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✊ Happy Assata Shakur Liberation Day

On November 2, 1979, the escape began when three BLA members, posing as prison visitors, drew .45 pistols and took two correction officers hostage at Clinton Correctional Facility for Women. They seized a prison van and used it to flee the correctional facility with Shakur.  life in prison. During the next six years (much of it spent in solitary confinement), Shakur beat a half dozen other indictments. In 1979-after giving birth in prison, only to have her daughter taken away in less than a week Assata Shakur managed one of the most impressive jailbreaks of the era. After almost a year in a West Virginia federal prison for women, surrounded by white supremacists from the Aryan Sisterhood prison gang, Shakur was transferred to the maximum security wing of the Clinton Correctional Center in New Jersey.

There she was one of only eight maximum security prisoners held in a small, well-fenced cellblock of their own. The rest of Clinton-including its visiting area-was medium security and not fenced in. According to news reports at the time, Shakur’s November 2 escape proceeded as follows: Three men-two black, one white-using bogus drivers licenses and Social Security cards, requested visits with Assata four weeks in advance, as was prison policy. But prison officials never did the requisite background checks. On the day of the escape, the team of three met in the waiting room at the prison entrance one of them drew a gun and took the guard hostage. Simultaneously, the man visiting Shakur rushed the control booth, put two pistols to the glass wall, and ordered the officer to open the room’s metal door. She obliged. From there Shakur and “the raiders” as some press reports dubbed them took a third guard hostage and made it to the parked van. Because only the maximum security section of the prison was fully fenced-in the escape team was able to speed across a grassy meadow to the parking lot of the Hunterdon State School, where they meet two more female accomplices, and split up into a “two-tone blue sedan” and a Ford Maverick. #AssataShakur #HandsoffAssata #PardonAssataShakur #NewAfrikanIndependenceMovement #Assata

MXGM National Coordinating Committee
To the general population of Africans colonized inside the United States empire, the New Afrikan People. The election of a new administration under Donald Trump has created an impending crisis for our people and for the world. While some have gleefully welcomed this circumstance as an opportunity to forward our people's struggle for liberation "because they will be forced to deal with overt white supremacy", we disagree. The emergence and consolidation of a truly fascist state aligning the worst of capitalist/imperialist policy makers, military forces, and branches of government along with a nihilistic religious fundamentalism aimed at "making America White again" can never be good for New Afrikans or other oppressed people's.
On the other hand the response and opposition to Trumpist Fascism and the ongoing demonstrations to it are a good thing and an opportunity for our people to organize and prepare ourselves to not only weather the coming storm, but push our fight for self-determination and human rights for New Afrikans forward.
Already, the shifts and policy changes being signaled by the new fascist government threatens to create such chaos around everyday life in the areas of housing, education, healthcare, policing and employment that it will push the most oppressed of our people into extreme survival mode and subject them even more to the will of the settler-colonial, imperialist patriarchal system. A people in chaos and survival mode with no sense of self reliance can not be organized for self determination and liberation. This demands then that we focus on building our institutional strategic programs for self determination and liberation while at the same time stimulate and intervene in the mass motion against fascism and insure that the demands for self-determination for Black people are not pushed under a "united front" integrationist rug.
As we undertake actions of resistance, we need to ask the question, "how will this support our struggle for self-determination and liberation from the American empire". We must challenge every effort to normalize

Teach em Young Discipline .... #newafrikanindependencemovement

#LongLiveYuri Yuri Kochiyama (May 19, 1921 – June 1, 2014) Yuri on meeting Malcolm x for the first time and shaking his hand. Yuri Kochiyama was a  political activist. Influenced by her family's internment and her association with Malcolm X, she advocated for many causes, including Black separatism, the anti-war movement, Maoist revolution, reparations for Japanese-American internees, and the rights of people imprisoned by the U.S. government for violent offenses whom she considered to be "political prisoners,

