We are starting our new journey here at our new home😁
I’m so excited. We are really excited (especially Carter). Moving our things into our new home next month. #BeautifulHome #NewJourney #NewUs

I thought it would take me yrs before I would be able to move out of my grandmother’s home. This is my Final Destination. ♥️♥️♥️

Gotta start somewhere

So semi long post alert. I have started a new journey in life whilst ending another one. The 2 sort of coincide. I have served my church as the secretary/admin assist. for 19 years...as of May 1st I officially resigned from that position. I love my church and will continue to serve in other ways (mainly the music dept). I have nothing but love in my heart for my church family and leadership! So thank you everyone and thank you L Allen Cosner for my gift. I also decided to start a journey to a better me using my “free” haha time to devote to getting healthier. Tomorrow will be 7 weeks I’ve been doing WW. You can see the difference (hopefully) in the photo below...left is me January this yr & the right is from today (not the best photo but you get the point). All of these things have come with many tears but my journey is not over! Love to everyone! Swipe to see my gift! #wwjourney #newlife #newjourney #endofanera

I know you wake up tired everyday from a hard days at work , to coming home and giving me time ,before we call it a night , i know you fight some tough battles at times & you have the most terrible mood swings at the most random momments , i know you don’t mean to give me attitude sometimes and trust me i can handle it even if i am sensitive , at the end of the day i know your heart is pure and true . i promise to work at this everyday , i promise to hold you close and take care of you in every way i can 🙏🏻 i don’t want to do this life with anyone else but you .i was here then and im here now and ill be here forever as long as you allow me to be! I will respect you to the fullest . You are my heart ,my love, my rib 🖤 and even tho we been thru it & we were doubted to the max look at us now,im so happy i can say im in love with you , you will always be a blessing in my life 🙏🏻 to a new start and a new journey for us 🖤🏡 #swiperight👉 #OurHome #NewJourney #MeAndBae🖤

New approach to weightless, no longer making it all about the weight, it’s about me feeling better and happier lifestyle 🙋🏻‍♀️❤️ #weightloss #happylife #newjourney

Happy birthday brother!!! And good luck on this new journey in your life.
A vida e muito engraçada e maluca que traz pessoas sensacionais para nossas vidas. Quando menos esperamos traz uns amigos mais malucos que nos mesmos para viver a vida como deve ser vivida. Foram muitas história em NY e ainda serão muitos outras nesse mundão a fora. Boa sorte nessa nova mudança e parabéns irmão. Existem os irmões de sangue e os irmãos que a vida trás para nos e vc é um deles! Grande abraço!!! Quebra tudo!!! Voa garoto que o mundo é seu!!!
#brother #family #irmao #newyork #bigapple #familia #tbt #birthday #fly #newopportunities #newjourney #drinks #brazilianstyle #brazilian #crazybrazilian #crazybrothers

... Tomorrow 5/29 I'll officially be #5years #natural. This most likely will be my last #selfie as a loose natural. I am Not my hair, but my hair is a part of me. My hair has taught me so much about who I am, and who I want to be. Ready and patiently waiting to start my new journey my #locjourney. 6/2 can't come fast enough! ✌ #naturalhairjourney #bigchop #5yearsnatural #newjourney #locjourney

On behalf of SVP Parents, we give these gift to @ Pak Liam, as our appreciation. We hope these could be his friends for the next journey in Albania. We wish you and family all the best Pak Liam..
#latepost #180518 #appreciation #farewellgift #farewell #gift #ouracademicadvisor #movingtoalbania #newjourney #classparents #parentssupportgroup #psg #svp

The beautiful thing about learning is that NO ONE can take it away from you. I made it‼️ Thanking god for it all without him this would have been impossible. Thanks to family and friends who REALLY supported me💪🏾❤️🎓. #classof2018 #congratstome #yayy #ididit #thankful #proudofme #newjourney 💁🏽‍♀️💕✨

Wishing her the most happiest live on her new journey ahead :*) #afghangirls #beautifulgirlfriend #alqa #newjourney #afghanbeauty #traditional #clothes #redandblue #loveit

JUST WANNA THANK YOU MY ABBA GOD FOR EVERYTHING😍❤️🙏 #NewJourney #SunnyAftie #BlackTee #RedSunnies

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