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Starring: @diane_keaton, @janefonda, @bergenbags, @mary_steenburgen

If you spread "how Stella got her groove back" across a low budget" Sex in the city", this is what you might get.

You would think the title of this movie would mean more to the film, but it doesn't... Not really a movie but more of four vignettes that are mashed together to create a "movie." plot doesn't really exist in favor of situations that these women must quickly navigate.

Movie was VERY predictable nothing really happens that throws you off in the slightest.

The movie was over produced but with the budget of the movie caused quite a few instances of the production looking shabby and inadequate. Lighting issues and audio inconsistencies abound here.

Comedy in the movie was very marginal. Nothing here that will really illicit audible laughs much.

Cute movie though. regular overall with varying characters although they were very cookie cutter. Characters had the potential to connect to but the situations were far too thin.

With a running time of close to 2 hours at 1h44m. This movie would have been better served by possibly cutting out one main actress and expanding the stories of the remaining and weaving them together in some regard. While also exploring some actually tough challenge that bands them together and really test the strength of their friendship.

Was the purpose to pull every 80s (that's what I meant!) TV/Movie star out of retirement for this movie? Ed Begley(St. Elsewhere), Don Johnson (Miami Vice), Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist) not including the titular actresses... Lots of potential here wasted. Don't waste your money in theaters, only worth a quick watch on Netflix.

Is it aloud for someone to be this handsome?🤒😍 // cute photoshoots and Kings looking flawless aff || Red Carpet at the New York Film Critics Awards back in 01/03/18. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #timotheechalamet #timothéechalamet #timothee #timothée #chalamet #timothéehalchalamet #cmbyn #callmebyyourname #armiehammer #armie #hammer #lucaguadagnino #tiffanyhaddish #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards #elioperlman #elio #oliver

Lynn Rachel Redgrave OBE (8 March 1943 – 2 May 2010) was an English actress. A member of the Redgrave family of actors, Lynn trained in London before making her theatrical debut in 1962. By the mid-1960s, she had appeared in several films, including Tom Jones (1963) and Georgy Girl (1966) which won her a New York Film Critics Award and nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. #lynnredgrave #actress #obe #sister #vanessaredgrave #georgygirl #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards #nominee #goldenglobes #broadway #london #westend #stage #film #television

Bette and Joe Mankiewicz, the director of All About Eve (1950), photographed at the New York Film Critics Circle Award Ceremony in 1951–at which Bette won Best Actress for her portrayal of Margo Channing, Mankiewicz won Best Director, and the film won Best Picture 💛

Celebrating the movies at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards with Armie Hammer and Rex Reed #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards

A few fun iPhone snaps I took of the hilarious and very fun @tiffanyhaddish after doing the carpet photo op last night at the #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards where she won the #bestsupportingactress award for her performance in #girltripmovie She actually shook every photographers hand and thanked each one of us. This never happens. I said to her you not only look good but even smelled good. Can’t repeat her funny sassy response but have to say she was a breath of fresh air. #tiffanyhaddish photos by 📸 @gnpace

Photographed the lovely #saoirseronan who won the #bestactressaward and #gretagerwig who won #bestdirector and #bestfilm for the terrific film #ladybird at the #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards last night. photos by 📸 @gnpace

Photographed @armiehammer last night at the #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards wearing a spiffy @etro suit. #callmebyyourname photo by 📸 @gnpace

#armiehammer and #timotheechalamet at last night’s #newyorkfilmcriticscircleawards where #timotheechalamet picked up the #bestactoraward for his brilliant performance in #callmebyyourname photos by 📸 @gnpace

#47電影獎資訊 0004
+2017 New York Film Critics Circle Awards+
【最佳影片 Best Picture】
▸《Lady Bird》
【最佳導演 Best Director】
▸ Sean Baker|《歡迎光臨奇幻城堡 The Florida Project》
🎞#鏡象電影 🗓2018.01.26
【最佳劇本 Best Screenplay】
▸ Paul Thomas Anderson|《霓裳魅影 Phantom Thread》
🎞#環球電影 🗓2018.02.23
【最佳女主角 Best Actress】
▸ Saoirse Ronan|《Lady Bird》
【最佳男主角 Best Actor】
▸ Timothee Chalamet|《以你的名字呼喚我 Call Me By Your Name》
🎞#索尼影業 🗓2018.01.12
【最佳女配角 Best Supporting Actress】
▸ Tiffany Haddish|《閨蜜假期 Girls Trip》※
【最佳男配角 Best Supporting Actor】
▸ Willem Dafoe|《歡迎光臨奇幻城堡 The Florida Project》
【最佳攝影 Best Cinematographer】
▸ Rachel Morrison|《泥沼 Mudbound》
【最佳動畫片 Best Animated Film】
▸《可可夜總會 Coco》
🎞#迪士尼影業 🗓2017.11.24
【最佳紀錄片 Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary)】
▸《Faces Places》
🎞#海鵬影業 🗓未定
【最佳外語片 Best Foreign Language Film】
🎞#ifilm傳影互動 🗓2018.02.14
【最佳首部作品 Best First Film】
▸ Jordan Peele|《逃出絕命鎮 Get Out》※
【Special Award】
▸ Molly Haskell
※ →台灣已院線上映
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