In 1992, Yuri along with founding chairman Herman Ferguson, just released from prison, Jean Reynolds, Butch Gladstone and Earl Grant, both of whom had left the Nation with Malcolm, were five of Malcolm’s
comrades who formed MXCC to challenge the unprecedented commoditization and commercialization of Malcolm's legacy of that time. In the early days of MXCC's Malcolm X "In the Classroom" project, Yuri was
its humble star. Well known for her staunch comradeship with the Black Liberation struggle, Yuri became a
citizen of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika, but was also well-known and revered in most all social justice circles. She was a fixture at Movement rallies and actions.
Living in New York City's Harlem community was integral to shaping Yuri’s work, searing analysis and
dedicated internationalism. Yuri pushed the Peace Movement into high gear recognizing the need to battle
the intersections of race, class, gender, capitalist,imperialist and colonial oppression both nationally and
internationally. She was at the struggles of the 1950s and early '60s that bloomed into the anti-Vietnam War struggle of the late 60s. The common thread through all these struggles rests in Yuri's uncanny ability
to engage and connect with young people and provide deep meaning to the various struggles for justice. Yuri's political development included meeting a tall young Black revolutionary firebrand named Malcolm X.
She followed his work closely! Malcolm in turn admired and respected Yuri for her commitment to
revolutionary politics and was influenced by her internationalism.

Never let no man or woman seperate ... you ... its bigga then ideology or beliefs... What's Overstood is never Understood... The Explained needs No Explanation .... #newafrikanindependencemovement #augustthirdcollective @augustthirdcollective #NAPLA #NAIM

#CONVERSATIONREPARATIONS #Ncobra Join the premiere Coalition at our Annual National Conference in Miami as we evaluate our strategies and put forward new strategies and\or perfect our current strategies for obtaining reparations for Afrikan descendants in the USA.



#MosbyCourt The police in our community occupy our area, our community as a foreign troop occupies territory,” They are not there for change , solutions , they are there cause it's a job! #newafrikan77wordpress #newafrikanindependencemovement #rva #police #richmondva #804 #Occupyingtroops #thirdworldcommunities #housingprojects #jects #Ghettos #Slavecamps #mosbyprojects #mosby #richmond #virginia #VA

#FBF The Confederate Statues Controversy ( Time For a Gabriel Prosser Statue to Be Raised Up ) - Haki Kweli Shakur
Wether The Confederate Statues Get Tore Down or Remain Up in Richmond Virginia former Capital of The Confederate States Really Doesn't Matter to New Afrikans Cause it Doesn't Get Rid of The Mind & System of White Supremacy ( Capitalism ) / White Nationalism and The Terrorism Carried Out on New Afrikans Under This Government of The U.S. ( United States ) , The Time is Now to Demand Statues of Our Revolutionary Heros Like Gabriel Prosser to Be Raised Who Faught Against The System We Still Struggling to Get Free From!
Gabriel Prosser's New Afrikan Resistance Marker Plaque on Confederate Battle field & The Confederate 1st Flag Stars and Bars of the PGCS Still Flies in Richmond Virginia The Capital of The Former Confederate States Near Where Gabriel's Rebellion With The New Afrikan People's Liberation Army 1800 The Meeting Point to Cross over into Richmond to Take The City and Smash The Capitalist System of Slavery! #Comcast #Verizon #Trending #cabletv #television
#Tvnetwork #Network #NetWorks #Platform #seedofgabrielprosser #DMV #RVA #RichmondVA #Virginia #newafrikanindependencemovement #newafrikanpopulationdistrict #confederatemonuments #confederatestatues #GabrieProsser #NewOrleans

