This little princess is why I can’t help but want to do better in all areas of my life💗 .
I have always had a helping heart and she just makes it even bigger when I didn’t even think that was possible🌸 .
I am working towards being able to have the freedom to be with her whenever I want and know that “work” won’t get in the way. .
I love being my own boss and I want to help other women know they can literally turn any passion into a profit you just have to be shown the right ways💕 .
If your looking for something more and tired of missing out on the things you love most, let’s chat!🦄 .
I want to help you make all of your dreams come true🤗

THERE ARE DAYS... when I DON’T want to workout and I feel like I would rather sit and eat whatever I want all day long 🙊 MY REALITY is that obesity runs in my family and I do have to watch what I eat... especially as I get older. There was a time in my life when I HATED working out 🏋️‍♀️ I would go to the gym and wonder around trying to figure out how to use the weights AND I never felt comfortable taking classes... I even had an instructor standing in front of me at my class but I couldn’t get it and I was so embarrassed I picked up my stuff and left 😔
I no longer hate working out but I still don’t love it ... But what I do LOVE is how I feel after! Eating healthy and working out has not only changed me outside but inside as well ✨ I no longer look in the mirror and wish for what I don’t have but instead APPRECIATE the work I put in to me! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I am hosting a NUTRITION 101 GROUP for those looking to stop the self sabotage with their weight loss 💪🏻 I will help you find BALANCE through the holiday season so that you can enjoy the foods you love with NO GUILT or REGRETS. For more info Email me at Christine.chowning@yahoo.com or fill out the application in my bio.

Is she just not the prettiest glowing Momma?!? Gaw 😍🤩
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Sail into the week with a great night's sleep! 😴 Research-based for a safer, developmentally-supportive sleep experience. Impeccable, quality construction. 🧵 Machine washable and dryable. 🧺 Soft and snuggly. 🤗 Find Bumbershoots by Nana's amazing sleep sacks at www.bumbershootsbynana.com. Through October 5th, save 15% on any one purchase. PROMO CODE: GRANDOPENING Shipping is always free! ❤️ 🤱 www.bumbershootsbynana.com ❤️ 👶 #sleepsack #wearableblanket #naptime #babyfashion #babylove #babies #parenting #parenthood #babythings #babygoods #babygoodnight #bedtime #bedtimeroutine #newmom #newmommies #newmomlife #newmomma #mommyandme #naptime #beautifulbaby #mompreneur #babyphotography #grandma #grandmother #nana #bumbershootsbynana @laurendauephoto

Watching my sweet friend @m_m_m21 look in the mirror and truly see the beauty that has always been there was the best part of my weekend!! #selfcare #beauty #maskcarabeauty #jaclynhillpalette #beautifulskin #momma #newmomma #makeover #makeup

Ruck sack baby. Hell yes I got a baby carrier. It's awesome!!😁 #baby #newmomma #parenting #tryingnewthings #adulting #babycarrier

A little over 3 years ago I started down a path that scared me. Mostly because I had failed so many times on that path before. The goal was to lose weight before I got married....I was sick of hating how I felt in clothes, hiding underneath layers upon layers, never going anywhere without a cami tank top on underneath my outfit, spending hundreds of dollars on expensive clothes and name brands to try and hide my self-confidence issues, and changing outfits countless times before ever considering leaving my house for work.

I wish I could say that I didn't struggle with all of those thoughts on a DAILY basis years ago, but like most women out there I did. I let my appearance really dictate how I felt. Those expensive name brand clothes helped me feel more confident for a time being... but it never lasted. Can you relate?

About 6 months before we got married I finally decided to reach out to a complete stranger online. She seemed nice and she seemed like everything she touched turned to gold. I asked to join her fitness challenge. I bought my start up package, got into the group and started doing the work. What I realized was that SHE wasn't special (sorry Mel hahaha)....but the GROUP was special. Suddenly I was surrounded online by women who cared about getting healthier. Something that I hadn't been surrounded by before. It took me those first 6 months to lose 15 lbs, but after that I learned what worked for me and I was unstoppable. I went on to lose a total of over 40 lbs throughout my first year of working out at home, eating healthier and drinking my superfoods.

Now, as I gear up to start this next group I can't help but feel like I'm at the beginning of a journey again. Getting back into shape after having a baby is NOT going to be easy. But like Joe keeps telling me...losing weight the first time wasn't easy either! I'm excited and a bit nervous to start back up with the fitness but luckily I have a new workout to do that is only 4 days per week.

I'm looking to fill the last 2 spots in this fall group. So if you can relate to this post and want to stop struggling with your own self-confidence and body image issues, comment or DM me!

Mondays can be a struggle for many of us. Today has been one of those Mondays for me. ☺️ While I am so grateful and thankful for so many things, sometimes it takes a minute to get going on Mondays.⁣

I have been doing fairly intense workouts non-stop since January, so having finished our lifting program last week, I decided to take it easy for a minute. ⁣

During my stretches this morning, I kept meditating on this verse, thanking God that even when I feel like I have very little strength left, He ARMS me with strength.⁣

Whether you are a #workingmom or #sahm, the struggle can be just as real. Be encouraged today, friends, that God’s got you. 💕

My morning routine used to consist of sleeping until little man woke up, making coffee, and watching tv while playing or cuddling with my baby boy. Then while he was napping I would either clean or nap or lay on the couch; really not being productive or pulling my weight in this house. —————————————————-
Now my morning routine is getting up with my husband (7am) or before him, reading my devotional and my personal development, and checking in with my challenge groups. And having good morning routine gives me motivation to workout and clean and be productive during baby boys naps. —————————————————-
Coaching has changed my life in more ways than just physical; it’s set me up to be the best version of me.

Primary engorgement is a result of breast tissue swelling and a sudden increase in milk production. It usually occurs between 2 to 5 days after birth. The breasts swell and become firm. It can be extremely painful for some women (I thought my breast were going to explode, it was no joke!). It is completely normal. Options for relief of the symptoms include: 1. Warm compresses or showers prior to breastfeeding or pumping, 2. Cold compresses in between breastfeeding or pumping, 3. Gentle manual massage of the breast, 4. Ibuprofen or Tylenol for pain, 4. Breastfeed or pump every 2-3 hours. #thingsnoonetellsyouaboutafterbirth #postpartumpains #breastfeeding #breastengorgement #newmomlife #newmommies #newmomma #postpartum #fourthtrimester #forgottentrimester #breastengorgementisnojoke #newmomwoes #breastpumping #breastfeedingishard #postpartumjourney

Where are Brigitte Nielsen's friends? or are Square Boobs a thing now?


Our 🦋 teethers are super easy for little hands to hold. Thank you @kep_photos for sending us this photo of this little princess!

Some experts say frozen teething toys are too cold and may hurt your baby’s mouth. We always put our toys in the fridge, which still worked well for our little Kostaki! -Photo by @brookee_clarkk

Fall is officially officially here... well technically ✌️ days ago but it’s here! And I only have a few spots left in October 1st VIP Group. .
If you want to get fit for FALL and for LIFE, please join me because this group is going to be great!! We will follow a flexible at home program (for all fitness levels) for 8 weeks where we'll workout at least four days a week for 30-40 minutes, follow a simple nutrition plan and see incredible results and feel amazing like this NEW Mom Bonnie below! 🔥 .
Space is limited so drop a 🍁 below or message me 📲 ASAP for more info.
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