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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my long hair...!! For real, it's my glory!! But I was always self conscious about it!🤷‍♀️ Yes it was long...
😭 but i suffered from the typical crunchy hair!🤦‍♀️ The older I got, the dryer my hair got and the more BREAKAGE I had 😬😬! (NASTY!) I finally found the solution to get all that HEALTHY😍 Pinterest hair that every girl dreams about!!! My all time FAVORITE SUPER MOISTURE HAIR MASQUE!! 😁❤️ All time favorite summer sale!! No more worry with the chlorine!!😬 I come out of the pool with soft silly hair!😳 Message me TODAY!! 📲😘 and let's get you some too!!

Salty air 🌊and SUN ☀️kissed HAIR! ❌Did you know, on average, a girl has about 3 bad hair days a WEEK!! That turns into 20yrs of your LIFE 😱😳! For me...NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS!!🙌 You ready for more not just GOOD hair days but FABULOUS ones?

It's okay to be a little obsessed with your HAIR 💁🏼! Reach out and shoot me a MESSAGE TODAY!📲😘

🌟I like my products like I like my people, NON TOXIC!🌟 I've never felt I struggled with confidence much, but I have ALWAYS struggled with my hair game!😬 Frizzy 😖, or worse...STATICKY🙄!! Breaking!! It snowed whenever I brushed my hair😵!! Yeah gross!! 🤦‍♀️I suffered from MAJOR over processed and damaged hair!!perms, bleach, color, etc! You name it! IVE DONE IT!

When my hair was finished, ❌NO ONE TOUCHED IT!! What happened to smooth soft touchable amazing hair that I dreamed of and USED to have? 🤷‍♀️ GONE LITERALLY GONE!! Until I found these!! ❌😑Ugly gross hair is NO JOKE!! It can steal confidence and make you feel literally awful!! I don't have to deal with that anymore!! Do you? 👉Are you ready to change that? MESSAGE ME TODAY 📲😘 I'm here for you babe😍🙌

So I'll be honest....I was the girl known for having crunchy hair 😬🤦‍♀️😩 People would come up and touch my hair and tell me "I wanted to see if your hair felt as gross and crunchy as it looked and it does!😱" If that isn't an EMBARESSING comment and sad thing to hear then I don't know what is!

I wanted a mix of CHOPPING it off ✂️and having AMAZINGLY 💁🏼healthy hair!! 🙅🏼But it was amazingly healthy at all!! It was just plain NASTY🤢, and mind you, it was falling out!! Talk about a sudden FEAR at the age of 18!😰 My hair has changed so much!! And continues to get better and healthier every single day!! 🌟Did I mention it's growing so fast and I'm getting so much NEW GROWTH?!😳say WHAT?!🌟 If you want to see some before pictures, they are in the comments...⬇️ Girl if your feeling the same way, you don't have to anymore!! Let me help you beautiful!! You deserve to feel beautiful too!!📲😘

😊I've been asked numerous times how I curl my hair because it's SUPER LONG!! So let me fill you in!! First things FIRST!! You will need the 👉🏻following items!
• a hair tie
• a comb (or in my case a teasing brush)
• the rejuvatrio from my haircare company (Rejuvamist as a heat protectant, the oil for extra dry/damaged ends healing, and the rejuvabeads which is a split end mender!)
• hairspray
• and your choice size curling iron! (I prefer a smaller size, so I used the 3/4inch)

Pre iron, put rejuvabeads on wet or damp hair! After hair is dry, put rejuvanique oil on your ends!

First of all, put your hair in a pretty tight pony tail, if your hair is super long and thick like mine, right on top of your head!

Second, take a pretty small section that's like the size of a dime! Brush it out so there are NO KNOTS AT ALL!! Then spray a tiny bit of the rejuvamist on the strand and start curling!

While the iron is wrapped with hair, I spray it with a little bit of hairspray! (❌🔥Non flammable hair spray!) that's 🔑! Leave on for about 5-10 seconds! ❤️After your all done curling, take the hair tie out, flip and shake your hair, and your all set!❤️ 👍🏻Spray with hair spray and your good to go!

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For all my clients that tell me “I’m loosing lots of hair!”And worry that they won’t have any hair left☺️ It’s normal to shed 40-150 hairs a day, it will grow back!
Growth,Fall, Replacement
All the little fine hairs that annoy us? They are new growth 😊
Just a little fact!

A year fighting the big C and I'm happy to say treatment is almost over! Hair growing back in 😀😁😃 #bcjourney #thebigC #chemo #hairloss #wigs #wigshopping #newhairgrowth #redheadgirl #redheads #ownhair

💫 90 days using Monat! Lots of growth and healthier, shinier hair!! 💫 DM me to find out more!

