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Looking divine in Honey Birdette 👌 Breast Augmentation + Lift surgery completed in Bangkok with 325/375cc, Round Implants. "I am loving them so much!" Achieve your dream boobs! Call CosMediTour on 1300 000 MED to enquire or see our website for more information.

Cant exercise but i can wear gym clothes lol #newboobs #breastacademy #soinlove #happy1week #meetthetwins

Feeling much better today! The girls are healing nicely lol #newboobs#feelingtightbutgreat

Ugh I feel like it's been an eternity when it's only been less than a week. LOL I can't wait to feel like a normal person again😍#postsurgery #healingvibes #newboobs

This wasn't a belly shirt when I bought it... #NewBoobs

My mum emailed me today to wish my boobs a happy 3 week birthday.... my parents are rad.... happy 3 weeks and a reduction of pain over the past 2 days. I am happy to be back to work and hopefully back training in the coming days :) #girlswithtattoos #legtattoos #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #newboobs #silicone #bristol #plasticsurgery #295cc

Say god bye to these tits , new tits coming in the next few weeks 😬😬😬😬 I will be joining the 1000cc club 💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼🍉🍉#newboobs #plasticsurgery #tïts #hot #boobjob 💞💋❤️

So tired of feeling rough, can't wait to be back home tonight 🤗 thank you @seb_dymond for being completely out of your comfort zone to make sure I'm okay💗 #newboobs #madrid


#nofilter for this pic! As my hair grows out, post-chemo, ALL of my grey hair is growing out with it. I've been going grey since I was in my mid-20's, BUT I just always dyed it! I'm trying to decide on whether I should just go with it and #embracethegrey OR dye it dark brown and color it ombré/balayage as it grows out? DECISIONS🤔 What do YOU think?
Embrace the grey OR dye it? #nevergiveup #fightingbreastcancer #fightlikeagirl🎀 #newboobs #baldisbeautiful #gettingbackinshape #fitmomofthree #fitlife #postchemoandsurgery #effcancer #noonefightsalone #stayingstronginthebattle💪🏼 #onetoughmother #fightlikeagirl #cancerwontstopme #survivor #beachbody #radiationtherapy #noexcuses #motivation #hairquestions #chemohairgrowth #greyhairdontcare🎀

Cant exercise but i can wear gym clothes lol #newboobs #breastacademy #soinlove #happy1week #meetthetwins

My mum emailed me today to wish my boobs a happy 3 week birthday.... my parents are rad.... happy 3 weeks and a reduction of pain over the past 2 days. I am happy to be back to work and hopefully back training in the coming days :) #girlswithtattoos #legtattoos #breastimplants #breastaugmentation #newboobs #silicone #bristol #plasticsurgery #295cc

Day 7 of Shaunweek, Dig Deep... IN THE BOOKS!!!! I brought my workout to the Y because it's just too hot outside. My 2 younger kids got to swim while I just kicked booty and got my 25 min. workout done in AIR CONDITIONING! No room to do this in my house. I'm going to start the Shaunweek workouts on Monday, THEN follow his new 30 day calendar starting on July 3rd!! I LOVE BOD and the fact I can take my workout ANYWHERE and use my phone! #nevergiveup #fightingbreastcancer #fightlikeagirl🎀 #newboobs #baldisbeautiful #gettingbackinshape #fitmomofthree #fitlife #postchemoandsurgery #effcancer #noonefightsalone #stayingstronginthebattle💪🏼 #onetoughmother #fightlikeagirl #cancerwontstopme #survivor #beachbody #radiationtherapy #noexcuses #motivation #BOD #shaunweek #digdeeper

This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts. For tonight God is a DJ. ~ Faithless.

I'm closed, I'm a book. And this is a quick glance at what the book looks like. It is made up of The Old Testament [the Book of Rocks with three chapters: Home Disco, Dad's In Da House + And God Created French Woman] and The New Testament [the Book of Baps and Rolling Stones with one chapter: House Party With My Homegirls, Hip Hop Hooray!] There are a few characters missing from the big picture... they are Dolly, Bridget and several other notable mentions. This book took me a year to write and illustrate and, actually, it isn't finished yet even though the slow show is over.

