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9 miles done! Time for football!

Kvällsrunda med tunga ben efter gårdagens spontana gymbesök. #eveningrun #heavylegs #polarm200 #newbalance860v6

Nach dem Feierabend ins Wochenende gelaufen ☺️ #breitenbachtalsperre #newbalance860v6 #hummel #running

De nieuwe schoenen waarmee de marathon zal gelopen worden #trakks #newbalance860v6 #newbalance #Marathon #marathongent

So I was coming home from my long run on Sunday morning and almost shit myself when I reached into my pocket and could find my house key. Thought I dropped it along the way and dreading that the 10k I just ran was going to become a 20k. Thank goodness I looked when I did. Anyone else forget where they put their key at times?? Oh, so it's just me!? #runnersproblems #tonysgottheruns #iamarunner #newbalance860v6 #runnersofinstagram

New shoes are always good to get you moving #newbalance860v6

Holiday season running in the #newbalance860v6 and my smurf tights for a few miles. #newbalance #smurf

Some girls love heels. My heart pounds for new running kicks 😍. Can't wait to take these babies for a run! #runlikeagirl #newbalance860v6


Pic from my run on Saturday. Love where I live. 1 mile done and over 60 minutes of circuit training. Let's attack the week!

Getting in the miles and giving these trusty shoes a farewell tour. 4th or 5th pair of New Balance 860 v6 with zero, yes zero, hip problems or blisters! All the new shoes are so sparkly and shiny looking, but the no blisters nor hip problems is a solid reason to stay put with this model. What’s your go to shoe? #running #runnerscommunity #runnerover50 #morningrun #morningmotivation #newbalance #newbalance860v6 #runlikeagirl #halfmarathontraining #nails #nailart #sundayrunday

9 miles done! Time for football!

Nice 3 mile done. Nice and easy with a 9 mile run tomorrow. Time for some football!

Friday 5 miler done! Finally to the end of the week! Good luck to everyone running at Disneyland Paris this weekend!

My goal is to qualify for the NYC Marathon. I'm not where I need to be for pace yet, and sometimes tons of doubt creeps in. But then I remember all of the hours I've put in and plan to put in, and all I see is myself crossing that finish line. I'm going to do it. I will do it. I can't wait.

Happy Thursday from my garage! Quick 1 mile to keep the streak going plus about 30 minutes of core work. Rest day for running. 5 miles tomorrow, 3 miles Saturday, 9 miles Sunday upcoming.

I'll be doing "just" the marathon, but these are so beautiful that I wish I was doing Dopey.

Slower, but this was hill work. Kinda hard on the treadmill. Going to go outside for next week's hill run.

3 miles done! Back on the grind! 25:42 minutes, 8:34 pace.

A little late posting today. This one fits for today. Started back into my marathon training today with circuit training and a mile run.

Recovery run done, time for Bucs football! Quick 1 mile today as I start into my marathon training tomorrow.

Beautiful day to run! Weather perfect and feeling great! Felt I could open it up some more. Back to the marathon prep.

This has been a trying week for my streak. 1 mile isn't enough for me lol, but life has gotten in the way. Irma, sickness, work, baseball practice, etc has limited me to 1 mile a day. Tomorrow is a 5 miler and nothing is stopping me lol.

Pretty cool stuff.

The streak continues, but I wanted to do more. Florida weather put a nix on that. Oh well. Felt good to get out there. Stomach pretty much all the way back. More miles tomorrow and this weekend.

I don't know when or if or how, but I NEED to do this race! An entire marathon inside Fenway Park!

Getting back to normal. Stomach not all the way back, but felt like I could open it up some today with a bit of speed. Felt good. The streak continues.

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