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So happy for my brother Philip Burnett for accepting #jesus as his lord and savior! #dayofbaptism #newbeginnings #memorialday

Panchamukhi Vinayaka is a representation of the most loved Hindu God Ganesha having 5 faces. Pancha literally means five and mukhi means faced. This form of Ganesha is a representation of all forces. The most relevant meaning of the five-headed Ganesh is certainly that these heads symbolize the five layers of “Atman”- the inner self in the subtile anatomy.
Thus this form of Ganesha has a very deep inner meaning. The Panchamukhi Ganesha is very popular in Southern India. Worshiping Panchamukhi Vinayaka helps the devotee in spiritual attainment of Anandamaya Kosha, the Pure Consciousness. The five-headed Ganesha is also known as Heramba Ganpati particularly in Nepal. This form is important in Tantric worship of Ganesha. ✨In the Sri Ganesha Purana, Ganesha is described in each Yuga ;
1- Kruta Yuga – Ganesha appeared with 10 hands and is sitting on a Lion (indicating that Lord Ganesha appeared as Adi Parashakti with 10 hands), as Heramba. The Mudgala Purana mentions Heramba Ganapati as one of the thirty-two names of Ganesha. The Skanda Purana lists that Heramba Vinayaka as one of the 56 Vinayakas in Varanasi. Heramba also figures as Ganesha's names in Brahma Vaivarta Purana, the Padma Purana and the Cintyagama. Heramba is also used as an epithet of Ganesha in the Ganesha Purana. The Brahma vaivarta Purana explains the meaning of Heramba: the syllable he denotes helpnessless or weakness, while ramba is protection of the weak, to save them from harm; thus Heramba means the "Protector of the weak". 2- Treta Yuga – Ganesha appeared with 6 hands sitting on a peacock, as Vinayaka.

3- Dwapara Yuga – Ganesha appeared with 4 hands and with an elephant face, as Gajanana.

4- Kali Yuga – Ganesha appeared with 2 hands, a white body and with the radiance of the white rays of Sun, as Gajanana. ✨Bhagiratha worshipped Ganesha in order to bring Ganga onto the earth.
Lord Indra worshipping Ganesha before starting the battle with Vitrasura.
Sri Rama worshipped Ganesha before going to battle with Ravanasura. ✨🐘✨

This is my life. My story. My book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; nor will I apologize for the edits I make. #BeYou 🙏🏼
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▶️▶️If you ever get stuck in ANY situation in life. Just remember one thing. There's always a way OUT. Weather it be Debt. Freedom. Your Inner Thoughts and Mindset. Never Give Up On Yourself ❤ Share This Inspiration With Someone Who Needs It...
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Dear Bosses, this is the last Monday I'm talking to you: from next week Maman is all MINE! 🦋

Inspired by our fantastic #corguide trips and the amazing experience we've shared with you all we decided it was time to do more of the things we love - that includes spending time together, putting smiles on faces, traveling and who nose what else!
Where should I take les humans next? What should we do? Suggestions welcome! ❤️#LeCorgiOnTheRoad #MondayMotivation
Huge merci to @candmclub and @xpfreedomuk for the invite this weekend, we had a blast and cannot wait to share more of the trip on le blog!

there are days like today when i wish i could run away and never look back. to start over someplace far, far away...where nobody knows me and where i can recast myself as whoever i'd like to be. there's nothing left for me here. no future to dream of. no relationships worth holding on to. everywhere i turn, i see a dead end staring me in the face. but...sigh...where do i go from here? and what do i do? i guess the only choice is for me to start letting go of everything and everyone, and slowly set my course in a new direction. i have no idea what i'm doing or where i'm going, but there's one thing i know for certain: somehow, in some way, life is about to get much better. i choose to believe that. take care, all of you. i love u ❤
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On a plus side I really like to cook and bake. However cooking healthy is not my strongest side. I will have to learn to eat tasty but still healthy. Today I made oven roasted white fish fillet with Italian herbs and quinoa with mushrooms. Skinny watermelon is on a roll 😎😽👊#lunch#healthylifestyle#instafood#fish#quinoa#tasty#healthy#chefwannabe#fitnessmotivation#newbeginnings

I would like to thank my good ol' foam roller for always taking care of me and getting me through day 2✌🏽!! -
What I have learned is to always LOVE yourself through every stage of this journey; some days you will be more sore then others, less motivated to press play...BUT don't give up, take each day one at a time! -
Be VERY proud of where you are today, and be VERY excited for what's to come💫

Di nuovo insieme... strano!👭🚢📐📏 #batmoby #gothamcity #newbeginnings #friends

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