I just witnessed the Goodness of God in their life πŸ˜„


It is three years ago on this very day that I was baptised and became a newborn christian.

Every single day I am happy and grateful that I chose to live in the presence and the light of God.
I am still learning every day, improving and trying to become the person God knows I can be. Every day is a new chance to attempt spreading His light by the small deeds that are within my reach to make this world a little bit better place.

Thank you @avannijnatten
for being my witness and my support all those years already. Thank you for answering my questions about the Bible and about the meaning of being a newborn christian, even if I app you late at night.
And thank you for being patient with me and always willing to help me when I'm confused. You're the best! πŸ’–πŸ˜˜ Also thanks to you, @kevinjhack
for your inspiring words of faith on Instagram. Although you probably didn't know, you helped me through a rough moment several times, just by telling about your own personal way of living in His presence 😊😘 #anniversary #newbornchristian
#baptised #grateful
#God #love #Light #thankful #blessed #womanofgod #faith #believe #bible #followingchrist #jesuschristsuperstar #unconditional #eternal #love

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