There’s so many things to interact with and see dotted around the parks, one of my favourites is this in Discoveryland! 🎇

Good morning 😊✨.

Act like a lady and think like a boss 💁🏼

Do skin toners even do anything?
I feel like toners are one of those things people either swear by or just don’t get. Traditional toners were supposed to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing, which won’t really make sense if you don’t know much about the skin’s natural pH and its role. However, with the rise of cleansers that are more pH-friendly to the skin, I believe the role of toners have now changed anyway. I tend to notice these two types of toners recently...
✨ Exfoliating toners: instead of using a physical scrub or exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells, the use of exfoliating toners aka chemical exfoliants is rising. They normally include a group of ingredients called AHAs and/or BHAs which exfoliate the skin. AHAs like lactic, glycolic or mandelic acid unglues the sebum holding skin cells together to help shed the dead ones faster, while BHAs like salicylic acid will dive deep into the pores to unclog excess oil etc. I find them to be more effective than physical scrubs myself, so I understand their popularity. Some I’ve liked are...
🌙 @cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
🌙 @hopandcotton The Smooth Operator Face Exfoliant
✨ Hydrating toners: used to hydrate the skin and replenish its water content immediately after cleansing (hydrators & moisturisers work best when applied straight away after cleansing). A really beneficial step to add if you feel like your skin doesn’t absorb your moisturiser because it might be too thick. Since the consistency of a toner is so watery, it tends to absorb better before the skin is ready to absorb thicker products like a cream. Got oily skin, but still want to hydrate it? Use a hydrating toner instead of a moisturiser! It will work just as great, but may help cut down the grease. Some hydrating toners I like...
🌙 @hadalabotokyo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (light)
🌙 @sukinskincare Hydrating Mist Toner
Personally, I love using toners and I use both exfoliating and hydrating toners in my routine. I use exfoliating toners only a few times a week, but the hydrating toner I use daily. The exfoliation has helped my acne-prone skin, but the hydration has helped keep dehydrated skin away.

A long grey coat to match the long rainy days of London

Mr doodle

Coffee advert 🥤

Somehow my tiny legs managed to look like that. Moral of the story: wear tiny dress with over-the-knee boots. (Also have a very good photographer). On another note, I tried the Madison rooftop bar near st Paul’s. I had one cocktail (Pornstar Martini) which was pretty good. The view is obviously breath taking. Good music, posh environment and picky bouncers. Absolutely great to get that pre-summer feeling. On the down side there are no place to sit if you don’t book a table, and in my opinion not enough standing table. 🍸

It had to match the theme 🍣

Although last week was mental health awareness week but it’s one that should always be in the front of our minds!
Click the link in my bio to read my latest blog post on mental health and how being kind and smiling is completely infectious! #newblogger #mentalhealthawareness #smiling #alwaysbekind #beingkindisfree

Crescere due figli cosi piccoli è un duro lavoro,ci sono giorni che credo di nn farcela, giorni in cui penso che non sono all'altezza...giorni in cui le arrabbiature sono maggiori rispetto ai sorrisi...
giorni in cui la calma vacilla...
e giorni in cui mi sveglio PIÙ STANCA DI QUANDO SONO ANDATA A LETTO..... Ma poi ci sono questi momenti....momenti di VOI DUE INSIEME... E penso che "NE VALE LA PENA!" e che siete IL REGALO PIÙ GRANDE CHE LA VITA POTEVA FARMI.

come dico sempre
vi amo immensamente

J’ai passé quelques jours dans Le Var dernièrement. Je vous en parle dans mon dernier article sur le blog. Le lien est dans la bio ! .
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#Pigiama #adidas
Solo lui ! Le scarpe con il pigiama. Ahahah
Ha preso dalla mamma...che con il pigiama ci andava anche a scuola
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I’m trying to dress down a fancy dress.
Bought 4 years ago, I’ve never worn it more than once or twice because it was « too fancy » and never had occasions to wear it. I’ve realised that with some sneakers it just became the perfect outfit to get around in the city !
Finding new outfits with old clothes is a hobby of mine!

Haven’t posted a red door in a while ❣️

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