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Pizza queen (on weekends 😁) // @artichokepizza is the best I've had! 😍🍕🍕🍕

Yesterday I posted pockets that thought they were bags ... now, a bag that thinks it’s a pocket.
Fitted to the waist with a belt and garnished with gold-tones it is designed to be worn with a matching blue & green sweater dress also made of wool jersey. Created by #bhwragge - who made so many thoughtful, Modern clothes, and modelled by #joanchandler. Photograph by #erwinblumenfeld #voguemagazine 1945
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Hola chicas!!! Ya de vuelta a España 😊 Aquí una fotito del magnífico Fashion Show de Naersi al que tuve la gran suerte de poder asistir! Impresionante colección 🙌🏻 Con un vestido de @juancarlosarmasdesign uno de mis favoritos sin duda 👏🏻 Hi girls!!! Already back to Spain 😊 Here a pic of the magnificent Naersi Fashion Show to which I was fortunate to be able to attend! Impressive collection 🙌🏻 With a dress of @juancarlosarmasdesign one of my favorites no doubt 👏🏻

I just ❤️ my denim jacket with that amazing hand painting by @hamad_alsaab 🌹 u can find more unique things @oda_kuwait 😍#newyork #nyfw #nyc #newyorkfashion

Jaywalking Expert 🚶🏼 || Old shirt from Forever 21 and Jeans from PacSun || Shop my outfit via @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2sPX8


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This color dominated the fall runways!! The head to toe red look is definitely in and is very versatile! Play with different shades of red! You can do red lips, wear red accessories or the whole outfit - No matter how you mix it up, the tonal look will instantly up ones style!


Nancy Tran Transformation Collection

Of guards ...... fxxk who we offended.... Im defending my brothers now #LxL #obeymyfuture #OMF #LivinLordes #newyorkfashion #newyork #bushwick #brooklynartist


Introducing { The Gatsby } 🖤 She is apart of our new SoHo Collection being released in October! I've been just drooling over this babe so here's a sneak peak into your newest obsession🖤

My new bodyguard and I 👊🏼

#artistsco Artist's Log Launch | log.artistsandcompany.com | Interview Part 1 with Hair Stylist KYLE MALONE @kyledavidmalone | Outtake Photography by @hudsonphoto during @tushmagazine shoot | Kyle: ". . . I really feel it’s all about taste level, and what you think would look elegant in a photograph. Just looking at the model, and looking at the lighting that the photographer has, and looking at the makeup, and seeing really which direction you should go. If you should pull back or you should really go for it. And that’s what I always do when I’m doing hair, as well as taking direction from the photographer or client. So I might start out with a huge look and then I see if I just tuck it behind the ear, it’s going to be that little touch, that can really add elegance into a lot of things. With those fine details."

#RG @kathlinargiro: "I am lucky to have lived my dream of being a fashion designer selling to the best stores on the planet (Neimans, Saks, etc). I can say that in order to achieve this level of success as an independent designer you have to have God-given talent and be a serious workaholic. However, things get really weird when you have everything you ever thought you wanted and you find yourself feeling miserable. You look in the mirror and realize that you are a slave to yourself on a never-ending hamster wheel of “you’re only as good as your last season”. Now, there have been many amazing accomplishments that I have achieved. I wouldn’t trade those for the world. In fact, the whirlwind of up and down experiences have prepared me very well for what I have come to realize is my REAL purpose: teaching and mentoring up and coming designers and entrepreneurs. I went through a tremendous struggle to come to this realization. I was so identified with being “Kathlin Argiro Fashion Designer” that I forgot that I am a well-rounded human being who is interested in contributing my talents to world. I feared that if I was not Kathlin Argiro “ Fashion Designer” that I would not be respected or valued. I navigated some extreme low points but have come out on the other side of this major transition feeling that it was all a gift. What I thought was my “ultimate dream” was actually my training ground for my true passion which is sharing my knowledge and serving others. Through yoga and deep soul searching, I have found a balance in my life that is far more gratifying than striving for fame and fortune in the fashion world. My advice to all young people is be deeply mindful and realize that if you start to pursue your “dream” and do not find fulfillment, don’t be afraid to search and pivot to another path. Talk to friends and mentors that will help you find your way. Your value does not lie in what you do for a living but in what you feel you are contributing to humanity. Kudos to @livinlikelarz founder of #HalfTheStory for bringing the realities of social media to life. Your real-life relationships are the true foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. #halfthestory!

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