from @haki_kweli_shakur - #NewArticle Cats worrying about statues fuc that worry about organizing and Combating White Nationalism, White Supremacy (Capitalism) Removing Confederate Statues Does Nothing For The Liberation of New Afrikans and Our Continue Struggle against National Oppression , Removing a Statue Doesn't Remove The System of White Supremacy ( Capitalism) nor The Mind of White Nationalism , Example In Charlottesville Surely people can't be surprise to see this in 2017 and Especially in Virginia This was and still is Where The Capital (Richmond) of The Confederate States (Confederacy South) Resides Even Though Not Far as a Government Today But As a Symbolic Foot Hold For White Nationalist! Jefferson Davis Commanded White Nationalism From This State and City From The Confederate White House in Richmond , Remove A Statue But That Mind Will Remain!! #newafrikan77wordpress #organizeorganizeorganize #RichmondVA #804 #RVA #Virginia #charlottesville #charlottesvilleva #Richmond #WhiteSupremacy #confederatestatesofamerica #Capitalism #AntiCapitalism #PoliticalEducation101 #politicalhistory #RepublicofNewAfrika #PGRNA #newafrikanindependencemovement #BlackBeltSouth #TheSouth #OrganizeTheSouth #freetheland #rebuildtowin #SelfGovernment #wegovernourselves #weourownliberators - #regrann

New Afrikan (Black) Nationalist Henry Turner McNeal February 1, 1834 – May 8, 1915 Emigrationist, Reparation Activist, Minister Transition on This Day - In 1893, Bishop Henry McNeal Turner organized a national convention to discuss the conditions of African-Americans and strategies for remedy. During the convention Bishop Turner, calculated that the African-American community was owed $49,000,000,000.00 (billion). Using an inflation calculator, the current value ranges from 1.1 to 45.9 trillion dollors !
Return to Afrika He thought it was the only way Blacks could make a free and independent lives for themselves. When he traveled to Africa, he was struck by the differences in the attitude of Africans who ruled themselves and had never known the degradation of slavery, He founded the International Migration Society, supported by his own newspapers: The Voice of Missions (he served as editor, 1893-1900) and later The Voice of the People (editor, 1901-4). He organized two ships with a total of 500 or more emigrants, who traveled to Liberia in 1895 and 1896.
Angered by the Democrats’ regaining power and instituting Jim Crow laws in the late 19th-century South, Turner began to support Black nationalism and the emigration of Blacks to Africa. He was the chief figure in the late 19th century to promote the movement, which expanded after World War I. Turner established himself as more than an observer: he became a distinctive and authoritative voice for the black community and a leader in the African Methodist Episcopal church. After Reconstruction failed, Turner became disillusioned with the American dream and became a vocal advocate of black emigration to Africa, prefiguring black nationalists such as Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. Here, however, we see Turner’s youthful exuberance and optimism and his open-eyed wonder at the momentous changes taking place in American society. #HenryMcnealTurner #newafrikan77wordpress
#conversationreparations #blackleaders #blacknationalist #blacknationalism #repatriation #emigration #blacknation #NationHood #WeGovernOurselves #Reparations #Back2Afrika #anationwithinanation #thestruggleizforland #newafrikanindependencemovement

#Slide #MayDay The Black Belt Communist ( The Struggle is For Land )
Claude McKay Speaks on Richmond American Workers Party / Communist Party 1922 ( Second picture of slide )
” And I would like to inform the American comrades there is a local branch of the American Worker’s Party in the South, in Richmond, in the state of Virginia, which is illegal-illegal because it has coloured members..in order to get around the Virginia laws, the black and white comrades have to have separate meetings and come together only once a month behind closed doors.” -Claude McKay addressing the Fourth Congress of the Communist International 1922.
Your Ancestors Overstood Land is The Basis For Independence , Self Suffiency , Self Determination , Self Government , The Black Belt South is That Land , They Wanted Their Own Afrika Right Here if They Couldn't Get Back Home #RVA #richmondvirginia #Virginia #OrganizeTheSouth #CommunistPartyofRichmond #RichmondCommunistParty #CommunistPartyUSA #seedofgabrielprosser #newafrikan77wordpress #NewAfrikanCommunist #OrganizeorDie #newafrikanpoliticaleducation #JosephBryanPark #BryanPark #WorkersUnite #Socialist #Socialism #AntiCapitalism #WorkersWorldwide #Mayday2017 #hakikwelishakur #AugustThirdCollective #newafrikanindependencemovement #RepublicofNewAfrika #Proletariat

