Cover up from earlier in the week, cheers Jamie! Got space from 2nd May! Email or DM to talk ideas... #newmindtattoo

How I’m spending my day off 👌🏼#tattoo #newmind #newmindtattoo #stag #roses #painful #dayoff

Chest butterfly from a few weeks ago! I have 1 slot left next week or loads of time after that! Email or DM... #newmindtattoo

Straight outta my flash! Space Wednesday/Thursday/Friday next week! Email or DM, good deals on flash or bring your deposit an idea... #newmindtattoo

Panther from last week! I have time to tattoo Saturday and next week! Email or DM... #newmindtattoo

Added this hannya mask to Earls sleeve the other day! All work by me, only the inner bicep to go 💪 I’d love to start more big scale stuff like this, space Thursday morning! #newmindtattoo

Cheers to everyone who came along for our flash day yesterday. Here’s just some I did. Got space next week for regular tatz #newmindtattoo

Cheers @dlighttattooer lad for my Friday the 13th tattoo! Well happy with it. Roll on the 26th pal for a full day of pain 🤙🏻 #newmindtattoo #dannylight #knifeaf #spontanioustattoo #whynot #itsonlypermanent

Tomorrow I’m gonna be tattooing Friday 13th designs from this sheet! All designs are £31, no change given, no changes, first come first served! Walk-ins from 10am! #newmindtattoo

Friday 13th from 4pm #friday13th #newmindtattoo £31 no changes no change given.

Straight outta my flash! Walk-ins every Saturday afternoon from 2pm! Or spaces available through next week! #newmindtattoo

Cheers Niall mate! Space next week, DM or email #newmindtattoo

Scorpion from last week! For bookings next week email or DM, loads of flash good to go, or bring your own idea #newmindtattoo

Walk-ins from 2pm today (and every Saturday), here’s a small glimmer of the flash I have available... #newmindtattoo

Finished this for Sarah the other day, part healed / part fresh. Cheers for toughing it out mate! I’d love take on more large scale work! Email or DM, space from 18th April... #newmindtattoo

My sheet for Friday 13th! All designs are £31 (no change given), first come first served, no changes! Walk-ins start at 10am! We had an awesome day last year in October, let’s make it a repeat... #newmindtattoo

Get to work on this one today

One from the weekend, cheers Simon mate! For bookings from 18th April email or DM, loads of flash at good rates! #newmindtattoo

Part of a Pink Floyd sleeve. More healed pics to follow. Enjoyed this one a lot @newmindtattoo #newmindtattoo

From my flash, cheers Dan! For bookings in April DM or email shedwolf@gmail.com #newmindtattoo

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