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20 long, cold, slow miles done!

So the #nikerunclub app was not working well for the first mile. I adjusted my run time, but I still think it's off by 10 or 15 seconds. #newbalance860v6 #clydesdalerunner #menintights

#fitfoodierun Decent time, but very cold, windy and up and back over a bridge. Time to warm up and have some @halotopcreamery with candy cane broken up in it!

9 miles done!

First run in over a month. Still battling right knee tendinitis. Broke out these guys for the first time though #newbalance860v6

Gotta love Florida weather. A few days ago it was lower 40s for my run. Today it was mid 60s and humid.

Some girls love heels. My heart pounds for new running kicks 😍. Can't wait to take these babies for a run! #runlikeagirl #newbalance860v6


Gotta love Florida weather. A few days ago it was lower 40s for my run. Today it was mid 60s and humid.

A little Star Wars motivation for opening day. Let's get it!

Can you remember when last you paid R1200 for your running shoes? Well X-Mas is around the corner and we’re taking over from Santa! Some of our favorite trail and road models are going for R1200 untill this Saturday - limited sizes and stock available #hokaspeedinstinct #altrasuperior3 #altratorin2.5 #nikepegasus #newbalance860v6 #newbalance880v6 #sketcersgorun5

9 miles done!

4 easy miles done!

New week! Let's get it!

20 long, cold, slow miles done!

#fitfoodierun Decent time, but very cold, windy and up and back over a bridge. Time to warm up and have some @halotopcreamery with candy cane broken up in it!

Quick 1 miler and then the Fit Foodie 5k tomorrow!

9 miles done!

4 easy miles done. 9 tomorrow!

Arise and attack the week!

10k done. Took it easy. Time to eat some protein pancakes!

Almost there! Gonna kick up the mileage this weekend and see how I respond, but feeling much better!

Starting to feel better! Not all the way there, but should be able to increase mileage by the weekend. Can't wait!

1 meh mile done. Still can't shake this cold. Streak might be in jeopardy.

1 sick mile. Can't do much more. Meh. Time is ticking. Marathon in just over a month.

Back to work today. Still sick, but the streak survives!

1 sick mile done. Bleh. Hope I can get over this quickly. Need to get back into marathon training.

Just a quick mile today. Feeling sick and thinking my 20 miler tomorrow is in serious jeopardy. Bleh.

Smh. Ran double yesterday to avoid the rain....that didn't come this morning. Lol. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Pumpkin pie today!

When the Thanksgiving forecast shows heavy rain, you have a choice to make. Run in the rain or double up the night before. I doubled up. Total of 19 miles ran today. Pumpkin pie tomorrow! Might even double up if I can find some pecan pie!

9 Disney miles done!

"You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." -- Winnie the Pooh

Running at Disney is the best!

Well, that snow storm came out of nowhere 😲 We didn't see any snow flakes in the forecast, then shortly after that we could barely see anything but snow flakes 🤣 I really didn't expect my first winter running experience to be today 😂 And yes, I need new socks for winter 😋
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#winterrunning #canadianrunning #cantstopwontstop #sundaymorning #breatheitallin #StravaRun #newbalance860v7 #newbalance860v6 #newbalance #nbrunning

Did not have it today. Could tell really early my legs didn't have it. Was supposed to do 18, decided to split it with tomorrow's run. Need to eat and rest.

2 days away! Light run today, 18 miles tomorrow.

1 week until turkey day! Almost time to go to Disney!

8 miles done! 1 day closer to Disney!

1 day closer to Disney! Nice and easy today. Pace/distance set to pick up tomorrow.

Monday easy run of 1 mile to continue the streak. Heavier weeks coming up. Normally do circuit training on Mondays, but doing some leg preservation after my 16 miles yesterday. Less than a week until Disney!

16 miles done. Meh, not a great run, but done.

4 miles done! 16 miles tomorrow!

Friday! Decent run, not super. But it's still a run!

#TBT to this year's kid's race at Disney. May we all run with that much determination lol.

Hill work done! Legs feeling it for sure. Light day tomorrow!

Still recovering from my half marathon. Pace slow, but still got the run in.

Let's get it!

4 miles done! Back to the grind!

Dunedin half marathon complete! Not my best pace, but not a bad race overall.

Last run done before my half marathon tomorrow in Dunedin! Can't wait!

Just a few more days! Light run today and tomorrow. This race earns me pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving lol!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Inledde min första ledighet med sovmorgon, promenad med Elma, ordentlig kycklingmiddag samt en lugn joggingrunda. Benen kändes rätt sega efter året längsta uppehåll på 17 dagar... #signingoff #polarm200 #newbalance860v6 #strollerwalk #briosmile #chickentuesday #eveningjogging

Happy Halloween! Hill work done!

Pretty cold outside this morning. Need some more cold weather gear! Slower pace, but it's race week! Dunedin half this Saturday!

"When it's pouring rain and you're bowling along through the wet, there's satisfaction in knowing you're out there and the others aren't."
-Peter Snell, three-time Olympic gold-medalist in track

"Run. Because zombies will eat the untrained ones first!” – Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

“It’s my own space, my own time, when I’m just out there letting my thoughts go. It’s part of my day like eating, and it’s one of my favorite parts.” – Louise Kent

TBT to this year's Disney Marathon. Between the marathon and walking around after, I took quite a few steps!

Not a great hill run. Bridges and wind don't mix well for me lol. Still, 7 hill miles done!

New week! Another week to get better!

"Bad workouts and races -- we all have them and we always will. Accept that the body has an ebb and flow that we don't quite understand. Some days you just feel 'off.' As hard as it is to accept a bad workout or race when there are valid reasons, it's doubly challenging when there appears to be no reason at all. I used to worry about this, but now I just shrug it off as the quirkiness of the body and mind. Don't invest in it or over think it. Move on."
-Greg McMillan, in Gibson's Daily Running Quotes

Back to the grind! Negative splits was nice. Need to get back into my clean eating today. Stomach feeling the effects of Food and Wine from yesterday. No mas lol.

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