#Assata New Afrikan Women Maroons/Amazons Our Spiritual Beliefs Were One With Our Resistance ( Slavery Exiles ) , Maroons in North Amerikkka , Over more than two centuries men, women, and children escaped from slavery to make the Southern wilderness their home. They hid in the mountains of Virginia and the low swamps of South Carolina; they stayed in the neighborhood or paddled their way to secluded places; they buried themselves underground or built comfortable settlements. Known as maroons, they lived on their own or set up communities in swamps or other areas where they were not likely to be discovered. #Maroons #Amazons #AssataShakur #HandsoffAssata #TheBlackWomanizGod
#AfricanWomen #AfricanWoman
#newafrikanindependencemovement #Nanny #HarrietTubman

Link in that page bio 👉🏾👉🏾@haki_kweli_shakur #Linkinmybio 🗂🗃🗄📰 91 New Afrikans in Virginia Were Arrested and Convicted of Insurrection in Virginia Alone! My Ancestors Faught Back! 91 Souls of Veneration! Check out my time for an Awakening Interview out #Podcast on Virginia and North Carolina Ancestral Resistance #newafrikan77wordpress #virginiathelandofrebellion #seedofgabrielprosser #mingoe #bobferebee #Annwoods #NatTurner #GabrielProsser #SamByrdJR #JohnBrown #DismalSwampMaroons #SlaveRebellion #insurrection #WeFaughtBack #stiffresistanceendedslavery #newafrikanindependencemovement #NewAfrikanNationSlaveRebellions

🙏🏿✊🏿🕯 April 7th 1712 Slave Rebellion of New York Led By Revolutionary Kwako & Ashanti/ Fantee Political Prisoners - Haki Kweli Shakur ( Full Video on My Facebook Haki Kweli Shakur )
New Afrikan Ancestry Caromantees [Ashanti/Fantee] Revolt in New York; seized guns, swords and hatchets and began setting fires and killing slavemasters. Kwako, one of the leaders, and twenty others were broken on the whell and burnt at a slow fire.
It was a bloody chapter in New York’s early history.
On the night of April 7, 1712, 23 black slaves met in an orchard on Maiden Lane in Manhattan. They had hatchets, guns and knives, and, according to historian Edward Ellis, they believed that "by launching a dramatic revolt, they [would] incite other slaves and massacre all the white people in town."
Conditions for the slaves of this city were wretched. They were beaten and starved. Many lived under the most primitive conditions. The meeting on Maiden Lane was the culmination of years of hardship.
The assembled slaves torched several houses of white landowners. Then they turned on the white people who came rushing out of their homes, They shot and killed nine of the white slave holders. #newyorkslaverevolt #newafrikan77wordpress #newyorkslaverebelliom #april7th #1712 #Ashanti #Fante #seedofgabrielprosser #Kwako #newafrikanindependencemovement #SlaveRebellions #Stiffresistance #Wefaughtback #NewYork #NewYorkCity