It's over because I'm completely spent. I need to lie on the sofa and watch SATC for quite a bit longer. Who saw me in the hospital clinic this morning? Yep! Dr. Gallstones. I couldn't believe it. The comedy-horror movie just keeps on giving. He told me how it was. The stones in my bile duct and the subsequent bowel perforation that occurred in my second operation was extremely rare and very serious. HE COULDN'T PUT A NUMBER ON IT. Those fucking numbers. If the hole had been slightly to the left or right or hadn't closed itself I would have needed more tricky major surgery with months of recovery *or* it could have been much worse. I saw the word written in his eyes: death. And the biggest irony is that all my life I thought it would be my breasts that would kill me! I'm so glad I can find the funnies because the tears are waiting right there in the stage wings. Next move: no invasive surgery but an MRI in a few weeks to check where the stones are. I pray to my imaginary god that they have passed because I can't imagine the alternative "what if" right now. He told me to look after myself. The lovely lady on reception told me to go home and eat cake. S'true.

So this young mum really does need to rest now. If any of my friends who have written a book or are in publishing can tell me more about how to get a book on the bookshop shelves, it would be much appreciated as I am quite naive when it comes to the commercial side of writing and illustrating. Merci y'all and have many, many, many wines for me.

Would you believe it was actually quicker than waiting for the elevator 😂😁 Not to worry I'm just here for a post surgery check up #NewBoobs #CancerSlayer #FuckCancer #fitfam #fitspo #takethestairs #stairs #stupidsnaps #cardio #snapcrap #legs #booty #bootygains🍑

Finally #home with my #newboobs !! 😍😄. Merci @f.p.lefebvre pour les roses, t'es un amour! Merci @lisandrequinzio pour touute, t'es #awesome ! 😚 Thanks john for the #smiley ! Et @gertha111 le poping-champagne-party s'en vieeent!!! 😀
#homesweethome #recovery #glamorousthroughcancer #breastcancer #breastcancerfighter #cancerdusein #mastectomy #doublemastectomy #breastreconstruction #sickbutsmiling

Thailand is booked 👌🏼 bring on September 😍☀️🌴🍻👙

Yesterday I tried very hard to be normal, for the morning at least. The shower bop was back! Hip hop hooray! I peeled the remaining steristrips off my tummy to the dawn disco. What lay beneath? To my surprise, all was good. A short smile lay under my tummy button and when I looked at my torso in the mirror I thought about all the scars in star constellations. The plough? Is that the same as the saucepan? The southern cross? Orion? I'd better brush up on my astronomy for a bigger picture. Full face on, proper clothes on, watch on. Good to go out out.

I had my bloods taken at "Gastrocare." Gastro Lady didn't care that much. In fact she didn't give a shit about me! I wished Gastrocare was a Gastropub or La Gastronomie or ANYTHING food related so I went straight to Macca's for a second brekkie. Food dreams can come true! Sausage-egg McMuffin later I got my specs tightened from all the hospital overuse, then hit the sales for some retail therapy and general joy. I shop therefore I am, right? I existed just by being a flat, grey dag out in that daggy shopping mall. But it was weird. I was so, so tired. And still so bloody teary. Who goes shopping when their eyes are all glassy? When they are on the edge? Fleetwood Mac sang over the sound system, "Something's happenin', happenin' to me. My friends say I'm acting peculiarly." S'true. I was dizzy, ditzy, dopey... and I am really too embarrassed to chit chat about some of my foggy blunders in the shops. I should not have been out on the streets. Straight back home for tea, soup and bed. Game over.

While I was reading the whole internet on the weekend I came across a story about the historical vicious attacks on the Lil Mermaid in Copenhagen. I saw her in the flesh as a backpacker but until now I never knew what lay beneath her: twice decapitated, blown up, arm sawn off and covered in paint, to name but a few trials. The word they teach my lil mermie rugrats in education today is 'resilience'. I think it is a good word to teach them and as long as I feel as broken as I do now, this arty girl can at least look to the resilience of the Lil Mermaid to believe that things can only get better. D:Reams can come true.

Leukste verjaardag ooit !#Newboobs #KaartvolLiefde #Lyguys 💟

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