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Never not impressed with this skyline #newyorkiloveyou ✨✨✨

I wasn't sure if it made sense to celebrate my NYC anniversary after I hit 10 years. After a decade, aren't you technically a New Yorker? (So they say) But, this day will
always be special to me because it is a reminder of how strong I am and how grateful I am for everything I have today - all the things I've worked extremely hard for. So here's to you #11. 🥂 Started from the bottom now we're here... #newyorkiloveyou

An empire state of mind #newyorkiloveyou #freespiritsontour pic by @elecappuccino

Always looking up 📷🌆⠀
#nycgo #seeyourcity

Home ✌🏼🏡
Feels crazy to think I've been living that gypsylife and out of a backpack since March 2016. No fixed address, moving houses at least every month and in the last 9 months moving around countries and continents too.
And whilst I'm here in one of my favourite cities for only a good time not a long time, this place feels like the closest thing to home I've had in a long time💓
All the love to all my pals here and afar. You make me feel at home wherever I am.
#newyorkiloveyou #secondhome #gypsylife #nyc #5weeksgoingtoofast

one of my favorite views from our apartment. #newyorkiloveyou #nycskyline #pinksky

Thanks for all the fun #NYC! Thank you to the friends that made my stay amazing. Sorry it was too short to see all of you amazing ppls. Next time it's gonna be less farshioning and more hangin out 🇺🇸 ❤️ #newyorkiloveyou

Hard to caption this when all I wanna tell you is I walked by Kate McKinnon last night on the upper west side and it made my entire month complete. Tried to play it cool and just smile and keep on walking but regret not "accidentally" bumping into her shoulder and forcing her to be my best friend forever. ♥️ Next time... #newyorkiloveyou #citynights #reddress #ootd


But you’re still the one pool where I’d happily drown. #NewYorkILoveYou

I am in New York, I am in love with New York. #ltraindiaries #newyorkiloveyou

#영화 #newyorkiloveyou
오늘은 여기까지
That's it for today🎬

Ik zou iets leuks kunnen schrijven, een quote kunnen plaatsen of gewoon niets. In plaats daarvan praat ik poep want dat mag op vrijdag. #straatenauto

View from the hotel 😍
@orchid.creation @thewilliamvale

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