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Absolutely agree!

✖️Let exercise be your stress relief not food.✖️ For years when I was stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or depressed food was my comfort. I would over indulge in things that weren't the best for me. All that processed food was causing havoc on my insides and that in turn was causing more stress, ER visits, medication and didn't say more stress.
At 180lbs I still remember stepping on the scale, crying, feeling like I was trapped. Trapped in a body and mind that seemed so foreign. I knew that wasn't me. I could continue to live that life. So working out and movement became my go to. -70lbs later, and I'm grateful for being that trapped girl. Because this Me, looking in the mirror wouldn't be here.
Over the past year I have allowed myself to forget how much I need fitness in my life. It allows me to push past my mental limitations, it helps me relieve stress, it helps me know that I'm in control of my growth.
I may not be in the fitness business any longer but that doesn't mean I don't recognize it's importance.
I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm a business owner. I'm a survivor. I am someone who lifts others up. I am remembering what keeps me focus and sane so I can do all the things I was intended to do in this life. I can do hard things and so can you! •side note, I was able to increase my weights during my leg workout, get through more sets and I broke into such a crazy sweat my shirt was soaked. F*cking Amazing feeling!!! Definitely what was needed.

Three days deep and it’s one hell of a ride already 💪🏼

This 8️⃣0️⃣ day ⓙⓞⓤⓡⓝⓔⓨ is going to be ⓦⓘⓛⓓ ⚡️& ⓒⓡⓐⓩⓨ 🌟

So I am going to have all of ⓨⓞⓤ keep me accountable ✔️🙌🏻 so each day 🗓I will be checking in by posting my sweaty selfie 📸💦

I can’t wait to see what happens in these next 8️⃣0️⃣ ⓓⓐⓨⓢ and take you all with me 🦄✨💫

Just do it 👌

Foco no que eu quero

Antes de dormir quero compartilhar minhas conquistas do dia.
Hoje me dou nota 10, não sai dos meus objetivos.

confiar mais em mim
Me amar
Desculpar a mim mesma

Meus novos comportamentos foram:
Novos hábitos
Lutar sempre
Desistir jamais

Sou grata por:
Minha família
Por todo dia poder ser melhor.

Hoje eu consegui, mais uma pra conta @moniquefocada @oficinafit
#desafiodefinitivo #boanoite #hojeeuconsegui #minhaluta #minhavitoria #eusouforte #meamo #vidasaudavel #vidaequilibrada

Una gran comida 🥘 y con la mejor noticia que me pudiste dar Mugres tkmmmm y claro que estaré ahí 💪🏼 “tú hazme caso y tú vida cambiará”(MM)Jajajaja #wedding#beach#happy#newlifestyle

Tried my hand at baking some eggplant chips! I burnt a few and learned a lot, but overall I'm happy with the results! They taste delish 😍

Why do some guys skip leg day? Is so much fun! #legday #gains #progress #bodybulding #newlifestyle #atx #bigtexgym #latino #fuckaverage

Entrevista para o canal Team Nogueira , muito bacana ter participado 🙌 "O exercício não muda só o seu corpp, muda sua mente, sua atitude,seu humor, sua vida "
Obrigada por tudo @brunapequim ❤ 👊
A motivação nos faz começar , o hábito nos faz continuar !

Valeu Jussara @promovendosaudee ainda estou no processo , ainda falta bastante, mas com determinação e foco dá para chegar no 🎯

#teambrunapequim #teamnogueiracachambi #ladiescamp #newlifestyle #menos18kg

Okay guys so I’m finally opening up, I know I don’t post about my personal life at all for the fear of being judged but it’s so hard not to share this incredible journey and change of lifestyle I am going through. I’ve always felt like i had a good self esteem and yet, I don’t remember the last time I had someone or myself take a full body picture of me; but last Saturday was the first time that I remember and it brought tears to my eyes. This first started when I told myself I would look better a few more pounds lighter, and i was thinking more like only 10 pounds lighter would do the trick. BUT BOY! Was I wrong! It became muuuuch more than losing weight. It became about learning real habits of health, how to cook healthy delicious meals, it became gaining a whoooole new family of likeminded health focused people that leans on one another and keeps each other accountable. When I first started I was so scared because I did not know how to cook! I knew the basics but not how to cook a whole healthy delicious meal. I learned day by day how to make my meals. I was eager to finally learn how to cook. My family now wants to learn how to make the meals I make. They involve more vegetables in their food, less soda, less bread, MORE water. I never thought I would be the one to influence my family in such a positive way! My lovely Godmother asked me if I was on a diet to which I answered right away “no nina I’m just learning how to eat better and I feel great.” I always watched what I ate but that was never enough for me and my body but now I have the tools and information. 21 pounds gone forever, and just a bit more to go. This is my new lifestyle I’m never going back! #healthjourney2018 #newlifestyle #blessedtoknowthesewonderfulladies #20lbsdown #JUSTGETTINGSTARTED

Ganhei de presente do próprio autor, Dr Manuel lahóz. Na confiança, na fé e na ação, muita coisa vai mudar pra melhor. Eu creio! 🙏 #cuidandodemim #vida #novosrumos #novosdesafios #newlifestyle #prafrentesempre #Deusacimadetudo

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