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Australian government cracks down on citizenship requirements?The government has announced to tighter requirements for new citizenship applicants. They want to test the 'Australian values' of those hoping to become citizens, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing stricter immigration laws. Migrants will have to answer a tougher citizenship test, be a permanent resident for 4 years instead of one, and prove their English language ability as part of their application process to become Australian. Prime Minister stressed that the notion of the test is to strengthen the muticultural society and strengthen the commitment to Australian values. Applicants will also need to show their integration to Australian society through work, their respect of women & also receive criminal background checks. However, it is not about asking hopeful citizens to abandon their heritage and cultures, but to honour the values most Australians hold dear. If somebody lies in an application, there is an existing power under the Act in certain circumstances to revoke that citizenship.
#newpolicy #migration #australia #citizenship

I can get on board with that 👍 #newpolicy #dontbeadick

Oh snap!! New tattoo policy. Poolees you still can't get tattoos! Everyone else, If I turned you away in the past for tattoos you may be good now. Hit me up! #marines #newpolicy

We've learned that commenting with your email is a breach of Instagram's privacy policy. moving forward to officially claim an item please comment "MINE". First commenter to use that exact phrase will be DM'd asking for email (& zip if international). we want to keep you safe, make sure you get first dibs, and keep our account compliant! thank you for your support and understanding. 😘 **If you've commented recently to claim and haven't received an invoice, please DM us.**

So I just got the cutest new dressing gown and now Tesco is telling me I can't go shopping in their stores looking like this.. 😔 #idontunderstand #nodressinggownintesco #todaysnews #newpolicy 🙊

one of each for each of us = my attempt at not putting infinite dishes away! use, wash, dry, repeat. #newpolicy #declutter #tryingtobetidy

The point of the new policy is to cut down on the amount of requests for invoices that go unpaid.
Majority of you run "businesses" so put yourself in the same shoes: If you don't like your time wasted by customers who don't pay the invoices they request, don't do the same thing to another business owner.



Dear Clients,
Please be aware that our time is very valuable. Our schedule is very busy and sometimes we have a waitlist of clients who would like to get in. When a client doesn't show up or cancels last minute we are unable to fill those spots. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments and emergences happen. Therefore we ask that you respectfully call 24 hours in advance so that we can try and fill the appointment time.
*Our new policy will affect clients who have two or more no shows or last minute cancelations on file ( calls one hour before appointment.) To make any future appointments we will need to take a deposit of half of your scheduled service which will be applied to your appointment that day.
Thank you for understanding.
#appointments #makingappointments #newpolicy

Unfortunately 1 bad apple, I apologize for the inconvenience.
🔊🔊 Using fraudulent cards with a Business is shameful and costly...for all parties involved.. & I do press charges.
#justdoright #supportyourown
#leavemeoutyourmess #newpolicy

Damn... do u think that this's gonna work? Why the hell am I now supposed to get to the airports FIVE!! hours early? Shouldn't be able to get riled up about this......... sooooooooo jaded as fuck... I feel like something in the US is going in a wrong way.... since the orange haired buffon was elected....🖕🏻 #usa #newpolicy #ridiculous #orangehair #buffon #sittinginthewhitehouse #whitehouse #airport #securitymeasures #speechless #usa #korea #incheon #incheonairport #riled #rileup #getjaded #jaded

The holidays are fast approaching & we want to make sure we can see all of our wonderful and loyal clients and make sure everyone has that #fiberflair for the holidays! If you can't keep your appointment, let someone else have it! To better serve all of our clients, we operate on an appointment based schedule where time is reserved just for you. If you must cancel or change your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to the appointment or you may be charged for the missed visit. We keep an accurate wait list and want to make sure we can utilize it to the fullest potential!

อาจารย์ คฑา สอนวิธีขอพร เจ้าแม่ทับทิม ที่ศักดิ์สิทธิ์มาก🙏🙏🙏.. ขอไปนิดเดียว แค่ 50 สาขา หลัง policy ใหม่ ร่วมกับ network หลายประเทศ.. เป็นเด็กดี ได้ pro นี้ไป 😝 #superexpansion #newpolicy #elevate

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