morning. Loving this cooler weather today. 📷 by @cainite_

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