Massive wall sign made by @strongnfreecdn for This weekends show #handmadesigns #newwest

Many different styles emerging tonight at the start of our Bonzai Paint & Sip...
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These little pellets are DELICIOUS! Gotta love re-wiring an old house from inside the attic!

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Like what you see, then CLICK THE LINK AT THE TOP OF MY PAGE TO SHOP 🛍“🎶Wildflowers🎶” necklace. Indian hand cut garnets, Czech crystal beads, Swarovski crystal beads, Balinese g.e.p granulated spacers, and seed beads. “🎶You belong among the wildflowers🎶!”

More holiday dresses in store for you to snatch up!

Mood. 😛

Tonight’s dinner....Teriyaki chicken and broccoli over fried cauliflower rice! Much healthier than takeout 🥡 What did you eat tonight? #wednesdayeats #stirfry #riritotherescue #cauliflowerrice #teriyakichicken #healthy #lowcarb #yum #homechef #homecook #trymyfood #newwest #604eats #foodie #feedyoursoul #comfortfood #getinmybelly #foodporn #ilovefood #humpday #dinner #supper #whatsonmyplate

@goldwellca pure pigments are true game changers!! Same client same colour just different lighting!!
Ask our stylists how to get multiple tones in your next colour service!! 😎😎
Hair by @andrea.eclippshair
Book online or call the salon at 604-522-3532

🎶”Constant Craving” earrings. TO PURCHASE 🛍 CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE TOP OF MY PAGE! Vintage Indian g.e.p pendants, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass tear drops, gold filled wire and gold filled ear wires. 🎶 I’m living in Canada, 🇨🇦 so y’all had to know that at some point I’d need to bequeath one of my pieces with a song title from a Canadian 🇨🇦 singer! Lest I be deemed as unpatriotic 😉! Besides I couldn’t resist 😂Thanks Ms. Lang!!! 🎶http://www.thrill-my-Soul-jewelry.myshopify.com/products/constant-craving-earrings

BANDITO Earrings. TO SHOP 🛍 CLICK ON THE LINK at the top of my PAGE! Some serious EAR SWAG for those BADASS CHICAS out there! Press the link at the top of my page to SHOP 🛍 .Cool silver toned fresh water pearls, rhodium plate crosses, Czech crystals, Balinese Sterling silver granulated spacers, Czech glass teardrops, Copper Miyuki seed beads, a whole boat load of copper wire, and Sterling Silver ear wires. 🎶 🐎 I WAS HEARING the Theme song from 🎥 THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY as I was making this!!! 😂😂😂

To PURCHASE 🛍 CLICK the link at the top of my page 🛍🎶”The Sweet Escape” Earrings. Austrian crystal pendants, Czech crystals, Czech “ab” glass beads, Balinese granulated Sterling silver spacer beads, Miyuki glass seed beads, gold filled wire, and sterling silver ear wires. Thanks to the hollaback girl, the Crazy Cool, Miss Stefani, for the name inspiration!

🎶”Twist and Shout Earrings. TO SHOP 🛍CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE TOP OF MY PAGE. I lost track of how many inches of fine gauge gold filled wire went into this Twisted little beauty, but I think the end result was worth A SHOUT 📣 or TWO!!! 😉Gorgeous large multi hued fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, Muyuki glass seed beads, gold filled wire, and gold filled ear wires. Liking what you see, click the link at the top of my page to SHOP 🛍 my WEBSITE!

📷 & 📝 @katie_newnham A note to the new mama 🤱🏻 You may not recognise your own body anymore, but you need to give it time.
It’s possible you’ll still look pregnant weeks after birth, this is normal.
Your belly button will look the way it used to, eventually.
Your body may have made some permanent physical changes, embrace them.
You may lose a lot of hair in the first few months, don’t panic it’s a normal phase.
Your hormones are adjusting themselves, there will be high, lows and probably tears.
You may get the baby blues or postpartum depression, know that this is okay and ask for help and support, you’re not alone.
Your breastfeeding journey (if you do) may not be as easy as you expected, don’t beat yourself up and it will take time.
You may bleed for weeks after giving birth, like a big pain in the ass period.
You need to increase you fiber intake... just trust us on this one!
You may sweat a lot and feel like you’re in a constant heat wave in the first few days, thank you hormones.
You may have permanent scars on your body, these are simply reminders of how strong our amazing bodies are, learn to love them.
Motherhood changes us, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of these changes permanent, most temporary, remember you’re not alone.
Welcome to the club mama, we got you ❤️
Fellow mama’s - if I haven’t listed it here, let a new mama know something 😘
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Barrel marks appeared when we started sanding the floors!!! We’re ensuring they will be preserved. .
We have no way of knowing when these were created but we like to think it was during the hey day of the prohibition when Silk Hat cocktails were being made here and shipped down to the USA! .
Special thanks to historian @jasonvanderhill For finding the awesome photos of the #bcdistillery in a 1924 newspaper!! #newwestminster #newwest #distillery #renovation #waybackwednesday #yvr #floorfinishing #booze #history #bcdc #silkhat #silkhatcocktails

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