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We will be having prayer this Friday in the chapel beginning at 7pm. Come with an expectant heart as we agree with the Will of God for this city, for each other and for ourselves.

Reef commission work in progress

Mississippi River | Spring 2017

The Hanged Man card is all about introspection and wisdom. You are pausing; taking a break from the rush, rush, rush of modern life. Take your time. Think deeply. Open yourself to the profound truths of the universe.

Dyslexia. A digital Rowlaroid. (A Rowlaroid is a play on Man Ray. 1922, Man Ray invented a new method of creating a photograph, which he called 'rayograph.’ )
I finally captured and digitally visualized my mental experience of my reading process and interactions with the world in my daily life through my artistic abilities. Dyslexia by a dyslexic. A day in the life of an artist experience. TIM MIT #timbarowart #dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #dyslexic #MIT #digitalart #rethinkingthinking #Rowlaroid #nolaart #neworleansart #neworleansartist

An old favorite from my 2013 body of works.. Who knows where the original is now, but it was sold up in Philadelphia to a collector. Grateful for the folks who support my creativity and allow me to express myself for a living. Can't thank y'all good peeps enough! 🙏💓🎨👊💯

Philadelphia • 2015 • Private Collection

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