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Wrapping a wet but fantastic session with new comer @Latoya.mcfadden 🙌🏾❗️
#curvygirl #petiteplus #curvy #photosession #wahi #nyc #newface

Good vibes ✨

We must accept finite disappointment but must never lose infinite hope 🕊 — MLK
Photographer: @jdathorne 📸

(@satinrosesclothing x @amanda_kamhawy )
Hair: @asiablu_
MUA: @jalacosmosinc

What’s your favorite song by @neyo?
I’ll never forget whippin around in my mom’s white Isuzu Oasis, during summer of 2006, BUMPIN “Sexy Love” with the windows down and sun roof back. I had two 15” dual subs, with a clear screen looking in on chrome and blue neon lights. My mom doesn’t know this, but I use to drive up and down Alki with the back popped all the way open, so the subs could really bang and flash their lights 🤣... they got jacked at the end of summer 😂.
It was a pleasure choppin it up with you, Mr. Smith! Thanks for all the great memories created around your music. Until next time 🤙🏽.
📸: @kylejeffreys
#NEYO #TheGentleman #Hollywood


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