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Remember these cuties dancing? Well the baby is here and now she is dancing too! The result is absolutely adorable!! Keep dancing @gemma_marin 💃

His little hands stole my heart... and his little feet ran away with it 💙 Niki 💙

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Hermoso momento 😍 Hoy fue un día increible!!! Ver todo ese amor que le tienen a mi baby!!! Sin duda va a tener l@s mejores ti@s, abuelitos y primos del mundo!!!!
Gracias a tod@s por su amor y apoyo hoy!!! 💗
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Missing the beautiful beaches of Destin this morning. Emmy was happy as could be in her little blow up pool. She managed to only eat about 2 handfuls of sand the entire time we were at the beach! #beachbaby #babybikini

The real deal! Lol
Left 38 weeks the biggest I have been. Looking at my old pictures nothing motivates me more than my own body. I don't need to compare myself to anyone else. I'm just as good! 💪🏼 so excited to get back to my normal self, or even better!
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Safely but surely getting back in this thang! 💪🏽🏋🏾‍♀️ I woke up with sore buns today...that's always a good sign!😏#10weekspostpartum

My all ❤️

Y Facebook me recuerda esta foto hoy hace 1 año. Quién sigue esta cuenta de tiempo sabe que un largo camino de paciencia, auto conocimiento y amor me hizo rehabilitarme de ser un yoyo y de muchos años de dietas restrictivas sin resultados más que obsesiones y alucinar y sentirme culpable de todo lo que comía. Sí, y si hoy pudiera darles unos consejos que a mí me hubieran servido en esos años para sentirme bien y en paz conmigo serían:

1️⃣no te obsesiones con resultados a corto plazo. Si quieres que algo dure para siempre no debes apurarlo
2️⃣proceso, no perfección SIEMPRE
3️⃣come y entrena según tus objetivos
4️⃣cuida la variedad y CALIDAD de lo que comes, no solo la cantidad
5️⃣se constante y paciente (aplicable en todas las áreas de la vida)
6️⃣cualquier cosa que te apasione saca lo mejor de ti, asegúrate de tener eso en tu vida
7️⃣invierte en ti: en tu salud, en tus proyectos (sueños), en viajes, en tus relaciones, en tu paz interior... muchas veces en alguno de estos puntos encontramos la respuesta a lo que buscamos
8️⃣actualízate e infórmate sobre salud/fitness o busca apoyo profesional y experimenta con tu cuerpo. No hay 2 iguales
9️⃣trabaja en ti. Tú y después tú, estar bien contigo es el principio para estar bien con los demás
1️⃣0️⃣ tu vida es tan buena como tus pensamientos, utilízalos a tu favor
🌹💋V #valebotips


Nursing your baby isn't just about feeding, it's so much more!

It's all my favorites in a box @herbivorebotanicals @antipodes_water @dicktaylorchocolate @paddywaxcandles! Want to pick your own items and build your own gift? Check out Build-A-Box on our site. The perfect way to customize your own gift.

Momma's girl, we're matching. She's so perfect. 💛

We have all the nursing clothes you need to stay cool and comfortable all summer long! Spend the day in our Cadenshae nursing tank and throw on our nursing hoodie once the sun goes down. Find them both online and in store - link in profile. 📸: @the_barefoot_tribe

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - #WinneThePooh

#mommy is going out🎉...at 1 pm😂🤣#newlife#newmommy#sundayfunday

No more "two-shirt method" for breastfeeding! You only need to put on one top from now on 👍 The Chic Cowl shirt is drapey and soft. It won't lose its shape either! Get yours today‼️

Wow! I just tried my first workout from our newest program release & I was pleasantly surprised! This was an awesome low impact workout & it's perfect for many different people:
• Those new to fitness
• Those coming back from a hiatus
• Those in recovery for things like injury or pregnancy
• Those needing a low impact option for any reason
• Those getting in an "active recovery" day
It was a little less "dance party" than I expected from a Love Shack workout but still a fun workout that doesn't really feel like a workout! 🎉
Ps working out with your hair down is super fun 😂🙌🏼
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