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Valen la pena estos 10 Kilos más 🙈😍 ❤️🤰

Annaneye süpriz yaptık☺️🙏🏻 bi yakışıklı geldi💙 Ablanın doğumundada birlikteydik biz⭐️ mutlulukla,sağlıkla büyüdükleri günleride görelim inşallah 🙋 gözyaşlarımız hep mutluluktan olsun@dr.cihangircakici #dogumani #dogumfotografcisi #newbornphotographer #insta #happy #video #newbaby #mervetiritoğluşengünlerphotography

We dressed up for our passport photos, because we're classy international gentlemen.

Who do you think the baby looks like? #familyvloggers #newbaby #babynumber6

Jovie is already my brave, independent and strong babe. She decided that she was ready to make her debut early on 9/19. No pushing on my part, nurses weren't prepared and the dr didn't even make it on time. She pretty much delivered herself and it was one of the most beautiful and wild moments of my life! And just when you think you couldn't possibly love anyone as much as you do your first born, you just do 💗

9 smart ways to use an old toothbrush you've never
thought about. PART ONE
Tag👇🏼someone who need to see this.
Follow 👉 @lifehackinvent
Follow 👉 @lifehackinvent
#toothbrush #old
Credit: @5.min.crafts


About 2 months ago I was rushed to the ER. The journey was harder than anything I've experienced. Extreme fatigue and anxiety spiked near the 2nd month. A little after I was in the Hospital for food poisoning, a few months later I was back with dehydration. Yeah that one was very scary. With two shots of morphine I laid in my bedroom unable to do anything for 12 hours. I was dialed at 2cm for three weeks. Within the last two weeks there were constant contractions every night for hours. All I could do was close my eyes and embrace the wonderful gift God had given me. And then, it was time. The pain of childbirth was unbearable, the kind where your bones shake uncontrollably and all you can do is hold on tight to the person that is there to support you and hope you don't break his ribs. Next thing I know nurses are flying in and out the room. Doctors are rushed back into the room two minutes after they had left. Light switches are being flipped and two big lights turn on. The cloths are being removed from the tables where there are sharp objects. Everyone is rushing and a third doctor is called in. Anesthesia has worn off and I can feel the raw pain. It was a different kind of pain. The one you embrace because there's love within. I'm thankful and proud of the support I had. I wasn't afraid. Baby Emily arrived. In this moment everything vanished. She heard my voice and smiled. She gave us happiness and joy. This photo was taken two seconds before I began to cry tears of joy. All the pain was forgotten and for a split second I looked around and saw the light in the middle of chaos. I realized for her I would do it all over again. #family #newbaby #twomonthold #babyemily #familyfirst #lateposts #newbaby #itsagirl #proudmom #secondbaby #iloveyou #thankyoulord #thankyouisaac #iloveyou

Ikat Love! Who remembers this one? Well this one may be making a comeback soon. Stay tuned to our updates. And of course the ever favourite orange diaper print Baba Black Sheep is also a must have in your diaper stash. Share your orange pics today. #9daysofSuperbottoms #GoSuperWithCloth

Woke up this morning to see this! 😊 Congratulations @itsmotherland baby Harry is just perfect! 👌🏻 he's defiantly making my job a whole lot easier. .
All name plaques are £10 and take around 2 weeks, DM me to order
#newbaby #congratulations #madebyme #mumlife #mumgang #mumssupportingmums #supportsmallbusiness #sunday

good news #2018 #firstnephew #happy #cantwait #newbaby #family #letspray ☀️👼🏼🙏🏼

Сегодня у меня будет зелёная осень 🌿
✅Фотосессии для новорождённых (от 6 до 14 дней) и детей до года.
✅Запись заранее по ПДР на октябрь-декабрь. Сентябрь по факту.
✅Собственная специализированная фотостудия для малышей.
✅Ознакомиться с предложениями по съёмке малышей можно у меня на сайте.

This is what everyone does from 6.59am on a Sunday... right? Coffee and cuddles?! Finally got her settled! She’s hard work but still love her! 😍👶🏼☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ #coffee #newbaby #baby #sundaze #instababy #daddysgirl #daughter #fathersofdaughters #dadbible @dadbibleofficial #coffeeasblackasthebagsroundmyeyes

Counting down the days ❤️ can't wait to spend every second with him 🐶🐾
#newbaby #charlie #cantwaittohavehimhome

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