Once your liver is better able to process hormones, fats and toxins your hormonal balance will improve. Toxins will be eliminated from your system faster, meaning your body will have more capacity to deal with less essential jobs such as growing hair, rather than dealing with toxic build up.💫 In simple terms, the liver is the most important organ in the ageing process. If your liver is running really efficiently your body will be in better working order. It will be healthier and cleaner. That means your hair and skin will no-longer be neglected as much. There will be a greater abundance of nutrients available to grow hair as they will be needed less elsewhere. Your blood will be cleaner which will improve circulation and aid in the transport of nutrients to the scalp.☀️
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Day....I don't even remember what day I'm on but I'm consistent with my #collagenchallenge.
This drink literally tastes amazing. It helps with the growth of my luscious nails, make me look even younger and helps with the new growth of hair on the top of my head..🤗
Its strawberry lemonade flavor, want some just holler at me....
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So excited about #newhairgrowth 🎉 May 8 ——- July 11 ! #magicoil

Masih ingat lagi tak kisah Mr. A yang ada masalah rambut yang tiba-tiba berhenti tumbuh dan ada setompok botak di kepala tu? .
Ha.. Ni Kak Lyn post progress terbaru rambut Mr. A sejak dia merawat sendiri masalah rambutnya dengan bimbingan kakaknya @aaraa_organic_beaute yang juga #adaniaagent dengan menggunakan ADANIA Peppermint Crush Treatment Shampoo FOR THE FIRST TIME sejak awal Ramadan lalu. .
Ini antara sharing points daripada Mr. A sepanjang tempoh rawatan rambutnya : .
• Dia STOPPED pakai syampu biasa yang dia guna sebelum ni. No pomade, hair gel and hair cream. ONLY ADANIA Peppermint shampoo
• Dia hanya syampu 3 kali seminggu sahaja sambil URUT SCALP. Masih pakai botol pertama. Rambut pendek, jadi tak banyak guna. Dalam 2 pump sekali pakai
• Antara kesan sampingan yang dia hadapi selepas dah beberapa kali pakai shampoo ADANIA, rambutnya mula jadi kasar, tangled bila disikat
FYI: Ini kita panggil adjustment period. Sesetengah pengguna syampu organik akan mengalami proses ni. Ada yang tak. Bergantung betapa banyaknya chemical and synthetic ingredients dalam syampu sebelum tu yang dah lama terkumpul di kepala dan yang dah menyaluti rambut kita
• Selepas 2 minggu, rambut dah semakin lembut, tak tangled, nampak lebih sihat, berkilat, makin hitam dan kurang perang kesan terdedah pada matahari sebelum ni. Maklumlah student. Berjalan kaki, tunggu bas lepas kuliah perkara rutin
• Anak rambut baru dah semakin banyak yang tumbuh. Kulit kepala nampak lebih sihat, tak pucat macam sebelum ni. Besar kemungkinan pengaliran darah pada kulit kepala dah lancar dan liang folikel rambut dah tak tersumbat dek sisa bahan-bahan sintetik syampu yang terkumpul 🤗.
Alhamdulillah.. Hope to hear more encouraging news from Mr. A 🌸

Kepada sesiapa yang tengah ada masalah rambut dan kulit kepala, boleh ikhtiar guna ADANIA Peppermint Crush. WhatsApp or DM Kak Lyn atau #teamadaniaphila berhampiran. .
Harga: RM 58 (250 ml) .
Kredit foto: Mr. A
Copywriting: @adaniaphilia .
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Love how much volume and hair growth I have gotten from taking only 2 2oz shots a day!! Did I mention it tastes amazing!!!
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Wednesday morning session at Jo Gates Hair Salon .. working for Cancer Hair Care .. #support#inspiringstories #newhairgrowth#wigs#hairloss##hairlosssupport #thelisterhospital#cancerhaircare#jogatessalon #jogateshairsalon #charity#thecaringhairstudio.. together let’s make hair loss one less worry 🌺

@orshaircare New Growth No-Lye Hair Relaxer-Normal.
✔️Perfect for touch-up application .
✔️Offers Superior Conditioning .
✔️Hair is left shiny and soft
.✔️Protects hair from damage during processing .
✔️Reduces hair breakage. .
Price:25ghc .

Monat just launched a new level of Hydration. 🙌 Just in time! With this weather my hair is feeling a little dry. My VIP's you have until Monday evening 11:59 pm to get yours with this special offer. ❤️❤️ Those that are not MP's or VIP's message me to find out how you can participate. I'm loving Monat. My hair has never been healthier. #monat #healthyhair #naturalproducts #hydrationsystem #newhairgrowth #keepingitreal #summerhair ❤️💯👏

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