#Tbt New Afrikan Our-Story - New Afrikans throughout this nation were embracing the progressive New Afrikan ideology and had begun to be responsible for guiding and self-determining the New Arikan Nation’s livelihood. This new phenomenon was seen as a threat to the U.S. government, who was responsible for colonizing the New Afrikan Nation within the borders of the United States. The U.S. government has used every attempt possible – chattel, slavery, psychological warfare, class war, internal racial war conflict, demoralization and miseducation – to continue that repression.
We New Afrikans have been identified by others as niggers, negros, coloreds, Afro-Americans, Black, African Americans. We have always been a nation of New Afrikan people, unlike any other ethnic group in the United States.
We have been named various ethnic classifications over the past 363 years of our New Afrikan existence here in Amerikkka. We as New Afrikans must now put to rest this miseducation of our ethnic classification: we are a New Afrikan Nation within the borders of the U.S., knowing that in the tradition of our ancestors, a free New Afrikan People, not withstanding the consequences, called themselves as they see fit, and are not defined as others would have us. #ChattelSlavery #SaveShockoe #RichmondSlaveTrail #newafrikan77wordpress #DomesticSlaveTrade #TheKKinteShow #newafrikanindependencemovement #RVA #RichCity #CapCity #TheSouth #BlackBelt #Virginia #transatlanticslavetrade #Virginia #UpperSouth #DownRiverSlaveTrade #VA #804 #conversationreparations #PGRNA #RNA #RepublicofNewAfrika

#WeAreOurAncestors Who Resisted - NANRM - PGRNA
The 1700s would mark the advancement in the campaign efforts of the New Afrikan nationalist resistance movement in all spheres of our liberation:
Our New Afrikan nation uncovered our new humanity.
We as a New Afrikan nation discovered new initiatives that redirected and advanced our New Afrikan revolt mentalities.
We as a New Afrikan nation constructed the new progressive Nat Turner’s revolt mentality’s strategic methods.
We, as a New Afrikan nation realized that our developed consciousness has a built-in scientific-social (family) orientation to survive this phase of our liberation struggle against chattel slavery.
Yet, our New Afrikan nation continued to rise and resist the social construction of chattel slavery.
In 1708, the New Afrikan and Native slaves in Long Island, New York organized a major campaign of protracted war and resistance to chattel slavery in which numerous slave owners and government troops were killed, thus creating fear and panic throughout the state of New York.
On August 21 1831, the Nat Turner Revolt organized and formulated a plan to seize control of slave plantations throughout Virginia. The nationalist campaign was brought to a premature conclusion with the betrayal of a New Afrikan Nation slave (rat, turncoat, snitch, informer, debriefer etc), who had exposed the plan to some slave owners, which resulted in the death of several New Afrikan nationalist fighters.
Our New Afrikan people have been forced to struggle through feudalism, chattel slavery, the industrial revolution (more slavery), the Black Code, Jim Crow, white supremacy, neo-colonialism and presently institutionalized racism. We shall fight against institutionalized racism, wherever we are faced with it, for we know that our ancestors have opened doors for us through their sacrifice, and it is our responsibility to handle present and future challenges, so that the generations behind us will be better equipped to address the challenges of their generation. #newafrikan77wordpress #resistancemovement #RNA #PGRNA #newafrikanindependencemovement #newafrikanpoliticaleducation #RepublicofNewAfrika

@haki_kweli_shakur #NewAfrikanNationDay #Share Malcolm's Dream for New Afrikans was independence. That dream lives in the PG-RNA, which will be celebrating 49 years of Black nation Building in Atlanta March 31-April 2. Anyone interested in traveling can contact Baba Lukata at realsoulutions@yahoo.com @outlawrbg @iffizle_da_jizzle
Join the Provisional Government as we commemorate the founding of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika .The PG-RNA was founded during a three day convention in Detroit ,Michigan at the peak of the BLM(Black Liberation Movement).On the dates of March the 29,30 and 31 ,1968 500 delegates from various bodies ....MXS;GOAL; RAM;BPP and many more meet to discuss /formulate an independent government.And on March the 31st,1968 the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika was born with Queen Mother Moore being the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.From this event the NAIM (New Afrikan Independence Movement ) was born. TSIFL #RepublicofNewAfrika #PGRNA #newafrikan77wordpress #RNA #newafrikanindependencemovement #TheStruggleizForLand #anationwithinanation #BlackBelt #Atlanta #Georgia #SelfGovernance #WeGovernOurselves #FreeTheLand

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