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5 stars! #newreleasetoday

My new EP, Weight of the World, drops NEXT FRIDAY!
IN THE MEANTIME you can download the title track FREE thanks to @newreleasetoday.
Find the download at www.newreleasetoday.com.
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Just Ree and I hanging out today! #pioneerwoman #comeandgetit #newreleasetoday

Thank you @newreleasetoday for picking up the back story on my latest release "Body Dat" - AVAILABLE NOW on @iTunes and @Spotify! Check out the full story on my Facebook page! Click link in my bio and FOLLOW ME for access to videos and other full stories, etc. GLORYGANG 🥊🥊🥊💯#spotify #itunes #newreleasetoday

#NRTLIVE w/Jennifer McGill-Now available on #youtube (link in profile) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGxILy2Srdg #newreleasetoday

Stream our entire new record FREE right now on the @newreleasetoday website!!!
After you hear it today, go pre-order it from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play!
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Have you heard of The Incandescent? You will. #newreleasetoday #weloveawards #jucetv #christianmusic #theincandescent


Are you #flawed ? Hold your head up! God’s not mad at you. He’s in love with you. #imperfect #livelikeyoureloved #forgiven #catsofinstagram #godsnotmadatyou

Elevated Love CD is here!!! Come get your autographed copy this Saturday between 1-3 at the Rainbow Shop - our favorite store in Bismarck!!! 😍 Register for a door prize, listen to music, do your holiday shopping early, and get some treats!!! Come party with us!!

Thanks to our friends at NewReleaseToday.com for featuring our music video for “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas”! #plumb #newreleasetoday

@metooblog and I are recording a show on @miracle_89.1_fm today! We get to share our story and a bit about this amazing journey over the last 14 months. I believe we go on right after @castingcrownsofficial
Kat will also share a few songs from the Transparency EP! God is amazing good!
#radio #miracle #castingcrowns #ilovemywife #dj #journey #whatsnext

Stop trying to be perfect. Love God with all of your heart and be transparent.

#imperfect #flawed #tryingto #trustingod #itsoktonotbeok #performance #grace #reconciled #redeem #restored

So incredibly proud of this CD!!! If only I could show you even a glimpse of how much hard work was put into this CD and a career in music overall. I couldn't do what they do. It's extremely trying at times and takes a lot of hard work. I really hope you all love it. Shawn is never about taking the easy way out. He has convictions to be honest, raw and real. He is about always challenging ourselves as Christians to be constantly working on ourselves to be better. It's food for thought that is great for the soul. It's like having a meal heavy in vegetables that doesn't taste as great but you know it's good for you. This is the music that has a challenging and meaningful message that we all need to hear and reflect on. Compare that to a sugar high that falls quick and lacks substance. This is the over saturated Christian music that says the same happy go lucky message over and over again. We all crave that candy here and there to feel good but we *need* that food for thought. We can have both! We just need more Christian music that forces us to think and challenge ourselves. The challenge to grow and become better versions of ourselves for it. We feel there's a need for more music with meaningful thought-provoking messages. Isn't that what we are supposed to do as Christians? Constantly challenge ourselves to be better? The music is awesome and the message is necessary. This is what weighs heavy on our hearts. You with us? #manicdrive #intothewild #christian #christianmusic #newreleasetoday #air1 #easier #foodforthought #challenge #bebetter #proudwife

Amazing song to listen to by @micahtylermusic it is called Different. It’s one of my new favorite song.

#micahtyler #bedifferent #newreleasetoday

|| Coming tomorrow ||

5 stars! #newreleasetoday

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