Setting my heart and mind on lies is like setting the radio on a trashy station— what feeds me affects me. So, here is my heart, Lord. I set it on truth and truth alone. Here is my mind, Lord. I set it on truth and truth alone. @lysaterkeurst #unglued .
Set your hearts on things above...set your minds on things above. Col 3:1-2 .
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My beautiful new wife, Lucy Renucci. Gutted it’s over now. Was such an amazing day. Love you lots 😍🍾👫💍🎊🎉👰 (and little Annie 😘) #middletonlodge #wedding #newwife

It’s my birthday week. I’ve been constantly on the move that I didn’t even realise it was approaching. There’s been barely anytime to sit down lol.

I’m grateful for the journey so far.

I’ve decided to share my current activity with you guys in 5 days. Until then I will be dropping you snippets of what this season has taught me and is still teaching me. Here we go:

Day 5
Remember if it’s possible in God’s eyes then that’s the final line. Be very careful. Do not let the journey or opinion of someone else be your yardstick for life.

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Woman falls to her death as she climbs a cliff for her birthday photoshoot. .
The newly wedded woman, fell 500ft to her death.
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Congratulations to my bestfriend in the whole wide world @misskarenjennifer you are like my sister. You've always been there for me. I am sooo happy to see you living your best life with your new husband . I pray that you too are blessed with wealth and success with the many years of bondage to come. I truly am proud of you. Love ya !!!!! #Wedding #BlackLove #Newwife #WaistSnatched #comeondress #weddingdress #Newlove #NewFamily

Channeling my inner Claire Fraser with this post-wedding hair. I need to do braids more often. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our big day! It was incredible, and it feels amazing to say that my best friend in the entire world is now my loving husband. ❤

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MOVING DAY IS HERE! 🙈 Down to a few boxes, an air mattress, our thermomix and our dog 🐯 A massive thank you to Kent Movers and their team; you made this all so smooth. #sothankful To my Husband for helping me label co-ordinate every box (OCD much!) @jwright_82 and here we come Townsville! New house ✔️ New Job ✔️ Graduation ✔️ Miss to Mrs ✔️ Hello 2019! 🍷🎉

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This time last year I knew I needed to make a change....shoot I had tried all year, with no luck, to improve my habits. The. January came and went, same excuses. Then February came and went, same excuses.⁣

It wasn’t until March of last year that I reached out to a girl I was following for years on here and decided to take the leap and actually commit. It was so much more than losing weight...it was about actually taking care of my self, my body, my mind. And I never knew how vital community was in order to actually stick to that commitment 🙏🏻⁣

I am so thankful that I made the switch + my only true regret is waiting so damn long to invest in myself. Tomorrow begins 21 Days of Fitmas and a new group of women that are committing to making a healthier holiday season. I’m not talkin’ skipping all the good food and drinks, but learning how to balance the festivities and still honor their health 🙌🏻 you could too babe, all it takes is that little dm just like I did 9 months ago 💕

I still struggle every weekend with having the urge to binge on all the food, especially the sweets 🍫🍪🍩🍦and sometimes the urge wins 🤷🏼‍♀️ #imhuman
BUT, dialing in my nutrition these last few weeks has me feeling more energetic this holiday season, less bloated and may even be seeing some abs coming back 💪🏻
I’ve still enjoyed 🍷🍺 and 🍪🍕, but all in moderation! 80/20 and my community of motivated ladies is the only way to survive the holiday season 😂
{Oh and the laundry has been put away 🙄😩😂}

Lovely Christmas card from my lovely husband ! x#firstchristmasmarried #christmas #newwifey #newwife #wonderful

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