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1 Book Club. 6 Friends. ALL THE SWEATPANTS. ALL THE REAL TALK. Are you gonna be joining us? As we talk all things friendship between women? Yup. All the feelings. All the things!! In our comfy sweats. Kicks off one week from today!! Sign up at this link in my profile to tune in 👉🏻👉🏻http://www.incourage.me/never-unfriended-sweatpants-book-club #neverunfriended

Here's great deal that's too wonderful not to share. 💁🏻Pre-order @lisajobaker's new book Never Unfriended and get this adorable clip frame for free. The frame retails for $22 and comes with the loveliest cards to clip to it. I also think it's perfect for Instagram prints ❤️Simply buy the book, then head to neverunfriended.com to fill out the free gift form. You get one clip frame per book 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Perfect chance to stockpile a few gifts 🎁 (scroll to see more pretty pics and details) #NeverUnfriended #freebie #sponsored #bookstagram

We just wrapped up our #NeverUnfriended book club, and oh boy! There is SO much to be grateful for!!! What are you giving thanks for today?⠀
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🙌 YES THIS. #gobestfriendthatsmybestfriend

A friend and I were just talking over coffee about how sometimes we just get in our own way of having meaningful relationships. My greatest friends are also my greatest cheerleaders and vice versa. I'm so rooting for them. Cheering YOU on today, friends 🏵

from #NeverUnfriended by @lisajobaker

This book is on SALE on Amazon for less than $10! And if you pre-order before it releases on Tuesday, you can get lots of fun pre-order goodies. (Sticky tabs are not included. You might want to throw a package of those in with your Amazon order. Just in case you find as many important nuggets in this book as I did.) 📚❤📚❤📚@lisajobaker .
Find all the details at the link in my profile or http://neverunfriended.com
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God is weaving pieces together that will tell of His faithfulness when generations to come read the pages of your life. But to tell of His Faithfulness, so often we must show our scars, pull back the veil and let each other see the person underneath.
Those words ^ are from my first-ever post at @incourage, called There's Power in Your Story, shared way back in 2013 when @lisajobaker was my boss. I'm so proud of her for honestly sharing her story and struggles with friendship and highly recommend (!) that all women read #neverunfriended.

Let me tell you something about my friend @lisajobaker: She wrote a beautiful book for us on finding and keeping beautiful friends, and I want you to know she is a trustworthy guide in this subject.
Let me put it like this: a few "public" (ugh, enough already) Christian women have pulled in tight and close to me the last few months, come what may, come whatever criticism, come whatever disapproval, and Lisa-Jo was one of them. Not just in private (easy) but in public. She pulled in tight with love and kindness and proximity. I will not ever forget this.
Life has a way of shaking out your "friends" from your FRIENDS, you know what I mean? I needed FRIENDS recently, and Lisa-Jo showed up. I see that. I see you, Lisa-Jo. I will receive any wisdom you have imparted on lasting friendships, because you live your message.
Y'all, go grab your copy of #NeverUnfriended today on its birthday! You will not regret it. Link in my profile!

"This is the secret to finding and keeping lasting friendships: become women who want to see the women around them flourish." - @lisajobaker #neverunfriended 📗

The best kind of friends don't compete or compare. They see the best in us and coax it out. They cheer us in our "successes" and stand with us in our greatest disappointments.
For a chance to WIN A COPY of Lisa-Jo's new book, Never Unfriended ---> TAG A FRIEND. Every friend tagged equals an entry. 💐

Thanks for the flowers @lisajobaker!! They are gorgeous. Even more, thanks for being the kind of friend you write about. You're the real deal!

"We need to talk and talk and talk till we are all filled up from the gift of having someone else listen."

What a gift this book is. On page 103 letting my soul soak in all the truth and honesty and love. Thank you @lisajobaker !!

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It's pretty well acknowledged that friendships get harder when you're out of school and no longer, conveniently, seeing (or living) with your friends daily. Family, young kids, work, activities...life can fill up. This was a fantastic reminder of the beauty of friendships and what you can do to better nurture them, even when life seems to have no extra time. So encouraging. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Friendship is very important to me. I try to be intentional and thoughtful about it, and so I read about it, talk about it, listen to podcasts about it, and so on.
If you'd like to also deepen your friendships, sign up for this video series (it's free for now) on the Lifeway website. Two videos have been sent out so far but you can catch up. I'm really enjoying watching them (it's my Friday morning treat while I dress for work) and I think you will too. .
Oh, it's from the book #neverunfriended by @lisajobaker .
PS One wish I have is that my friends would tell me their MBTI and love languages so I can love them better 😉
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"Passionately invested in seeking the well-being of others." #neverunfriended #shalom @lisajobaker @incourage

This is the kind of book I don't want to end. 😍🤓 I love Sarah Zimmerman's narration of @lisajobaker 's #neverunfriended. I get excited when #alexa reminds me there are still hours of listening left! @lifewaywomen @incourage #wesavedyouaseat #amazonjunkie #alexarocks #bookstagram #audiblerocks

Guilt-free friendship. Brilliant! @lisajobaker @incourage #neverunfriended #letGod

Soooo many of my favorite things happening in one picture!
✔️Miniature *anything*! Baby ✏️! I want them all for all things always! And that's good because I have 456 left. 😳 #bulkpackaging .
✔️#Pinterest projects that make me swear I'm never doing another project again? And that I will straight up pull an #OfficeSpace scene on my printer if it beeps at me one more time? Yas! #pcloadletter .
✔️An invite to all the women in my life who I love beyond sense because they love me even when my #kraftpaper envelopes are just a little too rumpled.
✔️The #skillz of @lisajobaker to write about things that I've never breathed a word about when it comes to my hang ups and hurts and fumblings about women friendships and then point us all straight to #Jesus with 'em? There's so much of that, too!
Tonight! Tonight! Tonight's the night and if there is even a tiny inkling of a thought after seeing this that you should come--come!!! We saved you a seat! I'm so stinking excited, if you couldn't tell by my exclamation points and excessive hash tagging. #sorrynotsorry #seewhatididthere #wsyas #neverunfriended

Looking for a new book this month? We've got some special picks just for you. And they're only $9.99! (Link in bio)
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I have learned that lasting friendships require intentionality. With our fast-paced culture it's too easy to let friendships be dictated by proximity. I got some quality time this weekend with some of my longtime mama friends. I met two of them on my first trip to Haiti in 2001. (Yep, that trip that was full of friendship magic. 😉) Through the years, we've moved to different churches, different cities, found different passions and pursued different careers, which keep us in different worlds in the day to day. Yet we make that extra effort to gather 3-4 times a year - usually after mountains of texts and Facebook group messages trying desperately to sync our schedules. I'm grateful for these women (and a few missing) who have weathered many life seasons with me and remained faithful in gathering together. They are a gift to me. 💝 #1000gifts #pomgirls #friendship #neverunfriended #intentional #behold2017 #glorychasers #livingincommunity #itssimplytuesday

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